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Ps Paul K P Ang

Instant Healing & Gift's Impartation after receiving Christ as Savior

Shalom! My name is Charles and I am 23 years old. I had just encountered a very significant life-changing experience within these days where I received a wonderful miracle. Before I tell about the God’s miracle in me, I will introduce my background. 

Within this past half-year, I had to pass through a lot of life problems such as work. I was an entrepreneur specializing in house renovation. At the end of 2012 until mid 2013, I had a lot of projects to be finished up. Instead of seeing the fruit of my labor, I only saw problems within my line of work. 

Then, suddenly my grandpa passed away on September 2013 and within the one-hundred’s day of my grandpa’s passing, I had a backbone pain caused by it being cracked therefore pressing the nerves around it. 

Due to this horrible pain, I went to hospital in Medan but no doctors were capable of treating this pain. I went to Singapore on 25th December 2013 and the doctor said that my waist was in bad condition. I did not give up in instance; instead I went to a professor specializing in alternative treatment. When he saw my MRI result, he asked me to seek specialist because he cannot do anything on my case.

I was depressed and lost hope at that time. I went to Penang with disappointment due to same verdict given, but God had a plan for me. 

On 27th February 2014 at 10am, my friend’s mother called and invited me to meet Ps. Paul K. P. Ang whom was ministering in Medan. I went to his hotel apartment with trembling feet and waist full of pain. He then asked, “Were you willing to be God’s witness if Jesus healed you?” I agreed and I was prayed and filled with the Fire of Holy Spirit thus I started to manifest until all the unclean spirits came out from my body. 

The process of manifestation took some time, which led to exhaustion to my body. Ps. Paul then asked me to stand up and walk and I felt no more pain on my back and waist hence my feet did not tremble anymore. Jesus Christ had healed me just as He had promised and besides the healing, I also received the gifts of vision and hearing God’s voice. Thank You Jesus. All the glory and praise only for You. Amen.

Indonesian version:

Kesaksian Charles

Syalom, nama saya Charles umur 23 tahun. Saya mengalami suatu perubahan yang signifikan dalam hidup saya dimana beberapa hari ini saya mengalami suatu mukjizat yg luar biasa. Sebelum saya menceritakan mukjizat Tuhan yang saya alami, mari saya beri latar belakang saya. Dalam setengah tahun ini saya mengalami begitu banyak cobaan dalam hidup seperti masalah pekerjaan. Pekerjaan yg saya tekuni adalah di bidang renovasi rumah tinggal. Pada akhir tahun 2012 saya mulai banyak proyek sampai pertengahan 2013. Saya mengerjakan proyek tapi tidak ada hasil yg nampak sebaliknya banyak masalah muncul di pekerjaan saya. Setelah itu, tiba-tiba pada bulan 9 kakek saya meninggal, sewaktu masih dalam 100 hari kakek saya meninggal, saya terkena penyakit yaitu sumsum tulang belakang saya pecah dan ada urat yg terjepit. Saya menderita sakit yg amat sangat dan pergi ke rumah sakit untuk diperiksa dokter di Medan namun tidak ada yang bisa menangani kasus sakit seperti ini. Lalu pada tanggal 25 Desember 2013 saya berangkat ke Singapura. Dokter mengatakan pinggang saya sudah parah tetapi saya tidak berputus asa sehingga saya mencari lagi seorang profesor yang mengobati secara alternatif. Begitu saya berjumpa dengan profesor itu dan menunjukkan hasil MRI saya, dokter itu langsung berkata "Kamu pulang saja cari dokter spesialis, saya tidak bisa menyembuhkan kamu". Begitu mendengar ucapan profesor itu, saya langsung putus asa dan depresi. Dokter di Penang mengatakan hal yang sama tentang keadaan saya, namun Tuhan berkehendak lain. Pada pukul 10.00 tanggal 27 Februari 2014 mama dari teman saya menelepon dan mengajak saya untuk bertemu dengan Ps. Paul K. P. Ang yang sedang melayani di Medan. Saya datang ke apartemennya dengan kondisi kaki gemetar tidak bertenaga dan pinggang sakit, lalu Ps. Paul mengatakan "Apakah kamu bersedia menjadi saksi Kristus, jikalau Yesus Kristus menyembuhkan kamu?" Saya mengatakan "Ya, saya bersedia" pada saat itu saya didoakan dan dibaptis dengan api Roh Kudus dan saya mengalami manifestasi (pelepasan) sehingga roh-roh jahat yang di dalam tubuh saya keluar. Proses manifestasi terjadi cukup lama sampai badan saya lemas dan tidak bertenaga. Kemudian, Ps. Paul menyuruh saya bangkit berdiri dan jalan. Ternyata saya berdiri tidak gemetar lagi dan pinggang saya tidak sakit lagi. Yesus Kristus telah menyembuhkan saya sesuai dengan janjiNya. Selain kesembuhan, Tuhan juga memberikan karunia penglihatan dan karunia mendengar suara Tuhan pada saya. Terima kasih Yesus. BagiMulah segala pujian dan syukur. Amin.

