Bro Wong Ah Sang's Testimony - Faithfulness / Wong Ah Sang弟兄的见证- 神的信实

At the age of 52, a prophesy was given to me that God might not use me mightily as in the 5 fold ministry but as long as I remained faithful to God my latter life will be better than my former.

After retirement, sickness like arthritis, gout and hypertension slowly began to creep into my body. My desire had been to retire with a good life where I was sickness free. As I remained faithful, I held on to the prophesy given by a servant of God before my retirement. My sickness was under control with proper medication.

Upon reaching 70 years old, life has opened a new chapter. As usual, hypertension and diabetes were under control with medicine. Blood sugar level was rather high with a reading of above 7.0 taken after fasting.

Recently Ps Rajendren prayed for healing upon my sickness. At CKRM, during “The Finger of God” healing meeting, Ps Paul prayed for my diabetes and the blood sugar reading went below 6.0. Praise God as I believed my diabetes has been healed by God.

Before this, I couldn’t do a lot of work with my hand as my hands were weak. Coming to CKRM and with God’s anointing upon me, my hands began to regain strength. Furthermore, walking under God’s anointing has healed my relationship with my son. I always pondered how my son felt about me as a father? I began to notice my son began to respect and showed thankfulness towards me for all that I had given to him as a father.

My wife was suffering from a backache problem all this while. The pain was so serious that she had to rest during shopping or even squat to relief the pain. Treatment by specialist did not help much. She needed to take medicine or rather painkiller to reduce the pain. Interestingly during a meeting at CKRM, Ps Paul told me that the anointing upon me was very strong and he asked me to pray for my wife. I obeyed and prayed for my wife. Since then, the pain had gone and my wife had been healed completely. My wife could even do gardening and “cangkul” for an hour in the garden. I sincerely believed when God’s anointing comes upon a believer, he/she can do anything with the power of God!

Praise and thanks unto Jesus our healer and deliverer. Amen.


Pastor's Footnote: After the Lord commanded us to set up the leadership training centre in Malacca, the Lord flashed the name of Bro Wong upon our co-founder Ps Esther that Bro Wong would lead us to the premise. Bro Wong made the arrangment for us to view the premise. Upon entering the premise, the fire of God came upon my right palm and the presence of God came upon Ps Esther as a confirmation that the premise was His choice.

Wong Ah Sang弟兄的见证- 神的信实

我五十二岁那年, 有预言说神可能不会在五重职事大大使用我,但只要我忠心于神, 我的晚年会比我的早年来得好。


抵达七十岁时,我的生命开始了新的一页。 如往常,高血压和糖尿病在服药物下受控制。血糖量在禁食后的指数是7.0以上, 偏高。

最近Rajendren 牧师为我的疾病祷告医治。在 CKRM“神的手指头”的 事工时,保罗牧师为我的糖尿病祷告后, 我的血糖指数低过6.0。赞美神! 我相信神已医治我的糖尿病。

从前, 因我的手无力, 很多事我都不能用手去做。来到CKRM领受神的恩膏在我身上后,我的手开始恢复力量。除此之外,行在神的恩膏下, 神也医治我和我儿子的关系。以往 我时常在想我的儿子对我这个爸爸有什么看法? 最近我注意到我的儿子开始对我表示感恩和尊敬。

我的妻子一向来都有背痛的问题。疼痛严重到她在超级市场购物时都须要休息或蹲下来好减轻疼痛。专科医生的治疗没有很大的帮助。她需要吃药或服止痛药来减轻疼痛。有趣的, 在一次的CKRM聚会,保罗牧师告诉我在我身上的恩膏很强并且叫我为我的妻子祷告。我顺服并为我的妻子祷告。从此之后, 疼痛不见了而我的妻子已被完全医治。现在我的妻子甚至可以做园丁,并且在园子里 “翻土” 一个小时。我真诚的相信当神的恩膏在一个信徒身上时,他/她能凭着神的能力做任何事!

赞美感谢耶稣,我们的医治和释放者! 阿门。


牧师的留言:在主吩咐我们在马六甲设立领袖训练中心后, 主把Wong弟兄的名字放在我们的创办人, 保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师的心上, 启示以斯帖牧师这位弟兄将会带领他们到神为CKRM预备的圣所。当Wong弟兄安排我们去观看圣所时。当天当我们一踏进入会所, 神的火就降在我的右手掌,而神的同在降在以斯帖牧师身上,以此印证这是祂为CKRM所预备的。

马六甲 22、07、2009