The 8th Joshua Camp Report- From the Editor’s Desk

The 8th Joshua Camp was held on the 2nd December to the 4th December at Canaan Penthouse Conference Hall, Legenda Condo, Klebang Kecil Malacca. The Biblical meaning of number 8 : comes from my understanding that it normally deals with one who abounds in strength. The number eight is also used in reference to fertility. It has also been used when referring to the Resurrection or new beginnings.

Prior to the 8th Joshua Camp a Five Fold Ministers’ Retreat was held at Canaan Penthouse Conference Hall where pastors and leaders from all over the world came to pray for a spiritual breakthrough in Malacca. True to the meaning of eight which refers to a new beginning, the Lord led a group of young boys and girls from Banting and a sister named Docus from Beijing, China to this Camp.

Pastor Paul shared about the importance of Fire Anointing and Spiritual Weapons so that we can be effective disciples of Christ. The new comers received many spiritual gifts when Ps Paul prayed for the impartation of Fire Anointing. Sister Docus who hardly spoke English burst out worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ with songs of praise in English. Before this encounter while in Israel she noticed many Chinese spoke fluently in English and she desired deeply in her heart to be competent in this language. The Lord graciously gave her new words like “rain”,” “worship”, “bless Fire” and “follow me.” She spoke all these new English word without knowing its meaning.

Ps Thian commented that “the word of God is signs and wonders. If there are no signs and wonders you cannot go very far. So don’t belittle the signs and wonders. We need to learn and able to perform signs and wonders.” Pastor Thian concluded that the teaching about signs and wonders is the hallmark of CKRM.

Ps O.K. Thian who is our Advisor for CKRM Leadership Malaysia shared yesterday in our Joshua Camp that he is so privilege and excited that God has chosen him to work with us in this new Auditorium project as an Architect.

The Lord led a very senior minister who is a PhD holder and his wife to our Joshua Camp. A senior minister in healing and deliverance ministry, he is a certified and licensed as ordained minister by Covenant Ministries International, Inc USA. He said that “many people may not know the implication of signs & wonders but these are the last days of the outpouring. He looked forward to working with us in the healing & deliverance ministry."

Bishop Rev Dr Akintunde the President and Founder of The Weight of His Glory International Ministries, in Lagos Nigeria who has travelled widely around the world shared how God can use us more than He is using us now. In our lives we are vessels to God. 2 Timothy 2: 20-26 says that God wants to use us but we must be clean. He further preached that in Luke 6:27-28 the Lords expect our lives to be different from others. When our hearts are purified completely, then we are special to the Lord. Bishop Joseph a man of God who is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit affirmed that we should not reject the new spiritual things that the Lord is doing in churches today. On the last day of the Camp he preached about the fullness of God to the campers like the mind, the power, the wisdom, the nature, the pattern of God, the character, etc. This means what makes God to be God was all found in Christ himself. When love is in our hearts, then we will have revelations from God.

In conclusion, Bishop Joseph Rev Dr Joseph Akintunde told us to expect a new beginning after this Camp. The Lord would release a new strength in us, so do make a new covenant with Jesus. When there is a covenant from our hearts, expect to see great miracles to happen. We must make up our minds to follow God even though we cannot see Him. People become very afraid if they have not seen new moves of God before. Even when the speaking of tongues started in the 60s, the churches took more than 10 years to accept that speaking in tongues are biblical and it is from God. We need to know the truth so that the truth will set us free (John 8:32). (Photos)