Our Mission Report on our recent trip to Medan, Indonesia

Our 2014 Chinese New Year Visit To Taipei - Photo

Meeting 周师母 wife of Rev Nathaniel Chow of our Taipei Church, Bread of Life at the Kingdom Culture Conference and visiting 寇绍恩牧师 Rev Andrew Kou at his office in Taipei with our CKRM's advisor, Rev Liu Tsia Fang (Mary Eu) who is also the Chairman of Singapore Christian Prayer House where we co-work. Photos vide the link below:-

An awesome encounter with the Fire of God (Matthew 3:11) - Ps Steven Lee

I had experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2000.  However due to my disobedience to a calling, I went into a period of a tough and fearful wilderness. Finally, in 2006 I gave up my secular job as an IT Sales Manager to serve the Lord in obedience. By taking the step of faith to walk into the calling of God in my life, doors began to open for me to minister in various places in Sabah.

God knows that I have a deep desire to minister in the fullness of His glory in the anointing of Isaiah 61:1 as He also said in Jeremiah 33:3, ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. ’

I was then following a mentor for two years and felt that there was a new season waiting. The Lord was leading me to a new season of spiritual impartation  and empowerment to be ready for  a ministry of 'signs & wonders' to reach out to nations towards the great harvesting of souls. The opportunity came when I met Ps Paul K. P. Ang at a luncheon together with Dr Paul Ang of Paul Ang Global Vision.  Dr Paul Ang prayed for some of us and  released words of encouragement to bless us.

Then, Dr Paul Ang told Ps K.P Ang to pray for him. Ps K.P Ang called upon the Fire of God to be released upon Dr Paul Ang. Although I was sitting at a distance from Ps Paul K.P. Ang, a very powerful Fire of God swept through my entire body. Instantly, I knew that there was a very strong anointing resting on me. Ps K.P Ang then prophesized that the Lord would be using me powerfully in the last days by igniting the Fire of God to bless the Churches.

After that occasion Ps K.P Ang continued to impart Fire upon me through the phone and whenever we met. My inner man became even more sensitive to His leading and my ministry became more effective as God opened more doors for me to minister in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Medan serving a ministry of signs & wonders. This ministry is exciting and very different compared to my past outings.

My ministry took a different turn altogether. Signs begins to follow me unlike the past and the Holy Spirit moves powerfully whenever I minister as quoted in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 and Mark 16:20. The Lord uses me to minister beyond just merely speaking in tongue, laying hand on the sick or see people added to the Church. The awesome empowerment has drawn me to love God more and I begin to minister in His glory. Praise God!

