An Encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ will Transform Life/与主耶稣相遇,生命必得着更新

Having hosted the Five Fold Ministers’ Retreat at our newly renovated Canaan Penthouse Conference Hall for the morning session of the ‘Prayer for Malacca’ on 1st December 2011 with pastors and ministry leaders from several countries, this is my brief sharing of my encounter with God have touched the hearts of some participants.

The Lord has revealed to us that it is time now to proceed with building a large convention centre (Auditorium) with a seating capacity for 5000 people and has also identified His chosen location for the project. The project will include a multi-storey block of service apartments and other facilities in a prime location. It is such a privilege and honour the Lord has given my development, now ministering partner Bro Gabriel Eng and I the task to do something great for Him. Ps O.K.Thian who is the advisor for CKRM Leadership Training Malaysia is the Architect for the project.

Ps Thian was also the Architect for the following projects:-

Stadium Negara – 1983
Full Gospel Assembly Prayer Mountain, Genting Highlands – 1993
Education Block of Holy Light Church, Johor Bahru – 1965
Glad Tidings Church, Petaling Jaya - 1984

Attempt something so great for God, it is doomed to fail unless God be in it as per Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.”

Hence, I would like to share this testimony to give glory to God on how a man full of passion for business and the things of the world could suddenly lost all desires and give up everything to serve the Lord, learning to work with Him under His leading, guidance and protection despite being a young Christian of faith without any formal Theological training. An encounter with Lord Jesus will definitely transform life. Apostle Paul was a great sinner and the worst sinner of all persecuting and killing the disciples of Jesus. The Damascus Road Encounter changed him to a man who was full of zeal and love for Jesus. With this unceasing love he defended the gospel to his last dying days and willing to endure all kind of difficulties without the fear of men but only to obey God.

My encounter with the Lord was in California 2004 when the fire of God struck me like a lightning that swept throughout my entire body. My life was transformed. The fire burns away all the dross of my life and draws me to the first love – Lord Jesus (Zechariah 13:9, Matthew 3:11, Luke 3:16). The love for the Lord eliminates all the fear of men. After that fire encounter, the Lord began to isolate me as He closed all doors of contact with my past friends, cell group members and later even with my mentors in order to put me in the potter’s house to reshape the clay in His hand. It was during this time I was left to focus on Him alone, learning to work with Him as He taught me many things like He isolated and taught Apostle Paul in Arabia for 3 years.

I learn from a great revivalist, Bill Johnson of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, California and the Bible, never to compromise with men out of fear and I witness and experience how true this is and I see the ministry of God grows without any lack of provisions, resources and funds. Ps Esther and I were being blessed by Bill Johnson in his supernatural school in Redding, California in 2007. We came back to set up CKRM Singapore.

Through these few years of ministry life, I identify myself with the two disciples of Jesus, Peter and John. Peter and John told the religious authority in Acts 4:19-20, “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” And their ministries brought in great salvation.

Peter and John did not submit to the religious authority but they chose to obey God, so neither was Daniel when he did not submit to the King’s decree but rather he chose being put into the Lion’s den.

Bill Johnson quote: "Nebuchadnezzar made a golden image that stood 90 feet high. All in his kingdom were to worhsip this thing. But the Hebrew children would not. There is a distinction between submission and obedience. Sometimes we are to go against the command of our leaders - but even then, only with submissive hearts."

I also learn how King Saul lost his calling because of his fear of men. King Saul was fearful of his men and he did not wait for Samuel to come and offer the burnt sacrifice. As a result, his kingdom could not endure as in 1 Samuel 13:13-14, “You have done a foolish thing,” Samuel said. “You have not kept the command the LORD your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time. But now your kingdom will not endure; the LORD has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept the LORD’s command.”

The great Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke quote: "True greatness is not bigness or spiritual prominence. It is doing the will of God."

The article through the link below will provide some understanding of my calling:-

The "Fire Anointing" and It's Purpose / 圣火的恩膏及其目的

Being set apart and consecrated for His use, I have become obedient to His voice. Rev Dr Henry Chieng, a Methodist Pastor for more than 25 years and overseeing about 20 Churches as a Superintendent was my college mate in a Chinese Seminary in California. He testified about my absolute uncompromised obedience in an article through this link:

Anyone whom the Lord has ordained and commissioned for a fire ministry has in fact a very controversial ministry where only a few could understand unless they have a similar encounter with the Lord too. My testimony has blessed and encouraged many Christians. Many testified through our website how they witnessed the awesome move of God in our ministry and have been blessed. Praise God!

I share two of their testimonies posted through the link below:- (by Rev Dr Joyce Tai, co-founder of a Seminary School) (By Pastor Isaac of a Church in Irvin, California)

The Lord gave me a choice when my life was in a mess, saying that if I am willing to be consecrated and set apart for Him, leaving everything behind and carry the cross and walk with Him, He will make everything perfect in my life. Now, I can witness how true and faithful He is.

All my four children are very close and very supportive of my ministry. Our relationship today is so close compared with my sinful past. My three sons have graduated from Australia. My daughter is in USA, married a very devoted Christian. Elder son, George left his banking career to set up a food business. The business commenced in 2002 and expanded to several countries. I have posted an article about his business vide

All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Jesus, my Lord and my Saviour. Hallelujah! Amen!


主已启示我们,现在正是时候进行一个可容纳五千人聚会的大型会议中心(大礼堂)的建设工程,同时神也确定了祂所选择的建筑位置。该项目将包括一个在地理位置优越,多层服务的公寓,以及其他主要的设施。感谢主的恩典,我和我的发展与服事伙伴Eng弟兄能有这么一个机会为主做大事是何等的耀幸。Thian 牧师是马来西亚CKRM领袖训练的顾问,也是这项目的工程师。

Thian牧师也是下列项目的工程师: -

马来西亚国家体育场 - 1983年

全备福音大会祷告山,云顶高原 - 1993年

圣光教会的教育室,柔佛 - 1965年

报喜教堂,八打灵再也 - 1984年



2004年在加利福尼亚州,主与我相遇。当时上帝之圣火如闪电般击中我整个身体,就此我的生命完全改变。这圣火烧去了我生命中的老我,并引领我寻着至爱 -- 主耶稣(撒迦利亚书13:9,路加福音3:16,马太福音3:11)。主的爱,能够消除人所有的恐惧。经历过主的圣火后,主开始把我分别为圣,停止我与过去的朋友,细胞小组的成员,甚至我的导师们所有的联系。主在陶匠的家中,用祂的手重新塑造我。就在那个时候,我学习如到何留心独自地专注于祂,学习与祂一起同工。主也在这段时间教会了我许多东西,就如在阿拉伯,祂亲自地教导使徒保罗三年一样。


经过数年的事奉生涯,我效法了耶稣的两个门徒,彼得和约翰。彼得和约翰在使徒行传4:19-20告诉宗教领袖说,“听从你们,不听从神,这在神面前合理不合理,你们自己酌量吧。我们所看见所听见的,不能不说。” 他们的事奉带来了极大的救恩。





通过以下网页的文章,将使你更清楚神对我的呼召: -

The "Fire Anointing" and It's Purpose / 圣火的恩膏及其目的



以下是我与大家分享的其中两个见证: - (Joyce Tai牧师/博士,学院的创始人之一) (加利福尼亚州,欧文教会的以撒牧师,)