God blessed my family at CKRM Malacca - Deacon Joel How / 神在马六甲CKRM 祝福我和我家人

Dearest Pastor Paul,

Thank you so much for your encouragement. The anointing has changed me totally. It has created in me a deeper longing for God and His presence.

The anointing was so great at the fellowship table last Saturday. When you asked me to pray “Lord I call the anointing for a bolt of lightning upon me” I felt like my body was going to “explode.” It was an experience no words can describe. It was so much that I had to call my sisters and brothers in Christ to come and receive the overflowing anointing from me! All who came, freely they received. Freely I received, freely I gave. Even my wife received and she began to tremble when the Glory of God fell upon her. When I held her hand the second time, she fell under the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I begin to walk in awareness of the Lord. The desire to watch television has decreased and when I watch I begin to be selective. Any scene that portrays things which are not of God I will not watch. There is an uneasiness in me if I continue to watch.

I begin to want more of God. As you mentioned in your article “The Fire Anointing and its Purpose”, you said the fire will draw our hearts back to our first love. The fire of God is awesome as it begins to purify my life and it creates in me a longing for God. I begin to discard habits and things which are unholy. I tried many times before this but just couldn’t find the strength to throw away all these things. Now I find that it is much easier, but there are still a lot of things to be dealt with. I begin to watch my words. If I have said anything not good, I quickly ask God for forgiveness. Begin to talk less or gossip about other people. I also begin to watch my heart and my mind.

Pastor, you continuously reminded us to treasure the anointing. Now I begin to understand why David Herzog said, “If you try to cast away darkness but you yourself are not full of light, chances are it will take a long time to do it. When you are full of the Glory of God, often one word from God will expel the darkness.” As in the Bible Jesus always used short commands like “Begone”, “Come out”, “Come” when he called Peter to walk on water, “Be still” etc. When I do not sense the presence of God in a Christian meeting I feel so miserable. With His presence it is so wonderful as we are having a Holy Spirit party at CKRM every week without fail.

Begin to feel the anointing is becoming stronger and stronger and it’s so effective. Now I just need to point at my daughter and she begins to tremble because she senses the anointing in her spirit. I am always looking forward for Saturday to go to His house to soak in His presence. As the Bible says, “In His presence there’s fullness of joy and in His right hand, there’s pleasure forever more.” Earma Brown shared that we must acknowledge our zeal. Anointing may have decreased, if we find ourselves not doing the things we first did. Decide today to repent and go back to your first love (Christ). Our Father God awaits us with open arms. I have never confessed and ask for forgiveness so much as I am doing now. Each week at CKRM I go with a repentant heart and God never fail to touch me.

I am so thankful to God for His Hands upon me and my family. Yesterday after watching my second son’s final project (Film and Animation degree in MMU at Cyberjaya) before graduation, he wrote that his project is dedicated to God, dad, mum, bro and sis. As I have deposited God in his life, I am so pleased to notice my son remembers God in the things he does even in his studies at Multimedia University. It is so important to acknowledge God in everything we do.


Deacon Joel How
Pastor's Footnote:-

Deacon Joel How, a Secondary School Teacher attended the 1st Joshua Camp and wrote his 1st testimony in the below link:

Joshua Camp - Testimony from a Deacon / 约书亚营 - 一位执事长老的见证

He further wrote that after an encounter with the Living God at CKRM Malacca, everything else is no longer important.

A moment of favour from the Lord is better than a lifetime of labour. Deacon Joel had that favour at the Joshua Camp by the grace of God.



感谢你的鼓励。神的恩膏完全改变了我, 使我对神和祂的同在更加渴慕。

上星期六, 圣灵的恩膏在我们茶桌交通时是如此强烈的同在。感谢主!当你叫我祷告 “主, 我求祢如闪电的恩膏降临在我身上” 时,我感到我的身体好像就要” 爆炸” 了。这个经历是没有言语可以形容的。恩膏的厚度强到我受不了必需分出去,不然就要爆炸。所以我敢快呼叫主里的兄弟姐妹来我这儿领受恩膏! 当我握着前来的弟兄姐妹的手时,恩膏就传递过去,他们都领受到恩膏。 圣灵大大地祝福我, 我也大大地祝福他人。就连我的妻子也领受恩膏, 就在神的荣耀里颤抖。当我第二次握她的手时, 她被圣灵的大能击倒在地上。

我开始在神的意识里行走。以往爱观看电视节目的欲望已不断减少,而我也挑选节目不随便观看。任何带有不属神东西的情景我就不看。如果继续看, 我就感到不自在。

我发现自己开始更加渴慕神。就如你在“ 圣火恩膏和它的用途” 这篇文章 提到圣火会将我们爱世界的心转回我们对神起初的爱。神的火开始洁净我的生命, 使我愈来愈渴慕神。真是神奇! 我开始丢弃不圣洁的习惯和事物。以前我也尝试过这样做,但始终找不到那个力量把它们丢掉。如今我觉得要丢弃这些东西比以往容易了,真是感谢主!但需要处理的事情还是很多。不知不觉我开始留意我的话语。如果说了不好的话语,我能马上知道并极快求神饶恕我。更少讲闲话或讲别人的是非。我开始警戒自己,保守我的心思意念。

牧师, 你一直在提醒我们要珍惜神的恩膏。我现在开始明白为什么。DAVID HERZOG 说过” 如果你试着赶走黑暗但你自己却没被光充满, 你将需要很长的时间才能赶走。但当你被神的荣耀充满时, 通常神的一句话就足够驱走黑暗。“在圣经里, 耶稣时常用很短的话如”离去”,” 出来”, 祂对彼得说” 来” 或” 安静” 。事情马上成就。现在当我在基督徒的聚会里感觉不到神的同在, 我就会感到难受。我渴慕在祂的同在里。

开始觉得恩膏越来越强而那恩膏是很有果效的。现在,我只需要指着我的女儿, 她就会在她的灵里感觉到。时时想往每个星期六在CKRM的聚会。在那里浸泡在圣灵的恩膏中,是何等享受,何等美好。就如圣经说的 :在祂的同在里满怀欢喜,而在他右手里, 喜乐永常在 。 “EARMA BROWN 说: 我们必须承认我们对神的热诚。如果我们没有继续,恩膏也许会减弱。今天就决定悔改,回到对主耶稣起初的初爱。我们的天父正敞开着双手等候欢迎你。在我生命里,我从没像现在这样,常常那么被感动要认罪和求神的饶恕。每个星期带着悔改的心去CKRM而神不断地感动我。

我很感谢神, 祂的手触动我和我的家人。昨日, 观看我第二个儿子毕业前的最后一部作品(戏剧与卡通文科 MMU 在 CYBERJAYA), 他写到这部作品是他献给神, 爸爸, 妈妈, 哥哥, 妹妹。因我在他的生命里存入神,我很高兴我的儿子在他学业里紧记着神。无论做什么都要紧记着神, 认同祂是何等的重要。


执事 Joel How