Joshua Camp - Testimony from a Deacon / 约书亚营 - 一位执事长老的见证

Hole in shirt appeared after Bro Joel was "hit" by the stone of David

Bro Mark,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful reports of the works of the Holy Spirit during the Joshua Camp.

I sincerely thank Pastor Paul and Ps Esther for freely accepting and blessing my family to operate in the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

When Bro Julian Ma invited me, in my heart I was thinking which church in Malacca I have not been that God is moving supernaturally?

I went in CKRM with much anticipation and hunger. I saw signs and wonders happening right with my own eyes. As the meeting was coming to a close I wasn't singled out by Pastor Paul. In my heart I was praying God please don't bypass me, I want to receive from You! Then Ps Paul called me out to the Altar.

I raised my hands towards God but I was struggling to enter into his presence. Then I heard the word of God through Ps Esther - "you have been there and you can experience Him."

Immediately I was slained and the power that went into me was so great and wonderful that I had never experienced before in my entire Christian walk!

I went home telling the encounter to my wife Anna and my daughter Lingli. I brought them to the camp the second day. It was the greatest and most wonderful encounter and from then on no turning back, no turning back. My daughter and wife were greatly blessed.

Upon careful checking on my T-shirt, I found the hole made by the stone released by Ps Paul - the cut was made from inside out! Haleluyah and praise the Lord! I am amazed by the power of God. My prayer is I will be able to see into the spiritual realm when Ps Paul says "in my hand are a sling and a stone" (1 Samuel 17:49).

The next day, I went back to my church (which you mentioned big) to me big or small is not important. I want to experience the Big, Mighty God that we serve. During the middle of worship I observed my daughter was already in the anointing of God as she was shaking and later I was also in the anointing that I roared like a lion (Amos 1:2, 3:8, Revelation 5:5, 10:3) and later prostrated in the awesome presence of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you, Bro Mark Tay that we met in this divine camp. I thank every brothers and sisters too who were at the camp.

May God bless you all abundantly!

Bro Joel How
A Reader's Research on the Lion's Roar.
约书亚营 - 一位执事长老的见证



当Julian弟兄邀请我出席马六甲CKRM的公开特会时, 我心里在想,在马六甲还有哪一间教会是充满着神超自然能力在运行,而我还没有去过的。我带着极大的渴慕和期待出席这特会。在这聚会里,神迹奇事就在我眼前不段的发生,但就是没有发生在我身上。当聚会要结束之前,我在心中向主祷告,“神啊,请别漏了我, 我要从袮那儿领受祝福 。接着保罗牧师忽然把我叫出去,邀请我到台前。

我向神举起双手,但是心中却在挣扎,不能完全进入祂的同在里。 然后,我听到了神的话语,通过以斯帖牧师的口“你曾经到过那里,你是可以经历祂的同在。”我马上被圣灵的能力击倒。然后,有一股很强烈的能力进入了我的身体。这是我一生虽然做了基督徒这么久,却从未经历过。

回到家时, 我和我的妻子Anna,以及我的女儿Lingli, 分享了我的经历。 我就带了他们出席第二天的约书亚营聚会。那是我生命中最美好的经历。我也知道此刻开始是没回头路,也不再有冷淡退后的时刻。我的妻子和女儿都得到极大的祝福。经过仔细的查验,我发现当保罗牧师向我释放了大卫的石子后,却造成了我的衣服破了一个小洞,而那小洞是从里面穿向外去。赞美神!我确实对神的能力感到惊讶。我的祷告就是当保罗牧师说他手上拿着“机弦与石子”(撒母耳記上17:49)时,让我能够在属灵的境界里,看见这大有能力的武器。

隔天,当我回到我的教会时,(你说是大教会)我觉得无论是大教会或小教会,这不重要。我要经历的是我们所服侍的那位伟大的神。在敬拜赞美的时候,我女儿在圣灵恩膏里浸泡并颤抖。我也在圣灵的恩膏下发出狮子吼叫(阿摩司书 1:2,3:8;启示录 5:5,10:3) 。过后,我便俯伏的浸泡在神的同在中。

谢谢你,马可弟兄。 确实是上帝的安排使我能够在这约书亚营遇见你。我也同时要谢谢在约书亚营里的每一位弟兄姐妹们。