A Reader's Research on the Lion's Roar / 一位读者关于狮子吼的研究

(Printed the Reader's email with his consent)

Dear Pastor Paul Ang,

I was doing some searching on the internet trying to find out information on the Lion’s Roar. Let me give you a bit of background. I’m a seminary student at Regent University working on a Masters in Practical Theology in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA and God has drawn me to the Hebraic Roots of Christianity, I am a born-again believer and am waiting on the Lord Jesus to show me what He wants for my life. In doing some reach for various projects, I discovered that in Jewish literature (Midrash) it describes this story:

“The midrash tells a fascinating story of how Judah and Joseph
almost came to blows over the release of Benjamin. Judah roared like
a lion, and displayed super-human feats of strength, tossing boulders
into the air and pulverizing chains with his teeth, all to show
what Joseph would have to contend with. Joseph then gave
Manasseh a look, and Manasseh stomped his foot on the floor so
hard, he made the whole palace tremble, while Joseph kicked a marble
column, breaking it into pieces, to which=2 0Judah wisely replied,
"Such stamping comes from Father's house," meaning he recognized
these feats as only accomplishable by those related by blood to
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, thus he sought a non-violent alternative.
(Chassidah, Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities, pg. 331.)

As looked for examples of this on the internet I came across references to the Lion’s Roar first in one of your congregants blogs and then on your blog site. While the above quote is certainly not a scriptural reference for the Lion’s Roar gift as it is the Midrash, I do think it is interesting. I don’t have access to the Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities personally as this is a secondary quote from a magazine called Targum. I don’t normally contact people out of the blue like this, but felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit that this was rather important for you to see.

As I read about this, I thought to myself, I think I may have this gift. Several years ago in Korea (around 2000), I was at a worship services where I could not stop shouting “Glory” at the top of my lungs, after that I hadn’t experience or seen anything like it before or after, until this past year. I was in Iraq and praying with my prayer group on top of the Chapel. We were doing our weekly intercession and I felt the Lord urging me to yell “JESUS” as loud as I could, It seemed at one point deafening and I felt I could go even louder, but the Chaplain came up and stopped us for being too loud. The Chaplain that stopped us on the roof (who by the way is a Spirit Filled Believer in Jesus), was very encouraging and recommended we continue in the Base Chapel, just not on the roof. I haven’t really used it since and not even sure what to use it for, though I knew instinctively that I was doing for Spiritual warfare.

The other reference that I found was that the “Lion’s Roar” was a type of Kung Fu, which was portrayed in a Kung Fu Movie called “Kung Fu Hussle” Which had a lady roaring supernaturally to defeat her opponent. Certainly Satan will try to attempt to twist any gift that God has bestowed, so that didn’t surprise me.

I was hoping that perhaps you could shed some light on the subject for me regarding this spiritual gift, how it is used in your congregation and elsewhere and any other insight you could give me on the subject. Thank you for your time and may God richly bless you in the coming weeks.

In Christ,

I also wanted to say that I appreciate the links you sent me I read both the blog and the testimonials previously, but I had not read Elder Dainel Ng’s testimony so thank you!

Additionally, For those interested Targum is a small press PDF Game Magazine that is no longer in publication (though you can find it on the internet http://www.rpgnow.com/) The focus initially was on a Game called Testament: Role-Playing in the Biblical Era. I wanted to fact check the magazine’s article so I found an online copy of the Midrash on the internet at http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/loj/loj203.htm and it fully confirms the story in the Midrash.

I’ve included the full text of the stories below for your review, with portions concerning a loud voice, cry, shouting, etc. in Bold.

When the brethren yielded to Joseph's demand, and consented to leave their brother behind as hostage, Simon said to them, "Ye desire to do with me as ye did with Joseph!" But they replied, in despair: "What can we do? Our households will perish of hunger." Simon made answer, "Do as ye will, but as for me, let me see the man that will venture to cast me into prison." Joseph sent word to Pharaoh to let him have seventy of his valiant men, to aid him in arresting robbers. But when the seventy appeared upon the scene, and were about to lay hands on Simon, he uttered a loud cry, and his assailants fell to the floor and knocked out their teeth. Pharaoh's valiant men, as well as all the people that stood about Joseph, fled affrighted, only Joseph and his son Manasseh remained calm and unmoved. Manasseh rose up, dealt Simon a blow on the back of his neck, put manacles upon his hands and fetters upon his feet, and cast him into prison. Joseph's brethren were greatly amazed at the heroic strength of the youth, and Simon said, "This blow was not dealt by an Egyptian, but by one belonging to our house."
These words had such an effect upon Judah that he broke out in sobs, and cried aloud, "How shall I go up to my father, and the lad be not with me?" His outcry reached to a distance of four hundred parasangs, and when Hushim the son of Dan heard it in Canaan, he jumped into Egypt with a single leap and joined his voice with Judah's, and the whole land was on the point of collapsing from the great noise they produced. Joseph's valiant men lost their teeth, and the cities of Pithom and Raamses were destroyed, and they remained in ruins until the Israelites built them up again under taskmasters. Also Judah's brethren, who had kept quiet up to that moment, fell into a rage, and stamped on the ground with their feet until it looked as though deep furrows had been torn in it by a ploughshare. And Judah addressed his brethren, "Be brave, demean yourselves as men, and let each one of you show his heroism, for the circumstances demand that we do our best."

