My wife’s testimony after second visit to CKRM, Malacca - Bro Thomas (With Mandarin Translation)

This is my wife’s testimony after second visit to Power Ministry, CKRM’s School of Supernatural Malacca. She was suffering from depression since June, last year. However, there is a purpose & season throughout the journey of life so that we may become vessel that He want us to be and used for His glory! Being spirit-filled Christian doesn’t means that we will be free from every temptation and tribulation in our life, however, knowing that we have a Almighty God who watch over us and we can surrender everything to Him and claim his promises in our life. Forgiveness is everyday, healing is everyday! Here is her testimony.

This God–his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. (Psalm 18:30 ESV)

Praise the Lord! Truly our heavenly father is faithful and full of love. The second visit to Power Service, CKRM’s School of Supernatural Ministry in Malacca is truly trip worthy to travel at least two hours all the way from my place of stay in Klang, Selangor. God deeply touched me through the words spoken by Ps. Esther when she ministered to me. I felt my burden was lifted up and felt more relief. When Ps. Paul given me the spiritual wine from heaven, I felt the heat and healing taking place in my body.

When I reached home, while I’m dancing and singing to worship God (Ps. Esther prophesied and directed me to dance and sing along with songs playing by machine in order to build up the inner man and for healing), in the midst of worshipping God, suddenly I felt the urgency to ask my husband to pray over me as I experienced the dizziness while I spinned. My husband prayed and exercised The Thunder anointing over me. I was slained under the powerful anointing.
While I’m lying on the floor, this is my first time I felt the heavy weight falling down and clothed my whole body from above, I could not move my body for about 15 minutes and I felt healing took place. Later, I shared my experience with my husband, he said that was the ‘kavod’ (Hebrew word for GLORY) means the weightiness and heaviness of His Presence!

I felt very blessed and excited because God is very good to me! All the Glory to God! Hallelujah!

Penny Ong
22 March 2009

(Translation to Mandarin)

这是我的妻子第二次参加了马六甲超自然事工训练学校聚会后的见证。她在二零零八年六月患了忧郁症。但是人生的旅途是没有一帆风顺的,有不同的季节和意义,好让我们被神塑造成合祂使用的器皿,能荣耀祂的名! 虽然已是一个被圣灵充满的基督徒,这不表示我们的人生就没有诱惑或苦难, 而是知道我们有个全能的神看守着我们,只要我们能够降服于祂,得着祂的应许。天天得赦免, 天天得医治! 以下是她的见证:

至 於 神 , 他 的 道 是完 全 的 ; 耶 和 华 的 话 是 炼 净 的 。 凡 投 靠 他 的 , 他 便 作 他 们 的 盾 牌 。(诗 篇 18:30)

赞美主! 我们的天父是信实和满有怜悯的。我们花了最少两个小时从我居住的 Klang, Selangor到马六甲超自然事工学校那里。但这一切的辛苦都是值得的。神借着Ps.Esther 对我说话,所讲的话语深深地触摸我。我觉得我的负荷被举起并感到安慰。过后当Ps.Paul 给我圣灵的酒时(约翰福音2:9), 我感觉到热能和医治在我体内运行。

抵达家后, 正当我在为主跳舞赞美祂的时候 (Ps.Esther 发预言指引我跟着播音机里的歌曲唱,以刚强我的灵人和得着医治), 我突然觉的我须要赶紧叫我的丈夫为我祷告,因我旋转时感到头晕。我的丈夫为我祷告并且使用如打雷闪电的恩膏 (哈巴谷书3:4)。我被圣灵恩膏所释放出的能力击倒在地上。

当我躺在地上时, 我有身以来第一次体验到无形的重量从上面降到我身上。接下来的十五分钟,我动弹不得也同时觉得身体正被医治。后来, 我与丈夫分享我的经历, 他说那是 ‘kavod’ (在希伯来语是荣耀) 意思是祂同在的重量!

我感到非常的蒙福与激动因为神对我是那么美好!愿将一切荣耀归给神! Hallelujah!

Penny Ong