Malaysia & Singapore BOL Pastors' Retreat

By God's grace, in early 2007 at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding USA, Bill Johnson laid both his hands on the heads of Ps Esther Yap and me to bless us. After returning to Singapore, we set up CKRM ministry.

After the Gideon Camp, we took a break and returned to Singapore early this year. During our stay in Singapore, Rev Elisha Chieng then invited us to join the family of Bread of Life as Missionaries to his Church, Open Heaven Tabernacle 611 Bread of Life Church to help us and expand Kingdom's ministries. Then the senior pastor and his wife of Holy Seal 611 Bread of Life was prompted to adopt us and put both of us under their spiritual covering.

On Dec 5th 2013, before we depart from Malaysia & Singapore BOL Pastors' Retreat in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Singapore, by the grace of God, Rev Nathaniel Chow (周神助牧师) of Bread of Life, Taipei blessed both of us and our God-given ministry. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

蒙神的恩典2007年初 美国的伯特利超自然训练中心回国之前比尔强生Bill Johnson为我和以斯贴同时按手祷告祝福我们。回到新加坡后,我们成立了CKRM事工。
2012底, 基甸营后,今年初2013我们回到新加坡休息了一下,就在新加坡逗留期间,我们邀请加入灵粮堂这大家庭,成为天井圣殿611灵粮堂的宣教士,同时神感动圣印611灵粮堂的主任牧师和师母领养我们为我们提供属灵遮盖。
蒙神的恩典5/12/2013在我们从 新马灵粮堂牧者退修会返新之前,灵粮全球使徒性网络周神助牧师为我和以斯贴祷告祝福给我们的的事工。感谢主!一切荣耀赞美归给主阿门!