Empowerment vide Baptism of Fire (Matthew 3:11) draws me closer to God - Ps Steven Lee/圣火施洗的恩膏(太3:11)让我更亲近神 - Steven Lee 牧师的见证

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ.  Formerly a Taoist, an alcoholic and gambler but the Lord has miraculously set me free from bondages and baptised me with the Holy Spirit in the year 2000. 

Now by God's grace, I am called to the office of an Evangelist, an Itinerant Minister and a Teacher. I went into full time ministry in December, 2006.

As being led by the Holy Spirit, I have a great burden to pray, preach and impact youths in many parts of Sabah and Sarawak. God has also taken me to many parts of Indonesia to breakdown strongholds and healing the people through the Gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

I am married to Chris Tai and I have four grown-up children, two boys and two girls. I worship in Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur.

I first met Ps Paul Ang of CKRM, S'pore at a lunch fellowship at the Chicago Rib House in One Utama together with Dr Paul Ang of Paul Ang Global Vision, Ps Samuel, Ps Esther and Ps Paul Ang’s accompanying friends. 

While Ps Paul Ang was praying for Dr Paul Ang, the Fire of the Holy Spirit came down intensely, my Spirit man responded sensitively and I was literally 'barbecued', as I felt blazing hot throughout my entire body. Ps Paul Ang said that the Lord wanted to use me powerfully in these last days to bless the churches that I visit and preach.

This message confirms the prophesy given to me by my mentor and teacher: Ps Bernard Teh of FGA Taiping.

This happened on Thursday, 7th February 2013.

My journey of experiencing God's empowerment began as in Hebrews 1:7 "He makes His ministers a flame of fire."  Hebrews 12:29 says, "God is a consuming fire." After the encounter with Ps Paul Ang, he would call me periodically from S'pore to minister and empower me through the phone. I felt tangible Fire within me and I woke up several times in the middle of the night for more than a week. 

Being a person who is also sensitive to the Spirit of God, I knew that the Lord was breaking away all my resistance in order for Him to empower me.

I was invited by Ps Paul Ang to attend CKRM, PJ in Ara Damansara the following Saturday afternoon on the 9th of February where I brought along my wife and two of my children. 

When Ps Paul shared the Word on Jeremiah 50:25, I was amazed by the way he ministered to me and some other people in the church. When he asked my son and daughter to read Daniel 10:10 and they were both trembling and slain under the power of God, I was amazed that the Bible came alive.

I attended the CKRM church again the following Saturday. This time I brought some friends along. They too were amazed at the way Ps Paul ministered. They have never seen a ministry like this before.

Recently I was invited to be ordained as a council member of CKRM, PJ. I was not surprised as there was a prophesy given to me to help a church in PJ to grow both in spirit, teaching and encouragement.

I was invited to CKRM, S'pore a month ago and attended their prayer meeting. I noticed that all their council members there are also very hungry for God. The Lord manifested His presence differently and uniquely in each one of them.

During my mission trips to Keningau and recently in Brunei, I used the spiritual Gifts that the Lord empowered me through CKRM and the churches were greatly blessed. I know that when we are holy, hungry and humble, the Holy Spirit will empower us without measure.

To God be the glory!
这个信息印证了我的属灵导师和教师:太平全备福音堂,Bernard Teh牧师给我的预言。
我经历神恩膏的旅程开始如希伯来书17节「祂以火焰为仆役。」;十二章29节说:「我们的神乃是烈火。」自与洪保罗牧师相识之后,他都会定期的从新加坡打电话给我,并透过电话服事恩膏我。我感觉到有火在我体内,在半夜中我醒来好几次,这样持续了一个星期多。 对于一个敏锐于圣灵的人,我知道神是在打破我的拦阻以便可以恩膏我。