Ordination of Pastor Mark Tay - CKRM Christian Centre /郑文忠牧师按立仪式 - 基督国度崇高掌权基督中心

Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Brother Mark Tay was ordained by the founding pastors, Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Esther Chow as the Youth Pastor for CKRM Christian Centre on 21th June 2009 in CRKM Singapore.

The ordination ceremony was witnessed by a delightful congregation including first time visitors from India, Rev Elisha Anbu and his brother, Selvam Anbu. Pastor Mark Tay joined CKRM Christian Centre in January 2009 and serves actively in the worship team. During the ordination, the Holy Spirit came upon him in power & authority. He felt the weight of His glory fall upon him and the congregation saw his face glow fiery red.

We welcome Pastor Mark Tay on board and we look forward to serve God Almighty with him, advancing God's Kingdom in CKRM Christian Centre.

From : CKRM Board of Directors


郑文忠牧师按立仪式-基督国度崇高掌权基督中心 22/6/2009

在圣灵的带领下, 创办人保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师在二零零九年六月二十一日, 按立郑文忠弟兄成为新加坡CKRM青少年事工的牧师。在场的教友, 包括远自印度的拜访者Rev Elisha Anbu和他的弟弟Selvam Anbu喜乐地目睹了这按立仪式。

郑文忠牧师在二零零九年一月正式加入基督国度崇高掌权基督中心并且在敬拜赞美团服侍。被按立时, 圣灵将权柄与能力大大地降在他身上。他感觉到神的荣耀降在他身上而会众看见他的脸火热的在发红。

我们欢迎郑文忠牧师的加入,也,更盼望未来的日子和他一起服侍我们全能的神, 促使基督国度崇高掌权基督中心向前迈进。



Thomas Ong said...

Congratulation, Pastor Mark Tay. May God pour out His unlimited blessings and power upon your life and use you in very special way to spread forth His Glory in this last day.