To boldly go where no one has gone before - Ps Liam Choon Peng




第一次与洪保罗牧师的相识是在2011 年。当时,他受邀在生命泉教会(FOLA)的主日和展翅事奉学校特会分享信息。他主要的服侍就是为信徒传递圣灵火,并且使用属灵武器释放被捆绑受辖制的人;而他的服侍也经常伴随着许多的彰显。我必需承认刚开始时,我存有宗教心态,以至于,我小心翼翼的担忧这种超灵恩的现象。


保罗牧师笑着回答我说:「你想有我的备用轮胎(大肚腩)和光头吗?」 我周围的人开始哈哈大笑,而我却说不出话来。



20137月,我和妻子张喜悦第一次前来八打灵再也的基督国度领袖训练CKRM PJ)。我们觉得需要领受更多地恩膏,才可以为神国度的服侍预备好自己。所以,自201310月开始,我们经常固定出席那里的聚会。令人惊奇菲思的是,每一次聚会都引发我心中更多的搅动。神呼召我返回原本服侍岗位和带领事工(过去曾带领过的),并已经开始在我的心中动工和展开。

我不可否认,那是从神而来到的搅动。所以,在20131223日,我决定通知生命泉FOLA)的牧师告诉他我们的决定。我和妻子决定回应神放在我们生命中,使徒性的呼召,并且将从2014 年开始参与CKRM的事工。我们夫妇俩皆收到生命泉牧师给我们的祝福。感谢主!

喜悦和我在20141月初拜访了新加坡基督国度(CKRM)。我们希望能更多地了解CKRM的事工。待在新加坡的那段期间,我们感到需要更深一步进入神对我们在CKRM 事工里的呼召。201416日,刘再芳牧师(国际妇发光团契新加坡华文部主席,祈祷院主席,新加坡基督国度顾问 ),洪保罗牧师和以斯贴牧师按立喜悦和我为CKRM八打灵再也的传道。



How strange it is to entitle the chronicles of my key spiritual events with the above theme from Star Trek. I know.

On 31st December 2012 Watch Night Service at the Fountain of Life Assembly (FOLA), Nilai, I announced publicly that I would be making a major decision in the year of 2013. However I did not disclose what that major decision was. Deep inside me, I felt that my season in FOLA was drawing to an end and a new season was about to take place. It all started after I reflected on my spiritual pilgrimage from the point that I responded to the call of God in my life in 1981 till then. It began to dawn on me that the then season I was in seemingly resembled some past seasons, in the spiritual sense, where certain major moves were boldly taken. I was somehow convicted that the year of 2013 would be a transitional year that I would leap in with some significant changes.

My first acquaintance with Pastor Paul K. P. Ang started when he was invited to speak on Sunday services and Wingspread Conferences in FOLA, in 2011. He has a ministry to impart the fire of God to believers and to appropriate spiritual weapons of deliverance to break the strongholds in them. Often, manifestations accompany him whenever he ministers. I must admit that I then had a religious mindset that caused me to be careful and apprehensive of this kind of spiritual phenomena.

During one of the sessions of the Wingspread Conference organised by FOLA, I found myself being called to receive a ministry from him. While I was waiting for my turn, Pastor Paul Ang asked each of us what we wanted from the Lord. I did not have the slightest idea what to ask of him. Honestly, I was struggling within myself to answer this question. All of a sudden, an absurd thought dawned on me, ‘Ask everything that God has given to him’. I spoke out this exact thought when it came to my turn. Einstein once mentioned that if an idea is not absurd then there would not be hope for it.

Absurdity usually triggers laughter and humour, as usual.

Pastor Paul replied, ‘Would you like to have my spare tyre and bald head too?’  He smiled. People around me started to laugh but I was lost for words.

Without any hesitation, he held my hands and imparted something into my spirit that orchestrated a deep work of God that has shifted my paradigm about his ministry. For all I know, I have crossed a threshold that took me from my comfort zone to an unknown frontier.

I absolutely have no regrets that I have expressed this absurdity.

In July 2013, my wife, Hephzibah, and I visited CKRM (Christ Kingdom Reign Majestically) Petaling Jaya for the first time. However, we felt the need to receive more empowerment from this ministry in order to develop ourselves for God’s Kingdom purpose. So, from October 2013 onwards, we started to attend the empowerment services at CKRM Petaling Jaya on a more regular basis. Surprisingly, and strangely, each visit has led to even more uncontrollable stirrings within me. The call of God to return to leading a ministry (that we once held) began to stir and unfold.

