The Fire of God set me free - Joshua Chow (撒 迦 利 亞 13:9) - With Mandarin Translation

"This third I will bring into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, 'They are my people,' and they say say, 'The Lord is our God'" (Zechariah 13:9).
I became a Christian when I was about the age of 5. Although I have been a Christian most of my life, I do not really know who God is and the plans He has for me. Church life to me is attending services, listening to what the preacher has to say and going for lunch with my family or friends. As I grow older, other priorities in life took precedence and I backslide in faith. It was hard to stay fervent as I hardly hear or experience God till I was 26.

One of my friends, Mark, was attending CKRM and he invited me for service. He has told me a lot about CKRM and what they did there. He told me about the manifestations and what he has experienced in CKRM. Personally, I was quite sceptical and afraid. I was worried that the folks in CKRM could read through me like a transparency, and I find it hard to believe that there is a church that operates like CKRM.

The following paragraphs are extracts from my journal.

My first visit to CKRM was on the 6th Dec 2008. An unexplainable fear arose within me and I still felt sceptical about the whole thing. I have heard so much from Mark about what he saw in CKRM, and I wondered whether they were real. He mentioned “The Roar of the Lion of Judah”, “The Sword of the Spirit” etc. I have never seen “them” in any church before and struggled to believe in their existence.

Pastor Paul asked me to come out to be prayed for. I was afraid; what if nothing happens? Won’t it be very embarrassing? Nevertheless, I went forward in spite of my concerns and fears. As the pastor prayed for me, I fell under the power of God. It was as if I’m going to faint. I started to shiver and felt really cold. My hands were getting numb and my breathing began to quicken. My teeth were chattering. Pastor Paul told the people around me that I was undergoing deliverance. I was like ‘huh?’, because I had never been through or even seen one before. Subsequently, I vomited for about 5-6 times. I felt terrible, like there was a cork that got stuck in my throat.

When I thought it was all over, Pastor Paul told me to stand up, lift up my hands and look at him. I did as told and my body started to tremble slightly. I shouted with all my might at the top of my voice. My hands went numb and cold. And my fingers started to curl up like a claw. Although I could straighten my fingers, I chose not to as I wanted to experience it fully. I felt like growling but I suppressed it; it would be embarrassing and weird if I growled like an animal. My legs gave way and I went on my fours on the ground. My hands curled up like a claw or paw. Throughout the entire process, I felt anger raging within me. I have never experienced or known such anger in me; the source of the anger was not me but the “thing” within me. I do not know what it was angry with but I was sure it was not angry with me.

That was how my first deliverance went. Pastor Paul told me to come back the following week. I assumed that I had been imparted with the Roar of the Lion of Judah but I was wrong ...

So I came to CKRM again on the 12th Dec. Something interesting happened on that day as well. Pastor Paul mentioned that he will hand over the pulpit to Brother Timothy at 6pm. As Pastor Paul was talking to the congregation, Brother Timothy started to manifest. His body was inclined frontwards and he moved around with his heels tilting inwards.

I was quite taken aback because I did not see that coming. I checked at my watch; it was exactly 6pm sharp! Brother Timothy wasn’t wearing a watch and I don’t see anyone telling him that it was 6pm. Mark was sitting beside me and I told him that Brother Timothy really start off at 6pm. Mark told me that the Holy Spirit is never late. I do have my doubts, but I never expected Brother Timothy to manifest at 6 pm sharp.

And so the service went on. When it was time for empowerment, I was called to the front. I was told once again to look into Pastor Paul’s eyes and to lift up my hands. After a while, I started to breathe deeply and quickly. My hands began to numb and my fingers curled up. I howled and subsequently rested on the ground out of exhaustion. The whole ordeal was similar to what I had experienced in the previous week.

Suddenly I felt “something” within my stomach moving slowly up to my throat. The whole experience was so real! And when it reached my throat, it stopped and got stuck there. I took a deep breath and howled with all my might. I recalled howling for about 7-8 times continuously. There were people praying for me and a sister was “roaring” in my ears. After a while, I stopped howling and I felt really weak. I dropped to my fours. They identified the “thing” within me to be the spirit of fear. My trembling stopped and my breathing resumed to normal. I know that it was over, and it dawned on me how real the spiritual realm is!!

I thank God that I once was lost, but now I can proudly and happily say I am a Child of God.

