Mary had a Mighty Lamb - My walk with Jesus at CKRM (With Mandarin Translation)

Praise the Lord! Indeed He is a Great God that cares so much for those who are willing to allow Him carries their pains and sorrows!

After reading Sis Penny’s testimonial, I just couldn't control my tears. I think other than Brother Thomas; there are two more persons that are most joyful - Ps Paul and Ps Esther.

On 15 March, before we left Malacca, I was the last who walked out of CKRM. I heard Ps Esther broke into tears. I knew she not only missed us but also her family members especially her daughter (Luke 14: 25-27).

Ps Esther once shared with me, seeing brothers and sisters' life being transformed and set free by God are the strength that keep her moving forward. Each time when she sees how brothers and sisters are blessed by God, all persecutions, pains and humiliation that she has gone through all this while she considered that worth it!

When I was brought to CKRM about 2 years ago, I was almost spiritually dead. It was through the ministry, the presence of God, the touch of the Holy Spirit, the encouragement of the prophetic words that revived my spirit and change me to the “Mary” today. Mary was the new name God gave me on 24 Dec 2007. At the beginning, I thought the name was quite old fashion but now it is precious to me, as this name opened up a new chapter in my life……

I still remembered at the early days in CKRM, I will try to avoid talking to Ps Esther and Ps Paul because I was told that “they can see through your heart”, and at that time, my heart was full of rubbish!

I thank God that by His grace and through Ps Paul who constantly called down the fire of the Holy Spirit, the rubbish in me has became lesser and lesser (Matthew 3:11). It was only after I came to CKRM then I realized how a true Christian should live their life.

Weaknesses and behavior that I once thought were not a big problem; I subsequently realized those were unpleasing to God. The bible says in Matthew 6:24, no one can serve two masters. A true Christian is one that fully submits to God’s leading. The bible also says that those who do not do the will of God are actually doing the will of devil. There is no such thing as in between and if one chose to do the will for devil, then he/she is considered as child of devil. In Rom 8:7, Apostle Paul said that the sinful mind is hostile to God. As what Ps Paul always shares, the most horrible thing in a Christian life is to make God your enemy.

It was during one of my casual fellowship with Joshua that he said, since Ps Paul and Ps Esther “can see through our hearts”, the best solution is to be ourselves and do not pretend BUT, have a humble, teachable and obedient heart to allow Holy Spirit to work in you.

Previously, when there were problems or any unpleasant incidents, my first reaction was to find excuse to defend myself. Praise God that now I will seek The Lord and pray for Holy Spirit to reveal my mistakes. Bondages and bad habits that I tried very hard to “shake off” are no longer seemed impossible when pray with authority and using the spiritual weapons imparted by The Lord through Ps Paul. The bible verses that were quoted during the Saturday Power Ministry also played an important part in changing my life and characters. Live a repentance life and fear of The Lord are the keys to experience the awesome power of God.

At my ex-church, many times I was asked by one of the leaders on my gifting from God. At those days, I really do not know how to answer him. Praise Lord I now not only know it for myself but for my husband and daughters. I was also taught if I felt the peace in my heart after prayers, those were considered as “green light” from God to go ahead with what I prayed for.

However, most of the time these are not true because we know our desire and spirit are very closed and difficult to differentiate. As Christian, we all know that only those who do the wills of Father will enter the Kingdom of God. In order to do the wills of Father, one must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and be able to hear from Him. After soaking in God’s presence for a period of time and being baptized in the Holy Fire, I learn to hear from the Spirit and it is true that Jesus said, “My sheep hears My voice”.

Another wonderful thing is in CKRM, many brothers and sisters are very sensitive in their spirit and constantly communicate with God. They are of great help that I could seek confirmation while learning to hear from God. In CKRM, there is no hidden agenda as God is in full control.

I am so blessed to witness how The Lord transformed the life of Bro Mark, Bro Caleb, Sis HuiLian, my beloved brother- Joshua, and the one that I once considered terrible Christian, stamped on her feet, spoke some awful words and walked away just because you do not agree with her view on certain issue – lovely Sis Faith now.

With a grateful heart, I thank God for His Grace in leading me to CKRM and allowing me to grow here. It is the presence and anointing of God that draw the heart of His people back to Him. The experience I have with the Holy Spirit here, stirred the hunger in my heart for more because whatever that I know now is just very little and insignificant.

Lord, help me to know You in a deeper dimension. Strengthen me and continue to mould me according to Your wills so that I could be used for Your Kingdom. Lord, lead more people who are hurt, who love You and those that You have chosen to be equipped by You to the Promised Land. I pray that more and more workers will be raised up and willing to carry the cross for Jesus to help shine the lights to this hopeless world.

