The Words released by Prophetess Huang Li Chin to our co-founders – by Elder Janet Fung / 黄丽君先知对我们两位 创办人所释放的话语 – 范丽贞长老序

The year of 2011 ended with 3 significant evenings in CKRM, hosted by Rev Liu Tsia Fang, the senior pastor of Singapore Christian Prayer House.

She preached on the End times message on 29 - 30/12/11, followed by a watch-night prayer meeting on 31/12/2011 to usher in the new year, 2012.

She was assisted by two much anointed sisters from Taiwan and they are 1st time visitors to CKRM Singapore.

One of them, Pastor Huang Li Chin, who is a prophetess and graduated from Agape Renewal Center (ARC) has a natural gift of a seer even at a very young age and could see into the Spiritual Realm of a person. Rev Liu Tsia Fang invited her and another co-worker from Taiwan. Pastor Huang released the prophetic word to Pastor Paul Ang , Pastor Esther and many of us in the congregation.

She released the following word to our co-founder, Pastor Paul Ang when she prayed for him:-

"You are God's precious son.
He will lead you to walk, your walk is not based on Earthly Way but you walk on the Heavenly Way.
In addition, He will lead you personally to work.
Because of your legs, He will personally lead you to walk step by step. He is leading you to walk.
The Lord will increasingly exalt you and He'll lift you up.
Thank you Jesus"

Through Ps Huang, the Lord called Pastor Paul, His precious son. Hallelujah!
As co-heir with Jesus Christ, Pastor Paul is God's precious son.
The given authority of son-ship is as in John 5:19 that the son only do what the Father is doing & Father God is well pleased.

Romans 8: 29 "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among all brethren."

Prophetess Huang Li Chin confirmed that Pastor Paul is walking in The Heavenly Way.

Psalm 32:8

Praise the Lord!

The Lord personally leading Pastor Paul all the way.

He'll strengthen his legs as in 2 Sam 22:34 & Psalm 18:33

Father God affirmed that He exalts His humble servant.

James 4:10
Luke 18:14b
Joshua 3: 7

(Prophet John Temple has delivered a word to Ps Paul Ang recently that very few could understand and accept the ministry that God has called him but don't give up. John Temple also gave a word to Ps Esther Yap that the Lord put her to co-partner and minister with Ps Paul Ang so that Ps Paul can complete the work that God has assigned and ordained him to do. Bishop Joseph Akintunde has only given him a word that people who have misunderstood Ps Paul Ang would eventually be able to see the light in Ps Paul).

Ps Huang released the following to Pastor Esther Yap, a co-founder and ministering partner of Ps Paul Ang.

"God says you're a good co-labourer & helper.
I see the two of you and in between is a rope.
You two, each are holding one end of the rope.
The Lord personally lifts up the middle of the rope. (a triangle formation like the Holy Trinity )
Be strong & courageous, be stronger & more courageous.
God will exalt you.
You & Pastor Paul are on level ground. ( Isa 45:2)
God will personally lead you to run the race.
You have to be bold in proclaiming the work of the Kingdom of God, because the Lord has also put this burden in you. The Lord will add more to you and exalt you to a higher level."

These prophetic words -

• confirming the supernatural ministry of CKRM set up by Father God - partnership between Pastor Esther & Pastor Paul, Father God Himself uphold this ministry with His almighty hand, He's El Shaddai

• the prophecy confirmed that Father God had answered His Son, Jesus' prayer for Believers ( John 17:20-26 )

• Obviously things that are not seen or heard upsets many people - but God choose to bless His sons & daughters who loves him with things that eye have not seen nor ear heard ( 1 Cor 2:9) GOD ONLY PREPARED these things FOR THOSE WHO LOVED HIM

In CKRM, the ministry is ONE in the Spirit & ONE in the LORD, as the Father, Son & Holy is ONE

Who can grasp His infinite splendour and fathom the depth of His love?

Elder Janet Fung

(Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page: "This world has false standards, false values, false gods, and false heroes. Its honor is a wreath of fading fame. True greatness is not bigness or spiritual prominence. It is doing the will of God).
黄丽君先知对我们两位 创办人所释放的话语 – 范丽贞长老序

2011 年以新加坡基督徒祷告院(望天楼)的主任牧师,刘再芳所带领的三个显著的聚会进入尾声。











诗篇32:8 - 赞美主!主亲自带领保罗牧师前面的道路,祂加添他双脚的力量如撒下22:34和诗篇18:33。

天父再次肯定和提升祂谦卑的仆人。(雅各4:10; 路加18:14b; 约书亚3:7)

John Temple 先知在较早前也对保罗牧师发预言说很少人能够明白且愿意接受神所托付于保罗牧师的事工,但不要放弃。John Temple 先知也对以斯帖牧师说,是神把她放在保罗牧师的身边,要她和保罗牧师一起配搭和服事好叫保罗牧师能完成神所交托和按立他去做的事。主教Joseph Akintunde 对保罗牧师发的预言说那些误会保罗牧师的人,往后的日子里将会从他身上看见光。

黄牧师对保罗牧师的服事伙伴和 CKRM 的联合创办人,以斯帖牧师发了以下的预言:



• CKRM 超自然事工,保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师的配搭是父神自己所按立的。父神亲自以祂大能的手托住这事工,祂是全能神!

• 天父应允了主耶稣为信徒在约翰福音17:20-26 里的祷告。

• 的确,眼未曾见耳未曾听的事使人困扰。神却选择祝福那些爱祂和喜好那些眼未曾见耳未曾听的事的儿女。(林前2:9)甚至为那些爱祂的预备了这些事。