It was a stirring that I could not deny of its God-origin. On 23rd December 2013, I decided to notify the pastor of FOLA that my wife and I have decided to answer the apostolic calling that God has placed in our lives to be involved in the ministry of CKRM in the new year of 2014. Both of us have received his blessing to serve in CKRM. Praise the Lord!

Hephzibah and I visited CKRM Singapore in early January of 2014. We wanted to get more acquainted with the CKRM ministry. During our stay there, we felt led to take a further step to move into our calling in the ministry of CKRM. On 6th January 2014, Hephzibah and I were ordained by Rev. Liu Tsia Fang, the president of AGLOW International (Chinese Chapter), Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Esther as pastors for CKRM Petaling Jaya. (Rev Liu is also the Chairman of Singapore Christian Prayer House and and an Advisor of CKRM Christian Centre Singapore).

It is no wonder that the appointment of the captain of the USS Enterprise (Star Trek) to explore, discover, and to go boldly beyond the frontier has captivated my heart and my spirit. There is a similar quest in me to understand and to discover more of the mysteries of God, as well as to explore new terrains in the spiritual realm. The journey has begun. Stay tuned.

(Pastor's Footnote - Ps Liam holds a Master of Science (Information Technology), Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons), Diploma in Ministry and 20 years of Pastoral experience in Latter Rain Church of Malaysia. Currently teaching chemistry in Inti International University, Nilai. His wife, Ps Hephzibah's testimony is vide the link below)

2014 年新里程碑的开始------张喜悦传道/Entering into a New Season - Ps Hephzibah Chong

2014 年新里程碑的开始------张喜悦传道

第一件发生在2013年11月。我亲眼目睹了我的小儿子毕业领取信息技术学士学位。当我看到我的小儿子走上台阶,接受他的名册,对神的美善和恩典我感激的忍不住流了泪。诚然,若没有他神圣非凡的带领。我的丈夫和我是不会有能力为我们的四个孩子提供高等教育。这一切是发生在2003年,那一年,我丈夫和我做了一个我们人生重大的决定,我们全家从亚罗士打搬到汝来,让我们夫妇俩可以获得更好报酬的工作,以支持我们的孩子有更好的教育。我们搬到汝来之前,我们在亚罗士打牧养一所教会。经过多次的祷告和寻求神,我们觉得上帝释放我们在那里已经牧养了20 多年的工作。就这样,我们把教会交回总部照顾。随后,神开辟了道路,我们在汝来一所私立大学任教。

当我们抵达汝来,我们参加生命泉源教会( FOLA ) ,一个携带复兴愿景的教会,是由戴德辉牧师博士牧养的教会。我们在Fola 有10 年美好服侍的机会,跟随圣灵的河流 而流。在亚罗士打牧养约20年后来到Fola,真可说是我们在安息休假。以备从新得力,在Fola 我们参于敬拜赞美团队,也服侍开车接送弟兄姐妹来回教会,以及教堂清洁的工作。感觉在FOLA日子是越来越舒适,越来越来轻松。神却在这时对我说话, 要我预备好进入一个新的季节。踏上一个新的里程。说到这里那就要回到2013 发生在我家庭的其中的一件事-----我的小儿子毕业的这 事件上 ---- 我觉得上帝用我的小儿子已经完成学业在对我说预言—启示我们即将结束旧有的季节。要我继续前进。

后来,上帝又通过2013 年十二月在我家庭所发生的第二显著事件又对我说话:----我的大儿子结婚的事。上帝是在对我说,我的大儿子成立家室已经开始了新的家庭,我也将会有一个新季节的开始,但是,这个新季节究竟是什么?

