My Testimony in CKRM by Bro. Chia Chong Hon / 我在CKRM的见证 - 谢松汉

Prior to attending CKRM:

I, Chia Chong Hon was born in 1966. I am currently 43 yrs old and received Christ as my saviour at the age of 30. I have a good wife and three lovely children and we live in Klang. I was in sales till I became a full-time worker in church at the age of 38. I was in-charge of leading cell groups and discipleship of new believers. I am happy with the salary offered by the church and the pastor treated me well. I am also pleased with my ministry because I led a lot of people to Christ and miracles, signs and wonder followed me. However, after a year in ministry, the inner peace and joy in my heart was suddenly gone. I prayed 3 months about it but the inner peace and joy was not restored. In order to seek the divine peace of God, I quitted my job by faith and stayed at home to wait upon God.

In the 1st year, I steadfastly prayed, read the bible, fasted and seek God. In the 2nd and 3rd year, I began to seek God in ministries such as businessman fellowship and foreign worker ministry. In the 4th year, due to disappointment with God, I became a Christian who no longer read the bible, pray, seek God or attend church as I felt that God has abandoned me. But my heart yearned for God everyday like one who yearns for a lost lover of many years.

While attending CKRM:

On 25 April 2009, through Sis. Susan, God brought me to CKRM Malacca’s leadership training camp. This is the 1st time I saw Pst. Paul and Pst. Esther’s ministry. I saw manifestations which I have never seen before (the roar of the Lion of Judah, the stone of David, the sword of the Spirit) Naturally, I doubted these manifestations and wondered if they are of the Holy Spirit but I dare not criticize the work of the Holy Spirit. That day, I didn’t receive the anointing and just returned home.

I took part in the 2-day Joshua camp on the 1st and 2nd May. More than 40 participants from Singapore came and because of their involvement, I saw even more manifestations of the Holy Spirit (Shepherd dog, carry the cross, prophesy, speaking in foreign tongues …). I still didn’t receive anything. I was thinking, if this is not of God, it will be better not to have it. But if it’s from the Holy Spirit and since He doesn’t want me to have it, there isn’t much I can do either. After lunch on the 2nd day, I sat alone at one corner. Suddenly, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I made a soft groaning sound similar to that of a lion which spotted prey. In my heart, I wanted to roar but I didn’t dare to do so. During the last lesson, Pst. Paul asked who has received the power of God for the 1st time so I went to the front. When Pst. Paul stretched out his hands toward me, the Holy Spirit caused me to roar like a lion with all my might. In my heart, I knew God has delivered me. Thank God, those who yearn for God will not hope in vain.

After attending CKRM:

Now, I go to CKRM Malacca every Saturday to be empowered, as to prepare myself for ministry in future. What change after I attend CKRM? (Good tree bears good fruit)

1) Nowadays, I read the bible like I used to, pray and is moved by the Holy Spirit at dawn to fellowship with Him.

2) The inner peace and joy is gradually being restored unto me.

3) My faith has increased(Even if I endure another 4 years of hardship, I will still praise God, Hallelujah)

4) There is more power when I minister because the spiritual giftings and anointing I received from CKRM is still functional when I return to Klang.

没来 CKRM之前



神通过SUSAN姐妹在四月25日2009年,把我带到马六甲的CKRM领袖训练营。这是我第一次看到PS.PAUL与PS. ESTHER的服事。我看到圣灵充满所彰显出我从来没有见过的现象(犹大狮子的吼叫、大卫的石子、圣灵的宝剑) 。理所当然我会怀疑这些现象是不是圣灵的彰显,但我也不敢冒犯圣灵的作为。当天我没有领受任何圣灵的恩膏,就这样回家了。


第二天的午餐后,我独自一人坐在一个角落。突然我被圣灵充满,口中发出低微狮子的鼻声,像狮子见到猎物一样。我的心里想大声吼叫,但又不敢。到了最后一堂课,PS. PAUL问谁第一次领受神的大能,我就去到前面。当PS. PAUL 把手伸向我时,圣灵使我用尽全身的力量像狮子般大声吼叫。我心里知道我被神释放了。感谢神,对神有所渴慕的,必永不落空。

现在我每个星期六都到马六甲CKRM 接受装备,为以后的事奉而准备。去了CKRM后我有什么改变呢? (好树结好果子)

1) 现在我又能像以前一样读经、祷告、凌晨圣灵感动我起来灵修。

2) 我内在的平安和喜乐也渐渐恢复了。

3) 我的信心增加了。(再来四年的磨练我也能哈利路亚赞美主)

4) 服事人的力量也加增了,因为在CKRM所领受的恩赐和恩膏就算回到吧生也一样可以发挥功效祝福他人。



Anonymous said...


读完你的见证,我灵在跳动,这是第一次我读见证有这样的感觉。我心也很感动,天父让我看到“信心”的等候。也让我知道,我是非常蒙福的,弟兄等了4年,而我 天父一直的在加添,我还迟疑什么呢?

是的,我要宣告软弱要改变,不再惧怕不再迟疑,(腓3:12-16)向标杆直跑,我会努力的去做 天父所赐的事工 "琴与炉"服事。


Thank you Father Lord.
Thank you Ps Paul n Ps Esther,
I Love you.