Words released by Rev Dr Joseph Tai & his wife Rev Dr Joyce Tai to our co-founder, Ps Paul Ang

Dear Ps. Paul,


You have been tested amidst great opposition and misunderstanding. The religious and political spirit has tried to come against you to stop you from advancing in the Kingdom, or even to kill the ministry the Lord has given you in its infant stage, but the Lord Sabaoth has triumphed over your enemies, and you have emerged stronger than before. Religious men may not be able to understand the way the Lord has anointed you to do His ministry, yet the anointing on your life and ministry is genuinely from the Lord and it bears the authenticity of heaven's signature.

You are already carrying the revival mantle of the Spirit of the Lord, and the Lord has called you to Malacca, which I believe is not only a place where you will just build an auditorium for the incoming revival, but also where you will be the presiding revivalist that the Lord has appointed for this hour and for this work. You will be the set man in charge of the work in Malacca and this responsibility is not to be given to another person, until and unless the Lord has released you from it.

It is a joy to see how the Lord has blessed you with resources to do His ministry, and it is a big ministry which the Lord has prepared you to do over the years, even those years when you were serving other gods in the business world. But the Lord is using the wealth of your business experience, connections and material resources for His Kingdom advancement now. He will use everything that you have offered to Him, your whole life and everything you have been through. He is not finished with you yet, there is a great work awaiting you. Your best days are still ahead of you.

The Lord has also given you a ministry to equip and empower the Body of Christ for the work of ministry. It is a ministry to train men and women of God in the spirit and to impart faith to release the miraculous and the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit. You will be known as a man of God who activates the gifts and callings of His saints.

If there is anyway that we can be of help to you, I think it would be to promote your ministry through writing books, which is what Ps. Joyce has attempted to do when she published her book entitled "More, Lord!", of course this book also speaks of the revival ministry that the Lord has given us. We can also help build your people and ministry through teaching and preaching of the Word, which is one of our strengths. We are not in competition, but the Lord has caused our path to cross so that we can build His Kingdom together. What He requires of us is that we be found faithful in whatever size and portion He has entrusted to us, and then more will be given to us.

May Deuteronomy 33:25 be ever so real to you--"As your days, so shall your strength be." (Deuteronomy 33:25 NKJV)

God bless you in all that you put your hands to do.

Blessings and thanks in Christ,

Ps. Joyce & Joseph
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Fountain of Life Assembly
Nilai. Negeri Sembilan.

Dear Ps. Paul,


Indeed, spiritually speaking Ps. Esther is an eye and an ear to you in the ministry. The Lord has teamed both of you up for greater effectiveness in His Kingdom work. She is a plus to your ministry work.

Some of these days, when we have the opportunity to travel to Malacca, we will pay you a visit certainly.

Giving God all the glory,

Ps. Joyce

Testimony of Ps Joyce Tai vide the link below:

The Testimony of Pastor Joyce Tai / Joyce Tai 牧师的见证
Pastor's Footnote:

Rev Dr Joyce Tai (B.Sc, M.Div, D.Min) author of the book "More Lord!," has been in full time ministry since 1986. She moves powerfully in preaching, teaching, intercessory and prophetic anointing. In her meetings, many have received breakthrough, healing, deliverance, miracles, edification, comfort and exhortation. She is now an associate and intinerant pastor of Fountain of Life Assembly (member of NECF), a prophetic & apostolic Church.

Her husband, Rev Dr Joseph Tai is the President of Wingspread School of Ministry and has served the Lord fulltime since 1984. Besides involving in itinerary teaching and evangelism, he is now shepherding Fountian of Life Assembly. He teaches the Word of God with simplicity and practicality. Evangelistic, healing, deliverance, prophetic, laughing, revival, miracle, signs and wonders anointing flow strongly in his revival meetings. He has ministered in USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and South East Asia. He has also ministered in Bible College, training centre, camp, conference, evangelistic and revival meetings.