Translation to Mandarin

撒 迦 利 亞 13:9

我 要 使 这 三 分 之 一 经 火 , 熬 炼 他 们 , 如 熬 炼 银 子 ; 试 炼 他 们 , 如 试 炼 金 子 。 他 们 必 求 告 我 的 名 , 我 必 应 允 他 们 。 我 要 说 : 这 是 我 的 子 民 。 他 们 也 要 说 : 耶 和 华 是 我 们 的 神 。


一位在CKRM的朋友,马可(MARK) ,邀请我去他的教会。他告诉我神在CKRM如何彰显和他自己在那里的经历。我感到害怕,担心CKRM那里的人会看透我的内心世界。同时,我也很难相信世上有象CKRM如此运行的教会。

我在二零零八年十二月六日首次拜访CKRM。莫名的害怕从心而生, 对所见所闻也感到疑惑。我从马可口中听了许多他在CKRM的所见所闻, 心想这一切是否属实。马可提到犹大狮子的吼叫, 圣灵宝剑等等的彰显。这些东西我在其他教会都不曾见过, 使我难以相信它们的存在。

保罗牧师邀请我到前面来, 要为我祷告。我顿时感到害怕。心想如果什么都没发生哪要怎么办? 会不会很丢脸? 尽管如此, 我仍然走上前接受祷告。当牧师帮我祷告时, 我感到神的能力降在我身上,那股力量把我击倒在地上。我感到很冷, 身体一直不停颤抖, 牙齿不停地打颤。我的手逐渐麻痹而呼吸也渐渐急促。保罗牧师告诉周围的人我正经历释放。未曾经历或见过释放的我心感惊讶。之后, 我吐了五六回。 我觉的难受, 喉咙似乎有东西哽在里头。

正当我以为一切已过去, 保罗牧师叫我站起来, 并叫我举起双手看着他。我听从他的指示, 身体又开始稍微颤抖。我大声的怒吼, 手又麻又冷, 手指形成兽类的爪形。, 原本我可以控制自己不让给彰显,但为了能更完全体验这一切,我没有伸直我的手指。虽口想吼叫, 但我压制自己, 因象禽兽那样吼叫是非常难堪和怪异的。整个过程里, 我感觉一股怒气在体内移动。我从没体验过这样的愤怒。这愤怒的根源不是我自己,而是在我体内的 东西。我不知道它在气什么,但我很肯定它不是在气我。

我第一次的释放就这样过去了。保罗牧师叫我下个星期要再回来。当时,我还以为我得到圣灵的恩赐的犹大狮子的吼叫。我十二月十二日再次拜访CKRM。有趣的事情再次发生。保罗牧师说他会在六点正把讲台交给提摩太弟兄。过会他继续和会众分享时。。。。。。。。。忽然,坐在位子上的 提摩太弟兄开始有圣灵的彰显。他的身体向前, 脚跟向内斜地在走动。没有心里准备的我看到这一幕感到吃惊。我看一看手表, 正好是六点。提摩太弟兄没戴表而我也没看见任何人告诉他时间。我就告诉坐在我身旁的马可弟兄,说:提摩太真的在六点正走动。马可回答说:圣灵从来是不迟到的。我心存怀疑但我的确没料到提摩太弟兄会在六点正彰显。

聚会照常的进行,而我又被叫到前面去。我又再次举起双手看着保罗牧师。过了一会儿, 我的呼吸开始紧凑, 手开始麻痹而手指像兽类的卷起。我怒吼一阵后,接着疲惫地倒在地上休息。整个过程就如上个星期的一样。

突然我感觉有东西从肚里慢慢移到我的喉咙。整个经历是那么真实! 当它抵达喉咙时, 它又停顿在那并哽在我喉咙里。我深深吸了一口气, 并且用全力吼叫。要给它出去, 我连续吼叫了七八次。有许多人围着我祷告而一位姐妹在我耳边向我吼叫。过了一会儿, 我停止吼叫。无力的我膝行在地上。众人辨认在我体内的东西是惧怕的灵。我不再颤抖, 呼吸也恢复正常。我知道这个争战已经结束也顿时领悟属灵界是如此真实!感谢主, 我虽曾失丧但如今能高高兴兴, 骄傲地说我是神的子女。
Translated to Mandarin by Bro Mark Tay