After being empowered by God at CKRM, my cell group is never the same again / 在CKRM被恩膏装备后,我的小组再也不一样了

I want to thank God for leading me to CKRM Singapore and Malacca.

The Lord is equipping and empowering me to do His work in healing, deliverance and empowerment. Back to last year in November, after received the prayer of impartation through telephone from Pastor Paul, the level of anointing in my house especially in cell group time just shoot to high level. I saw healing, deliverance and empowerment took place when I exercised 'CKRM's anointing. We move into high praise and worship under the open heaven.

Tonight, I want to praise God that the Lord used me in healing, deliverance and empowerment in CG. After praise and worship, silver stain appeared in my song sheets. The anointing was very strong and we flow in prophetic in praying for the nation after watching Healing Crusade by Benny Hinn. After fellowship, I was led to declare the fire (Mat 3:11) upon my friend. She was vomiting each time I called down the fire of God. Brother Chia, who waited upon the Lord for 4 years, came to my house tonight. The Lord blessed him with 'The Sword' (Isa 27:1, Eph 6:17). I asked him to practice 'The Sword' upon my wife and my CG leader; he operated 'The Sword' with the great authority and power!! Both my wife and friend experienced deliverance when the Sword wielding upon them! I ccould see Holy Spirit was empowering Brother Chia in my house.

Then later I was explaining how I received the weapons of warfare and fire anointing and the purpose of deliverance and empowerment. I was led to 'blow' (John 20:22) to my friend, she was vomiting again!!! Just a blowing causes each deliverance!!! In the spirit, I saw the breathe of fire being blow in her! Wow, by yielding to the Holy Spirit and operate under the Glory of God, healing and deliverance is so easy and accelerated!! Also, the Lord inspired me to impart "The Sword' to my friend for self-deliverance. I obeyed and imparted. She received it with such’heaviness in her hand. Praise God that the Lord is equipping and empowering my friend. I believe she will come to CKRM Malacca soon. After much deliverance in my friend, I just spoke a word 'Joy of the Lord’; my friend broke out in Holy Laughter! WOW!

All the signs, miracle, healing, deliverance, empowerment, bring us back to the Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. It stirred our passion in our heart to worship Him!

I give all the Glory to God!

Thomas Ong


Pastor's Footnote: Bro Thomas is a Civil Engineer and resides in Klang, Selangor about 2 hours ride to CKRM Malacca. He faithfully come to attend CKRM Power & Prophetic Meeting every Saturday with his wife, also a Civil Engineer by profession. They are now both co-workers in our worship team.


感谢神带领我来到新加坡和马六甲的CKRM。神在装备我,让我领受祂的能力好让我可以做祂的工, 行使在医治, 释放,和让其他人领受神的能力。去年十一月,保罗牧师在电话中传递恩膏给我之后, 我家里的恩膏,特别是在小组聚会时, 达到一个高峰。每当我使用CKRM的恩膏时, 我就会看到医治, 释放和小组会员领受神的能力。在敞开的天堂下, 我们的敬拜赞美也达到一个高峰。

今晚我要赞美神, 因为在今晚的小组聚会时,祂使用我在医治, 释放和让小组会员领受神的能力。敬拜赞美之后, 我发现我的歌纸出现银色的染料。恩膏非常的强, 我们看完Benny Hinn的 医治布道会的光碟后,一起在先知启示恩膏的浇灌流动下为国家祷告。聚会完后, 圣灵感动我宣告圣火(马太福音3:11) 降临在我一位朋友的身上。每当我呼求圣火降临,圣火就降在她身上, 她就会呕吐。今晚一位等候主四年的谢兄弟也来到我家中。主赐他”圣灵的宝剑”' (以赛亚书 27:1, 以弗所书 6:17). 我就叫他在我妻子和小组长身上操练”圣灵的宝剑”'; 他大有权柄和能力的使用”圣灵的宝剑”!! 当”圣灵的宝剑”' 运用在我的妻子和朋友身上时, 她们都经历释放! 我看得出圣灵正在我家中装备谢弟兄。后来, 我解释我是如何领受这些作战的武器和圣火的恩膏。我也解释,释放和被神大能装备的意义。圣灵感动我向一位朋友”吹气” (约翰福音 20:22), 她又开始呕吐!!!

每一次向她吹气” 她就得释放!!! 在灵里, 我看见圣火的气息吹向她! Wow, 只要顺服圣灵的带领,运行在神的荣耀里, 医治和释放是那么容易与快速!! 还有, 主引导我将”圣灵的宝剑”' 传递给我的朋友好让她能为自己做释放。我顺服并传递了给她。她领受时, 感觉手中有” 重量”。赞美神装备我这位朋友。我相信她在不久的将会会前来马六甲CKRM 接受更多的装备。经历那么多释放后, 我说一句“主的喜乐”; 我的朋友就被圣灵充满, 破口大笑! WOW!所有的神迹奇事,百般异能 ,医治, 释放, 被神的大能装备等等是为了引导我们回归主耶稣-我们信心的创始成终者。这些东西燃起我们心中的渴慕来拜赞祂!将一切荣耀归给神!


牧师的留言: Thomas弟兄是个土木工程师家居住在Klang, Selangor 距离马六甲CKRM 是大概两个小时的车程。他与妻子(也是个土木工程师)一起忠心地参加每个星期六的马六甲CKRM 能力启示事工。他们两位现在是我们敬拜赞美团的同工。


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Ps. Kukuh Lazarus from Bethany Indonesia, say hello. He is now pastoring Bethany church in my city.