The Lord has helped me to quit smoking - Bro Marco

I was a non-believer when Celeste first brought me to CKRM church. I was very skeptical of everything. I thought the power ministry was like a movie, it was as if when i walked into the church, someone at the door declare ' camera!' and the whole 'movie' started playing.

However, I gradually started to have better faith in God. It was because during the initial period of believing in God that certain small things that i prayed for, did happen. 50% of me, was probably trying to 'test' God to see if He is real.

Right now, i have to believe that the Lord is very real because He helped me stopped smoking!I have been smoking for the past 13 years and I know that if I would to quit on my own, it would be a near impossible task, in fact I didn’t want to quit at all.

It was on a Wednesday night (20/05/09) at around 12am, I was in my room and for no particular reason I prayed to God to be with me and help me overcome my smoking, and so I started saying short prayer (about 2- 5mins). I said to Him : ' Dear God, i pray that you would help me overcome this slavery to cigarettes and give me 100% victory.

I would stop smoking for the next 7 days, and if I endure 7 days without smoking one stick of cig, I will pray to you Lord that you would take away my urge to smoke. However, I can't do it on my own, I need your help Lord especially during my 7 days of not smoking. I have faith that with your help, I will overcame the urge to smoke because I know You have always been faithful to your people, in your most holy and precious name Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Over the next few days, i was surprised that the urge to smoke was not that strong, even if my friends were smoking in front of me I could easily overcome the urge, and when there moments that I was afraid that the urge of smoking will overcome me, I called out our Lord's name Jesus and it worked! The urge would disappear gradually.

Up till now, I have not smoked and I thank God for being with me and I continue to pray that the Lord would be with me to overcome the urge of smoking. I could not have done it on my own, it is God's work and i have faith and believe that God would answer my prayers when I ask for help to quit smoking.



JC sheep said...

Hi Marco,
Trust in Him. If He can help Ps Paul and Bro David who smoked 50-60 sticks a day to quit smoking, yours? small matters God is nothing!
Press in and more blessings are coming on your way..Hallelujah!