Empowered by Fire of God at CK Grace Christian Church, Petaling Jaya

Dear Pastor Paul KP Ang,

Thank you for imparting the fire of God at CKRM PJ to me. Now I truly see the fire in the lives of people I prayed for.

A brother with cancer and complications after the bone marrow transplant has been discharged and he went to church on Sunday to testify of His healing. Another elderly brother with bronchitis was also discharged with a complete recovery. A young lady recovering from leukemia and with oxygen assist, this morning the doctor said that he was reducing her oxygen need.

When I prayer for her there was an awesome fire that went out when our hands met. Her sister was by her side, she too was invited to hold hands and she also felt the move of the Holy Spirit. All four that were greatly blessed are Christians.

Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor for your faithfulness.

Pastor Alexander David John