I also thank Lord for Ps Paul and Ps Esther who are willing to carry the cross and paid the price for Mary. There is really no amount of words that Mary could put forward to show my appreciation. I pray that wherever you go and whatever you do, the presence of God is with you all the time! Amen!

Translation to Mandarin

在读了Penny姐妹的见证后,我不由自主地流下眼泪,久久不能平息。我想除了Thomas 弟兄以外,还有两位最喜乐和安慰的人- 就是Paul牧师和Esther牧师。

前个星期在我们离开马六甲之前,我是最后一个走出CKRM会所的。我听到Esther牧师那按捺不住的哭声。我晓得她不单单想念我们同时更想念她的家人,尤其是她的女儿(路加14: 25-27) 。若换成是我,要我放下孩子,只身离乡背井,主啊,此时此刻我真的不知道能否做得到。

大约两年前,我是在灵命已几乎枯干死去的时候被带到CKRM。乃是神的恩典,让我经过被服侍,圣灵的触摸及不断地经历到神的同在和预言性的鼓励话语,复兴了我的灵并改变我成为今日的“马丽亚”。“马丽亚”是神在2007年12月24日赐与我的新名。起初,我想这名有点老土,但现今对我来言是极为宝贝,因这名启开了我生命中一个新的旅程碑 。。。

我还记得早期在CKRM的日子,我尽其所能避免与Paul牧师和Esther 牧师交谈因我被告知“他们可看透你的心”,在那时的我心中确实充满了垃圾!

我感谢神因着祂的恩典和通过Paul牧师持续不断地唤下圣火,那在我里面的垃圾逐渐减少(马太 3:11)。我乃是来了CKRM之后才晓得一位名符其实的信徒该如何活出于救恩相称的生命。曾经被我视为极为不重要的软弱和行为;我逐渐明白那是不讨神喜悦的。圣经在马太福音6:24 说:一个人不能事奉两个主。一个真正的基督徒应是拥有一颗完全降服于神带领的心。 圣经也说那些不顺服神旨意而跟从世界的不但不配作祂的门徒,反而是悖逆之子走向灭亡!罗马书8:7如此说, 体 贴 肉 体 的 就 是 与 神 为 仇。就如Paul牧师经常所分享的在信徒的生命里最为可怕的是与神为敌。

在一次与约书亚交谈时,他说既然Paul牧师和Esther 牧师“可看透我们的心”,最好的方法就是坦然地做回自己,无需隐瞒。让我们的软弱全然显露出来。只要我们带着谦卑,受教和顺服的心必能被神改变。的确,这本来就是我们来到CKRM的目的之一:“做个讨神喜悦的孩子”!


在前教会,其中一位领袖屡次问我有关神赐于我的恩赐。在当时,我确实不晓得如何回答,现今的我不但知晓自己的恩赐,也包括丈夫与女儿们的在内。我也被教导倘若你感觉在祷告后有平安,这些是被视为从神而来的“绿灯”就可进行你所祷告的事项。然而,很多时候这些并不属实, 因往往我们的欲望(魂)和灵非常相近和难以分辨。身为基督徒,我们都知晓惟有那些按着父旨意行的才能进入神的国度。要行出父旨意,个人必需敏锐于圣灵的带领和能够分辨从神而来的声音。在神的同在里浸泡了一段时期并不断被圣火洁净后,我开始学习听从圣灵的声音。主说:“我的羊认得我的声音”是确实的。CKRM是神兴起的一个特别事工。在这里,许多的弟兄姐妹们都能够从主那儿领受到启 示。他们在我学习听从主的过程中给予极大的帮助因可向他们寻求印证。在CKRM,任何隐藏的不良动机都会被揭开因为是神在掌权。

我很蒙福能够见证主如何翻转Mark弟兄,Caleb弟兄,HuiLian姐妹,我亲爱的弟弟-Joshua和那位我曾经认为极度糟透的基督徒,跺脚,吐出些难堪的话而随之离去只因你不认同她在某些课题的“远见”-(现今可爱的 Faith 姐妹)的生命。





Becoming Like Him said...

(A true Christian is one that fully submits to God’s leading. The bible also says that those who do not do the will of God are actually doing the will of devil).


It is by His grace that we can be obedient to God and do the will of God. We can earn His righteousness and His grace by our faith & humility.

The Lord rejected Saul as king because of Saul's partial obedience. Disobedience is rebellion. Rebellion is a sin of divination (witchcraft) 1 Samuel 15:22-23).