The Donkey -Testimony from Dr Sarah Shan / 负重的驴驹——Sarah Shan 姐妹的见证

Before we went to Malaysia, Dorcas and I often prayed together for the trip. God gave us a lot of words and dreams. In one of the dreams, Dorcas saw a huge barrel of high quality oil and she was saying “This is the oil I wanted; clean and pure.” When she shared with me about this dream I told her that oil is the anointing of God and CKRM has such kind of oil. True enough, during the 8th Joshua Camp at CKRM she received a lot of grace and anointing from our Lord.

When we prayed on the plane while flying to Kuala Lumpur, God did not say anything to us but gave Dorcas a vision- which was only a donkey and nothing else. We didn’t understand the meaning of this vision until the first day of the camp.

Ps Paul was sharing with the campers why he chose to be a donkey for Jesus. He shared a testimony given by a man of God who wrote: “Our beloved Jesus went to Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The people took off their clothes and spread them on the road. It was the donkey who walked on the clothes, not Jesus. The donkey was honoured because he carried Jesus. I am like that donkey. People honour me not for my sake but because I preach Christ.”

In 1 Samuel 2:30 the Lord declares, “… Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.”

Nebuchadnezzar praised the Most High: “I honored and glorified Him who lives forever.” Then his sanity was restored, his honor and splendor were returned for the glory of his kingdom (Daniel 4:34-36).

When Pastor Paul mentioned donkey in his teaching session, I smiled and said to Dorcas. “Don’t you think that this is the donkey you saw in your vision?”

Today when I read an article from BOB JONES, I was surprised to find that there is also a vision of the donkey in his article. The Lord prompted me to link the donkey with CKRM.

God raised CKRM’s ministry to equip and empower the saints of this generation for the coming end time where the darkness and evil forces will increase greatly on the earth. But in this season, many people could not understand such ministry. Only those who know God’s will and are sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit will recognize God's work.
Excerpt from Bob Jone’ vision:'s%20Rods/SR-2008.htm

“The Burden Bearers

In the next vision Bob saw a donkey that was loaded with supernatural provision essential for this interval of God's Spirit. Interestingly, though the little donkey was loaded with cargo, many people were mocking his appearance. We much remember, it was a lowly donkey that brought the Savior of the world in Jerusalem at the appointed time.

This will be a dangerous time to mock at the vessels God has chosen to bear His Glory, because they will be carrying all that we need to survive in this generation. Many religious leaders of the day had a difficult time comprehending John the Baptist because of his appearance and style. Nevertheless, he was God's messenger providing the essential direction for that season. We cannot afford to not recognize the day of His visitation and miss the tremendous opportunity set before us.

It was John’s directive to prepare a people for the Lord’s coming and restore the inheritance of God's children. The Lord said the spirit and power of Elijah is given to restore all things and turn the hearts of this generation back to God.

This analogy clearly identifies the symbolic nature of the donkey shown in the visions. It is a symbolization of humility and utter dependence upon God demonstrated by those who are trusted with spiritual empowerment. Furthermore, we must develop keen spiritual discernment to recognize their true value and the importance of the provision they carry."
Pastor' Footnote: Some of the greatest achievements of men have come from the outcast and the greatly misunderstood. The disciples of Jesus who were the unschooled, ordinary men (Acts 4:13) courageously went to storm and change the world preaching the gospel under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
负重的驴驹——Sarah Shan 姐妹的见证


在来吉隆坡的路上,我们在飞机上祷告的时候,神没有对我们说什么,但给了多加一个异像,她看到一个驴。除此什么都没有。我们不明白什么意思。直到在营会第一天 。


尼布甲尼撒称颂至高者说:“我便称颂至高者,赞美尊敬活到永远的神。” 他的聪明和荣耀都复归于他。(但以理书4:34-36).


今天我阅读美国先知BOB JONES的文章,惊奇的发现里面也有一段关于驴的异像,我马上想到了CKRM。



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