“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain …” (Psalm 127:1) / “若 不 是 耶 和 华 建 造 房 屋,建 造 的 人 就 枉 然 劳 力 ......”(诗 篇127:1)

(View from Penthouse)

(Penthouse Conference Room)

Being involved with some building projects and properties in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur in the 90s, I would never have imagined that the Lord would bring me back from Singapore to Malacca again to develop properties. After all, I had left the development industry after selling my 50% shares in a company that owned a high rise commercial office building in 2002.

In 2004, the Lord gave me a vision of a beautiful Auditorium with a very large seating capacity. I felt that this was for Malacca as I recalled that Lord said to me in 2003 that revival is coming to Malacca.

I had an extreme encounter while attending a short course in California in 2004. This experience was something like Apostle Paul's Damascus Road Encounter with God. After the course ended, the President of the Seminary invited me for lunch. He shared with me that the Lord has put a burden on his heart to set up a training center in Kuala Lumpur. After that, I shared with him the vision I had received as well as a word given to me by the Lord that there would be a revival in Malacca 500 years after the Portuguese came to Malacca in 1511. Malacca was the old entry point for Christianity through the Portuguese.

I thought it was a divine appointment to meet with this man of God who has the experience, connection and the resources to build the Auditorium which was the reason we visited Malacca together few years ago. After the visit he set up a leadership training center in Malacca.

The Lord sent me & Ps Esther to Malacca in 2009. We came with so much passion to build a supernatural training center. The Lord then told us to cut off contacts with our past associates and He closed all doors in order to put us in the Potter's house to reshape the clay in His hand. At the end of 2010, He revealed that it was time to re-establish contact with my past associates and permitted me to contact my old development partner, Bro Gabriel Eng. Bro Gabriel Eng and I had a joint venture in the development of the 'Legenda Condominium' project in the 90s (Photographs of Building & Penthouse Conference Room).

It is through this molding period that I realize that the vison of building an Auditorium is actually for me to fulfill.

I had my doubt when the Lord told me that my ex-developing partner is now a Christian so when I met him, I was indeed surprised that this 'Temple Towkay' has become a God-chaser. It is indeed true to what the Lord has told me.

In the 90s, we were partners pursuing fame, status and money but today, He put us together to faithfully serve in His kingdom. The Lord said that how He had used us in the natural way, He is now going to use us in the supernatural way. In the 90s, we trusted in chariots and horses, but today we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

With both of us now young in faith and full of fire, zeal and love for our Lord Jesus, we are both so willing to dedicate our lives to the Lord and also to dedicate our properties for His ministries. Recently, the Lord puts a burden on Bro Gabriel Eng's heart concerning a certain ministry. When Bro Gabriel shared with me about the burden, the Lord then brought my memory to the vision given to me about the beautiful Auditorium. Now I could understand now that the Lord has called both of us to build His kingdom and to promote greater unity among brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Lord has prepared us well in past development where we have acquired the skill, resources and connection to do the task that He has given to us. As in Isaiah 55:8, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" declares the Lord.

Though there are room for expansion within the building which we have developed, Bro Gabriel Eng and I are now moving ahead to acquire the land which the Lord has already identified as His location for the project. The project will include several facilities adopting the concept of a commercial complex with service apartments in a prime location.

As the Bible says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain …” (Psalm 127:1). Like Moses who was trained and educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and Daniel in the Babylonian ways, the Lord has prepared both of us in the business of development and we are honoured that at our present age, He has called us back into the development field to build His kingdom.  Praise God!
“若 不 是 耶 和 华 建 造 房 屋,建 造 的 人 就 枉 然 劳 力 ......”(诗 篇127:1)



2004年我在加利福尼亚州的一个短期课程里, 有一个非常特殊的经历。这经历就像是使徒保罗在大马士革与神相遇的情景。课程结束后,学院的院长邀请我共进午餐,与我分享有关上帝把在吉隆坡成立训练中心的负担,放在他的心中。之后,我与他分享主给我看到的异象,以及主启示的话,是有关于葡萄牙人在1511年把基督教带入马六甲后的500年,马六甲将会有一个基督大复兴。马六甲是通过葡萄牙人将基督教传入的旧地点。


在2009年主引领我和以斯帖牧师到达马六甲。我们怀着满腔的热忱到来,以建立一个超自然的训练中心为目标。主告诉我们,要我们与过去的联系同工伙伴断决来往和接触。为了要在陶匠的家中用祂的手重新塑造我们,主也亲自关闭所有联络的门户。在2010年底,主透露我可以重新与过去的同工伙伴联系,并允许我联络从前的建设发展伙伴,Gabriel Eng弟兄。在九十年代,Gabriel Eng弟兄和我有一个合资企业,共同发展“Legenda公寓”的建设单位(参阅公寓及会议室的照片)。



在九十年代,我们是合作伙伴,只追求名利,地位和金钱。但今天,神把我们联系在一起,忠实地服务于祂的国度。主说祂以往如何在自然界使用我们,现在却要在超自然领域的服事中使用我们。在九十年代,我们信靠的只是战车和马匹,但如今靠的是耶和华- 我们神的名。

我们信主的日子虽短,内心却充满着对主的火热、渴慕及爱。我们不但愿意奉献生命于主,也愿意奉献产业给神作为事工用途。最近,主把某些事工的负担,放在Gabriel Eng弟兄的心中。当Gabriel弟兄与我分享有关的负担时,主再次把我的记忆带回那美丽的礼堂的异象。现在,我能理解到主是要我们建立祂的国度,以及促进兄弟姐妹在基督里更加的团结和灵里合一。


虽然现有的中心还有很多扩大的空间,Gabriel Eng弟兄与我现在却按着主已经启示的土地位置,进行收购来建造礼堂。该策划的概念, 除了大礼堂外,将采纳一些像似黄金地段商业大楼的建设模式,同时也将设有公寓单位。

正如“圣经”说,“若不是耶和华建造房屋,建造的人就枉然劳力......”(诗篇127:1)。就像摩西在智慧的埃及人里, 所接受的训练和教育,以及但以里在巴比伦的环境中,被预备的一样。主也以发展建设的业务来预备了我们。我们感到很荣幸的是,活了大半辈的日子,主竟带领我们回到发展建设的领域,以建立祂的国度。赞美上帝!