大约两年前,我开始知道 CKRM的创办人保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师,因为他们多次来到FOLA服侍。我见证他们大有能力以神迹奇事服侍大家。目睹他们很强的传递圣灵火的恩膏。我也看到了圣灵的强劲表现,许多生命被感动,并通过他们的服事许多生命被改变。看到很多圣灵的彰显,其中有些是比较奇怪的,我必须承认,开始时我是相当怀疑。随着时间的推移,我开始好奇,这种好奇心使我去追求要了解神更多,我越追求我越饥饿。通过他们所传递的属灵的恩赐,火恩膏的传递,我发现自己的属灵生命已经进人更高的程度,我对神的爱更加的成长。渐渐地,我也意识到自己,渴望能像他们这样的服侍,那心中的渴望不断增长。我相信,我需要在火的地方,捕捉,抓着更多的火,并在火的恩膏里更加的成熟成长。对我来说我已经认识到CKRM是一个充满圣灵火的地方。

承载这个愿望在我的心,我相信如果此举是神为我们两个人所安排,所定的旨意,他也会对我的丈夫说话,所以我就和我的丈夫分享了主对我所说的那些话。另我感到极大安慰和鼓励,主圣灵也同时在同一直线上向我的的丈夫启发,说话(他将在另一篇文章中分享神如何感动他) 。我也要求我的一些亲密的朋友,为我们将要踏上的新方向祈求祷告。我很高兴地接受他们的鼓励和在这个征途上祷告的支持,我们即将踏上。

经过很多的祷告,寻求神的方向后,我的丈夫和我都坚信这是神的旨意和时间要我们回到原本他对我们的呼召来事奉祂-----那就是牧者的角色。神在他百般的智慧和计划中,号召我们到CKRM八打灵再也去事奉祂。我们很荣幸能有机会被按立为CKRM Petaling Jaya 的传道,并成为CKRM事工的一份子。我们已通知戴德辉牧师博士这是我们的愿望,去追求我们的呼召,我们已收到他给我们的祝福释放我们在FOLA的角色,好让我们能回应神对我们生命的呼召。
我在这里,2014年1月的开始正式踏人我们的新季节。主耶和华我们的神是应当称颂的 阿门!

Photo on the ordination of Ps Hephzibah Chong by CKRM's Advisor, Rev Liu Tsia Fang vide the link below:-

The year of 2013 marked two significant events in my family.

The first one took place in November 2013. I witnessed my youngest son graduated with a Bachelor degree in Information Technology. When I saw my youngest son walked up to the stage to receive his scroll, I could not help to hold back my tears of gratitude to God for His goodness. Truly, without His divine guidance, my husband and I would not have been able to provide for our four children’s tertiary education. It all happened back in 2003, a year in which my husband and I made a major life decision to move our  family from Alor Setar to Nilai to enable the both of us to secure better paid jobs in order to support our children for better education. Before we moved to Nilai, we were then pastoring a church in Alor Setar. After much prayer and seeking God, we felt that God released us from the pastoral roles that we had held for nearly 20 years. With that, we handed the care of the church to its denominational headquarter. Subsequently, God opened the way for us to teach in a private university in Nilai.

Upon our arrival in Nilai, we attended Fountain of life Assembly (FOLA), a church that carries a vision for revival and is pastored by Rev. Dr. Joseph Tai.  We have had a wonderful 10-years serving God and flowing in the River of God in FOLA. Our time in FOLA is truly a sabbatical that has refreshed us enormously having pastored a church in Alor Setar for about 20 years. At FOLA, we served in worship team, fetching people to and from church, as well as cleaning the church building. Just as we were getting comfortable with our ministries at FOLA, God spoke to me about positioning myself to enter into a new season. This has to tie back to the first significant event in 2013 - my youngest son graduation. I felt that God has used the completion of my youngest son study to speak prophetically that the old season was coming to an end for us. I had to move on.

Then God spoke again through the second significant family event in 2013 that took place in the month of December, that is, the wedding of my eldest son. God was saying to me that as my eldest son has started a new family, a new season would begin for me. But, what is this new season?

About two years ago, I came to know about Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Esther, the founders of CKRM, as they came to FOLA to minister on several occasions. I have witnessed how they minister powerfully in signs and wonders and with a very strong fire impartation. I also saw the strong manifestation of the Holy Spirit and that many lives have been touched and transformed through their power ministry. Seeing all the manifestations, and some of which are rather strange, I must admit that I was rather skeptical initially. Over time, however, I became curious and this curiosity has turned into a hunger that has caused such a pursuit for more of their impartations. Through the impartation of spiritual gifts, fire anointing, my spiritual life has taken a greater height and my love for God has grown. Gradually, I have also realized that the desire to minister the way they do has grown. I believe that I need to be in the fire place to catch more of the fire and to grow more in the fire anointing. I have recognized that CKRM is the fire place for me.