In the meantime Manasseh had assembled a great army, five hundred mounted men and ten thousand on foot, among them four hundred valiant heroes, who could fight without spear or sword, using only their strong, unarmed hands. To inspire his brethren with more terror, Joseph ordered them to make a loud noise with all sorts of instruments, and their appearance and the hubbub they produced did, indeed, cause fear to fall upon some of the brethren of Joseph. Judah, however, called to them, "Why are you terrified, seeing that God grants us His mercy?" He drew his sword, and uttered a wild cry, which threw all the people into consternation, and in their disordered flight many fell over each other and perished, and Judah and his brethren followed after the fleeing people as far as the house of Pharaoh. Returning to Joseph, Judah again broke out in loud roars, and the reverberations caused by his cries were so mighty that all the city walls in Egypt and in Goshen fell in ruins, the pregnant women brought forth untimely births, and Pharaoh was flung from his throne. Judah's cries were heard at a great distance, as far off as Succoth.

I am amazed at everything I’m reading and I’m interested in what you will have to say, especially if you get a chance to read the whole story as these are simply excerpts from the story about Joseph meeting his brothers. Of course, none of the Midrash scriptural as it is not in the canon of the Bible, but it is fascinating.

We know that the spoken word is powerful, and this was demonstrated in Genesis 1 when God spoke the world into existence. Matthew 12;36 tells that we know that we’ll be held accountable for every word that proceeds forth from our mouths, so it is no surprise that the Lions Roar as you describe would be so powerful a gift thru which the Holy Spirit operates. It also interesting to see how the Midrash potrays the destructive power of voice as well. I’m going to continue to explore this subject study and prayer and I'll keep you posted on what I find. Please keep me in prayer as well not only in my school studies, but also for discernment in where God wants me to serve along with discernment about that have been imparted to me by the Holy Spirit. Please let me know how I can be praying for you and your congregation. I look forward to hearing back from you on these Midrash excerpts, and feel free to include these in your blog as well. May God richly bless you in the coming weeks.

In Christ,

一位读者关于狮子吼的研究 (中文翻译由中国Sarah Shan博士完成)



我在网上搜索想找到关于狮子吼的信息。首先介绍一下我的背景。我是美国维州维吉尼亚海滩维真大学神学生,攻读实用神学硕士学位。神带领我来到Hebraic Roots of Christianity。我是一个重生的基督徒,现在正等候神对我生命的呼召。在对一些项目进行研究的时候,我发现在犹太文化(Midrash)中记载了一个故事。

midrash中讲述了一个精彩故事,犹大和约瑟因为释放便雅悯的问题几乎争打起来。 犹大如狮子般吼叫,展示超人力量,向空中投掷大石头,并用自己的牙齿磨碎链子,他展示这些技艺,要看约瑟用什么来跟他比试。约瑟给玛拿西一个眼色,玛拿西就在地上跺脚,力量之大以至于整个宫殿都颤动。而约瑟则踢向一个大以萨理石柱,将其踢成碎片。犹大看到了这些,很智慧地回答一句:这样的力量来自父的家。意思是说,他认出来这些技能只有亚伯拉罕、以撒、雅各的家族才会拥有。于是他选择不用武力来解决问题。(Chassidah, 圣经人物百科全书Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities,第331页)



我找到的另一个参考信息是:“狮子吼”是一种“功夫”。在一部叫做“功夫”的功夫片中有描述 。片中一位女士超自然地吼叫,打败她的对手。当然,撒旦会试图扭曲神所赐的恩赐,因此我对此并不感到惊奇。




我也要感谢您给我的链接,我读了您的笔记和以前的见证,但我还没有读Dainel Ng长老的见证。谢谢您!


我把完整的故事列在下面以便您阅读,有关大声 呼喊 吼叫等的部分。

当弟兄们屈服于约瑟的要求,同意留下他们的兄弟做人质时,西缅对他们说,“你们要待我象从前待约瑟一样吗” 但他们绝望地回答说:“我们有什么办法呢?我们全家都要饿死了。”西缅回答:“按你们的意思办吧,但我要看看谁敢把我投入监狱。”约瑟传话给法老,让法老派给他70个勇士帮助捉拿强盗。但当70个人来到并要动手捉拿西缅时,他发出大声,这些人倒在地上撞掉了牙齿。法老的勇士们以及在约瑟旁边的人都吓坏了,只有约瑟和他儿子玛拿西镇静不动。玛拿西起来,对西缅后颈击打一下,把手铐戴在他的手上,脚镣戴在他脚上,把西缅投入监狱。约瑟的弟兄们对这个年轻人的英武非常震惊,西缅说,“这一拳不是出于埃及人,是我们家族的一员”。








Thomas Ong said...

Dear Robert,
Perhaps, Yeshua, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, came into your life and stirring you to go more and deeper into the very revelation of Himself. It's truely blessed from what you have been researched. The midrash you shared is very interesting. This Lion will become reality in your life. Do you want to roar like a Lion? Find a place, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and activate this gift of the roar of the Lion of Judah, then, start to roar it out loud like Lion! I read that you are shouting 'Glory' and 'Jesus', or perhaps, now is the time for you to "ROAR' like a Lion. Yes, just ROAR it NOW! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is upon you right NOW! Hallelujah! ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!

Scripture reference:
The Roar of the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5, 10:3, Amos 1:2, 3:8, Isaiah 5:29, Joel 3:16)

Anonymous said...

Just reading this now, so Thank you for the Word and the encouragement. About 24 hours after your left this post, I was out for a run. I was listening to some Christian music and while praying I decided it was time to step out and Roar! in intercession. Thank you again and God bless you with a great week full of Love, Joy and His Shalom!

In Christ,