An awesome encounter with the Fire of God (Matthew 3:11) - Ps Steven Lee

I had experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2000.  However due to my disobedience to a calling, I went into a period of a tough and fearful wilderness. Finally, in 2006 I gave up my secular job as an IT Sales Manager to serve the Lord in obedience. By taking the step of faith to walk into the calling of God in my life, doors began to open for me to minister in various places in Sabah.

God knows that I have a deep desire to minister in the fullness of His glory in the anointing of Isaiah 61:1 as He also said in Jeremiah 33:3, ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. ’

I was then following a mentor for two years and felt that there was a new season waiting. The Lord was leading me to a new season of spiritual impartation  and empowerment to be ready for  a ministry of 'signs & wonders' to reach out to nations towards the great harvesting of souls. The opportunity came when I met Ps Paul K. P. Ang at a luncheon together with Dr Paul Ang of Paul Ang Global Vision.  Dr Paul Ang prayed for some of us and  released words of encouragement to bless us.

Then, Dr Paul Ang told Ps K.P Ang to pray for him. Ps K.P Ang called upon the Fire of God to be released upon Dr Paul Ang. Although I was sitting at a distance from Ps Paul K.P. Ang, a very powerful Fire of God swept through my entire body. Instantly, I knew that there was a very strong anointing resting on me. Ps K.P Ang then prophesized that the Lord would be using me powerfully in the last days by igniting the Fire of God to bless the Churches.

After that occasion Ps K.P Ang continued to impart Fire upon me through the phone and whenever we met. My inner man became even more sensitive to His leading and my ministry became more effective as God opened more doors for me to minister in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Medan serving a ministry of signs & wonders. This ministry is exciting and very different compared to my past outings.

My ministry took a different turn altogether. Signs begins to follow me unlike the past and the Holy Spirit moves powerfully whenever I minister as quoted in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 and Mark 16:20. The Lord uses me to minister beyond just merely speaking in tongue, laying hand on the sick or see people added to the Church. The awesome empowerment has drawn me to love God more and I begin to minister in His glory. Praise God!