Bearing this desire in my heart and believing that The Lord would speak to my husband if this move is in His will for the two of us, I then shared with my husband what the Lord has been speaking to me. I have been tremendously comforted, encouraged and inspired by the Holy Spirit that He has been speaking to my husband along the same line (he will share his account of conviction in a separate article). I have also requested some of my close friends to pray for us for the direction that we are about to take. I am pleased to receive their encouragement and prayer support on this journey that we are about to embark.

So after much prayer to seek God for His direction, my husband and I are convinced that it is the will of God and His timing for us to return to our original calling to serve Him in pastoral roles. God, in His manifold wisdom and divine plan, has called us to serve Him in CKRM Petaling Jaya. We are honored to be given the opportunity to be ordained as the pastors for CKRM Petaling Jaya, and to be a part of the CKRM ministry. We have informed Rev. Dr. Joseph Tai about our desire to pursue our call and we have received his blessing to release us from our roles at FOLA in order to answer the calling that God has placed in our lives.

Here I am, stepping into our new season in January 2014. Blessed be the Lord our God!

(Pastor's Footnote:- Ps Hephzibah holds a Master of Applied Statistics, Bachelor of Science  (Education) with Hons, Diploma in Ministry, 18 years of pastoral experience in Latter Rain Church of Malaysia. Currently teaching Mathematics in Inti International University).

God empowered me at Gideon Camp 11, Kota Kinabalu - Rebekah Lucinda Ipon

Praise God for the impartation of the Fire of God and the anointing of the Lion of Judah upon me in the Gideon Camp 11 at Holy Seal 611 Bread of Life Church in Kota Kinabalu about months ago.

My cousin Walter Lawrence Selutan was awoken from being in Coma for four days after my consistent prayer for him with my prayer partner, Lily Gimfil.

Rebekah Lucinda Ipon

Malaysia & Singapore BOL Pastors' Retreat

By God's grace, in early 2007 at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding USA, Bill Johnson laid both his hands on the heads of Ps Esther Yap and me to bless us. After returning to Singapore, we set up CKRM ministry.

After the Gideon Camp, we took a break and returned to Singapore early this year. During our stay in Singapore, Rev Elisha Chieng then invited us to join the family of Bread of Life as Missionaries to his Church, Open Heaven Tabernacle 611 Bread of Life Church to help us and expand Kingdom's ministries. Then the senior pastor and his wife of Holy Seal 611 Bread of Life was prompted to adopt us and put both of us under their spiritual covering.

On Dec 5th 2013, before we depart from Malaysia & Singapore BOL Pastors' Retreat in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Singapore, by the grace of God, Rev Nathaniel Chow (周神助牧师) of Bread of Life, Taipei blessed both of us and our God-given ministry. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

蒙神的恩典2007年初 美国的伯特利超自然训练中心回国之前比尔强生Bill Johnson为我和以斯贴同时按手祷告祝福我们。回到新加坡后,我们成立了CKRM事工。
2012底, 基甸营后,今年初2013我们回到新加坡休息了一下,就在新加坡逗留期间,我们邀请加入灵粮堂这大家庭,成为天井圣殿611灵粮堂的宣教士,同时神感动圣印611灵粮堂的主任牧师和师母领养我们为我们提供属灵遮盖。
蒙神的恩典5/12/2013在我们从 新马灵粮堂牧者退修会返新之前,灵粮全球使徒性网络周神助牧师为我和以斯贴祷告祝福给我们的的事工。感谢主!一切荣耀赞美归给主阿门!

Empowered by Fire of God at CK Grace Christian Church, Petaling Jaya

Dear Pastor Paul KP Ang,

Thank you for imparting the fire of God at CKRM PJ to me. Now I truly see the fire in the lives of people I prayed for.

A brother with cancer and complications after the bone marrow transplant has been discharged and he went to church on Sunday to testify of His healing. Another elderly brother with bronchitis was also discharged with a complete recovery. A young lady recovering from leukemia and with oxygen assist, this morning the doctor said that he was reducing her oxygen need.

