My First Trip to CKRM Malacca - 我的母亲得救了 Christina Lee

Praise God, in the drive to CKRM Malacca with my mother and bro Benjamin & wife last Saturday 21 March, I prayed softly that we would come back transformed. My belly responded with a loud ‘huh !’. I felt the anointing Presence of God and again my belly stirred and several times, it kept making ‘huh!’ sound. I knew the Lord had something in store for us because HE often expresses HIMSELF through stirrings in my belly, sometimes through that sound. Brother Benjamin confirmed he felt the Presence of God.

Praise God we had a good time and I thank the Lord for the gifts impartation and the warmth and love at CKRM. When I came home, I recorded all the gifts that I had received and asked the Lord if I had omitted anything. The Lord added two more to what I had received :- It was 2.30 a.m. Sunday 22 March and I saw vision of myself drenched in a fountain of rain, soaked with rain, rain, rain. I asked what gift it was and He, full of humour revealed it to me in Hokkien. The next gift was sharpness in prophetic utterance. I opened my hands to receive both.

My mother’s attendance at the meeting was itself a miracle. She often declines when I want to take her to church or healing meetings and only attends church with me once in a while. She is on Alzheimer medication and often loses her things and has difficulty remembering. There was much hindrance even before we came as she couldn’t find her key to her luggage bag which she had packed in case we needed to stay the night, and we were held back and she even suggested she not go. But GOD IS GOOD, despite all she came along. There were other issues along the journey, but GOD made the way.

My mother has said the sinner’s prayer a few times but considered Jesus only as one of the many gods. She refused to give up praying to kuan yin and believed in feng shui and the occultic.

Miraculously the key to my mother’s luggage bag that she lost was found after we came back. She has lost handphone, purse, monies, keys, etc. which were not found. There is a spiritual battle in the house where we stay.

On Sunday 22 March (night after our return from CKRM), my mother was fearful and when I prayed for her, I felt she was ready and she repeated after me in renouncing kuan yin and idols and received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Though I don’t quite know how to use it, by faith I exercised the 7 arrows, shooting in the direction of my brother’s room which door, directly faces my mother’s door. He is steeped in Tibetan Buddhism and his room is an altar to the idol, he chants, uses rosary and wields some equipment which looks like stirring in the spiritual environment. I have sometimes heard eerie sounds coming from his room when I go to the toilet which is back to back with his toilet. My brother is owner of the house where we stay.

Praise God, my mother allowed for me to remove all the occultic and idolatry items in her room. That was around midnight. Suddenly she lost the key to the top drawer of her cabinet, but GOD is awesome. Strengthened in faith by our experience at CKRM, I prayed for the key to return and somehow my mother found it back. Inside were buddhist books and materials, rosary, occultic mirror from a temple near the house, etc. I prayed over and destroyed the items by fire and anointed her room. Praise God, her room is now cleared of the feng shui items, including crystals, buddha pendant and Tibetan buddhist cardboard altar with the statue image.

I thank God for CKRM Ministry, the servant heart, humility, warmth and love of HIS Anointed, Pastors Paul Ang and Esther, the sharing and impartation from Ps Paul Ang. and the prayers and sharing received by my mother from Mr Wong and Ps Esther. This is a supernatural ministry which sets captives free and will propel HIS KINGDOM for the end time harvest. May God continue to multiply the fruit of their labour and prosper them in HIS Kingdom.

Christina Lee

Translation to Mandarin


赞美主,上个星期六,三月二十一日,我和母亲还有Benjamin弟兄与他的妻子前往马六甲超自然事工训练学校。在驾驶途中, 我轻声祷告我们的生命将被翻转。当时我的肚子大声回应‘huh !’. 我感觉到神的同在而我的肚子再次被搅动, 它一直发出‘huh!’的声响。我知道神有预备东西给我们因为他时常搅动我的肚子来表达自己。同时, 靠着那个声响, Benjamin 弟兄证实他感觉到神的同在。

赞美主, 我们度过了美好的时光。我要感谢主的恩典和CKRM对我们的热诚与爱护。我回到家后,记录了所有领受的恩赐并且问神我有没有漏掉了什么。神启示我多加两个恩赐。在三月二十二日, 星期天凌晨两点三十分, 在异象里, 我看见自己湿淋淋的在喷泉里, 浸湿在雨水里。我问神哪是什么恩赐而他满怀幽默地以福建语向我显明。下一个恩赐是预言启示表达更敏锐。我张开我的手领受那两个恩赐。


虽然我母亲已经做了悔改祷告好几次,但耶稣对她来说,只是那么多神当中的其中一个。她拒绝舍弃敬拜观音而且相信风水和巫术。我母亲遗失的行李箱钥匙奇迹地在我们回来之后被找到。她遗失过手机, 钱包, 钥匙等等。这些东西都没被找回。我们住的屋子有属灵的争战。

在三月二十二日,星期天(我们从CKRM 回家后的晚上),我母亲感到惧怕而当我为她祷告时,我觉得她心里已准备好了。她跟着我祷告舍弃拜观音和其他的假神,接受耶稣成为她个人的救主。我虽然不知道如何使用属灵的箭,但依然凭着信心对着我母亲的房间对面的房间(我哥哥弟弟的房间)射了七只属灵的箭。我的兄弟执着于西藏佛法,房间里有偶像的神台。他有用念珠念经和使用一些佛教的信物,好象在属灵界里做些什么。我有时上洗手间时会听见他的房里传出阴森可怕的声音。我的兄弟是我们家的屋主。


我为CKRM 的事工,为祂所他恩膏的Pastor Paul Ang和Pastor Esther,他们的谦卑,仆人的心态,热诚和对主的爱来感谢主。为Pastor Paul 的分享和传受恩赐与Brother Wong 和Pastor Esther 给予我母亲的祷告和分享献上我的感谢。这是一个能释放俘虏,为末日收割桩家,推动神国度的超自然事工。愿主继续增加他们辛劳的成果,并且让他们在神的国度里兴盛。阿们!

Christina Lee