A New Season in CKRM Singapore - Pastor Mark / 新加坡CKRM的新季节 - 郑文忠牧师

Whenever God wants to lift CKRM Singapore to a new season, He would 1st remove any hindrances to His Glory (house cleaning). So, like a skilled gardener, God began to prune and remove parts of the tree (CKRM Singapore) which has gone bad, before bringing the church to the next level of glory. This is because God has intended the church to display His manifold wisdom and as such, He is also more strict with His household and begins His judgment there (Ephesians 3:10, 1 Peter 4:17).

This is confirmed by a vision God shown a brother whereby he saw a tree with part of its trunk removed. Although the tree was unsightly (with a “V” shaped cut on one side of its trunk), the tree could continue to grow because the part which has gone bad has been removed. If it had not been removed, the rot would spread and eventually destroy the whole tree.

While the “pruning” process was on going, the glory within the house was significantly lower than usual as the hindrances were yet to be dealt with. This situation persisted for a while as the “house cleaning” sent shockwaves through the church and caused the hearts of some to waver and panic.

Though hindrances have been removed, the anointing level was initially low as the worshippers were weighted down by distractions in their minds. The pastor and a director took turns to ask God for forgiveness on behalf of the congregation and to restore the joy of their salvation unto them.

God was gracious and soon, the atmosphere lifted with His glory filling the temple. As Sis Janet anointed Ps Mark and imparted the Shepherd’s anointing to him, heaven opened up and poured down the gifting. The weight of His glory was so strong that Sis Gloria who was standing in the front row, fell under the anointing. The anointing of prophetic came upon Sis Gloria very strongly for the first time in her life and she ministered powerfully under the anointing to many people in the congregation. Fresh anointing also came upon her to entertain the King of Glory. There was much joy in the congregation.

As CKRM enters the new season, God is going to pour down and redistribute His gifting and anointing, so continue to press in.

As His glory returns to the house, we must continue to guard our hearts and minds against the schemes of the enemy. In Numbers, Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. "Has the LORD spoken only through Moses?" they asked. "Hasn't he also spoken through us?" And the LORD heard this. Unknown to Miriam and Aaron, their irreverence for God’s appointed leader over the Israelites were deemed as sin by God. Miriam was afflicted with leprosy and was banished from the camp for 7 days. God made Himself clear by uttering the following words in Numbers 12:6-9, He said, "Listen to my words: "When there are prophets of the LORD among you, I reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. But this is not true of my servant Moses; he is faithful in all my house. With him I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of the LORD. Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?" The anger of the LORD burned against them, and he left them.

No matter how anointed or gifted we are in the Kingdom of God, we must not grow arrogant or irreverent to the spiritual authority figures God placed in our lives. Be humble and teachable as to keep pride at bay. “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour” (1 Pet 5:8). We must never grow complacent and off-guard as the devil can use “agents”, Christians who have been deceived by the devil to “infect” the body of Christ. Put on the armour of God, lead a consecrated life and be deeply rooted in the Word of God so that you won’t be an easy prey for the devil. While seasons and people may come and go, God remains faithful to CKRM as we remain faithful to Him. Amen.

新加坡CKRM的新季节 - 郑文忠牧师

每当神要带领新加坡CKRM进入一个新的季节, 祂首先会除去任何拦阻祂荣耀的人或物 (大扫除)。就象一个熟巧的园丁, 神会先开始修剪和除去树上(新加坡CKRM)已经朽坏的部份,然后才能把祂的教会带到更高的荣耀领域。这是因为神要祂的教会展现出得知神百般的智慧。因此, 祂对祂的家户会比较严厉而审判也要从神的家起首 (以弗所书 3:10, 彼得前书 4:17)。

神通过一个异象印证在新加坡CKRM的情况。 在七月十一日,神给一位弟兄看见一棵树,在这异象里,这棵树的其中一树干已朽坏,后来这朽坏的树干被切除了。虽然这树很不雅观 (树干的一边有个 “V” 字形的缺口), 但它能继续生长因为朽坏的部份已经被除去。如果那部份没被除去, 腐烂会扩散并且消灭整棵树。

在这一个月里当 “修剪” 的过程还在进行中时, 圣殿里的荣耀比往常来得低弱因为拦阻还没被清除。这局面维持了好一阵子而 “大扫除” 也震动了整个教会, 使一些人的心动摇恐慌。虽然拦阻已经在七月十一日被清除,当天聚会开始时的恩膏还非常低弱因为敬拜者被心里的困扰压制, 无法专心敬拜神。郑文忠牧师和一位董事轮流代表会众向神认罪悔改,并且求神复兴他们救恩的喜乐。

神是满怀怜悯的,气氛很快的急升而祂的荣耀开始充满了整个圣殿。当Janet姐妹将牧羊的恩膏传递给郑文忠牧师的时候, 天堂敞开并赐下属灵的恩赐。神的荣耀是如此的强烈, 把站在第一排的Gloria姐妹击倒在地上。先知启示的恩膏第一次在她生命里那么强的降在她身上。使她第一次在那么强的恩膏底下大有能力地服侍在场的会众。神分赐给她这新的恩膏好让她娱乐我们的荣耀之王。在场目睹这一切的会众都非常喜乐。

当CKRM跨入一个新的季节时, 神会再次赐下和从新分配祂的恩赐与恩膏, 所以大家要继续努力向神求。

在祂的荣耀再次回到祂的圣殿, 我们必须继续警守我们的心思意念, 警惕仇敌的诡计。在民数记 12:1-2, 摩西娶了古实女子为妻。米利暗和亚伦因他所娶的古实女子,就毁谤他,说:难道耶和华单与摩西说话,不也与我们说话么?这话耶和华听见了。米利暗和亚伦不知在神的眼里, 对祂指定的以色列领袖不敬是罪。米利暗出麻风而被逐出营外七天。神在民数记 12:6-9的话语清楚地显明自己, “耶和华说:你们且听我的 话:你们中间若有先知,我 ─ 耶和华必在异象中向他显现,在梦中与他说话。我的仆人摩西不是这样;他是在我全家尽忠的。我要与他面对面说话,乃是明说,不用谜语,并且他必见我的形像。你们毁谤我的仆人摩西,为何不惧怕呢?" 耶和华就向他们二人发怒而去。”

不管我们在神的国度里有多少恩赐或恩膏,我们都不可变的傲慢或对神在我们属灵生命里所安排的领袖不敬。要有个谦卑授教的心, 好叫骄傲远不可近。“务要谨守,儆醒。因为你们的仇敌魔鬼,如同吼叫的狮子,遍地游行,寻找可吞吃的人”(彼得前书 5:8)。我们不可掉以轻心而放下警戒因为魔鬼可以使用“使者”, 被魔鬼欺骗的基督徒来“感染” 基督的肢体。穿上神的盔甲, 过圣洁的生活和在神的话语深深地扎根才不容易成为魔鬼的猎物。虽然不同的季节有不同的人来来去去, 但我们要象神忠实于CKRM那样忠心于祂。阿门!