When I prayer for her there was an awesome fire that went out when our hands met. Her sister was by her side, she too was invited to hold hands and she also felt the move of the Holy Spirit. All four that were greatly blessed are Christians.

Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor for your faithfulness.

Pastor Alexander David John

Empowerment vide Baptism of Fire (Matthew 3:11) draws me closer to God - Ps Steven Lee/圣火施洗的恩膏(太3:11)让我更亲近神 - Steven Lee 牧师的见证

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ.  Formerly a Taoist, an alcoholic and gambler but the Lord has miraculously set me free from bondages and baptised me with the Holy Spirit in the year 2000. 

Now by God's grace, I am called to the office of an Evangelist, an Itinerant Minister and a Teacher. I went into full time ministry in December, 2006.

As being led by the Holy Spirit, I have a great burden to pray, preach and impact youths in many parts of Sabah and Sarawak. God has also taken me to many parts of Indonesia to breakdown strongholds and healing the people through the Gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

I am married to Chris Tai and I have four grown-up children, two boys and two girls. I worship in Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur.

I first met Ps Paul Ang of CKRM, S'pore at a lunch fellowship at the Chicago Rib House in One Utama together with Dr Paul Ang of Paul Ang Global Vision, Ps Samuel, Ps Esther and Ps Paul Ang’s accompanying friends. 

While Ps Paul Ang was praying for Dr Paul Ang, the Fire of the Holy Spirit came down intensely, my Spirit man responded sensitively and I was literally 'barbecued', as I felt blazing hot throughout my entire body. Ps Paul Ang said that the Lord wanted to use me powerfully in these last days to bless the churches that I visit and preach.

This message confirms the prophesy given to me by my mentor and teacher: Ps Bernard Teh of FGA Taiping.

This happened on Thursday, 7th February 2013.

My journey of experiencing God's empowerment began as in Hebrews 1:7 "He makes His ministers a flame of fire."  Hebrews 12:29 says, "God is a consuming fire." After the encounter with Ps Paul Ang, he would call me periodically from S'pore to minister and empower me through the phone. I felt tangible Fire within me and I woke up several times in the middle of the night for more than a week. 

Being a person who is also sensitive to the Spirit of God, I knew that the Lord was breaking away all my resistance in order for Him to empower me.

I was invited by Ps Paul Ang to attend CKRM, PJ in Ara Damansara the following Saturday afternoon on the 9th of February where I brought along my wife and two of my children. 

When Ps Paul shared the Word on Jeremiah 50:25, I was amazed by the way he ministered to me and some other people in the church. When he asked my son and daughter to read Daniel 10:10 and they were both trembling and slain under the power of God, I was amazed that the Bible came alive.

I attended the CKRM church again the following Saturday. This time I brought some friends along. They too were amazed at the way Ps Paul ministered. They have never seen a ministry like this before.

Recently I was invited to be ordained as a council member of CKRM, PJ. I was not surprised as there was a prophesy given to me to help a church in PJ to grow both in spirit, teaching and encouragement.

I was invited to CKRM, S'pore a month ago and attended their prayer meeting. I noticed that all their council members there are also very hungry for God. The Lord manifested His presence differently and uniquely in each one of them.

During my mission trips to Keningau and recently in Brunei, I used the spiritual Gifts that the Lord empowered me through CKRM and the churches were greatly blessed. I know that when we are holy, hungry and humble, the Holy Spirit will empower us without measure.

To God be the glory!
这个信息印证了我的属灵导师和教师:太平全备福音堂,Bernard Teh牧师给我的预言。
我经历神恩膏的旅程开始如希伯来书17节「祂以火焰为仆役。」;十二章29节说:「我们的神乃是烈火。」自与洪保罗牧师相识之后,他都会定期的从新加坡打电话给我,并透过电话服事恩膏我。我感觉到有火在我体内,在半夜中我醒来好几次,这样持续了一个星期多。 对于一个敏锐于圣灵的人,我知道神是在打破我的拦阻以便可以恩膏我。