"All Your works shall praise You, O Lord" (Psalm 145:10) - An Awesome Testimony

God is good, awesome & amazing. Two persons called me on the phone from overseas two days ago after reading the articles on my blog. They desired to be anointed with fire of the Holy Spirit so that they could bless others. When we prayed for them on the phone, God instantly hit them with the fire. Praise God!

Matthew 13:44, “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

Thus, don’t miss God’s blessing allowing the evil one to hinder you with fear, doubt and unbelief & preventing you from tapping into the heaven’s treasure. Seek counsel from those who have proven to walk in the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:17 "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

At CKRM, God has blessed many Christians with powerful spiritual gifts. Please read
http://pastorpaulang.blogspot.com/2008/11/new-empowerment-ministry-for-todays.html & http://www.ckrm.org/testimonials.html for more information.

Below is a testimony which I have just received and it will encourage you:

Testimony from Sharmaine:-

Dear Pastor Paul and Esther,

I would like to share with you about how God has led me to and blessed me through CKRM. First, let me share with you a dream I had on 6 October 2006 that I have penned down in my journal. I had totally forgotten about this dream until I read my past entries in my journal last Sunday.

Today, I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I was in a church hall that was unfamiliar to me but it was a city harvest church service. I walked in and stood with people whom I do not know. The hall was divided into 2 portions, the front and the back. I stood in the first front row of the back portion.

Then I saw Rodney Howard-Browne (RHB) at the pulpit! I was surprised and excited to see him. I thought to myself "Why didn't the church bulletin announce he was coming to minister to us?" Usually, if a guest speaker comes, the church will announce beforehand. As I know not many Christians know who RHB is, I asked the person on my left, a stranger, who this minister at the pulpit was.

The stranger said that she does not know but she knows that many wonderful things happen when this man ministers. Then she said something like he is like Oral Roberts or Billy Graham, a great servant of God. Then as RHB ministered, the power of God filled the place. I began to cry for quite a while. I then lifted my hands and worship God. Then there was a break.

Pastor Kong, in casual green polo t-shirt came up to the pulpit to preach. RHB is no longer there. I received a sms from my cell group helper telling me he has booked 18 seats in the front portion and got a seat for me to sit with the cell group. So I obliged. There were many new friends. He introduced me to some of the new friends. We exchanged some superficial greetings and then I went back to worshiping God, standing in the front row of the seats.

As I was enraptured in worship, suddenly, RHB came back on stage again and started to minister. The power of God filled the hall again! This time, I felt lightning hit me and I fell, unable to open my eyes for quite sometime. I was crying and in my heart, I was asking God to forgive me. Then someone who was helping me (the catcher?) said something like "The work is done." End of dream.

When I read this dream, I realised that this dream was a prophecy that is coming to pass. RHB is a symbol for CKRM ministry in the dream (both RHB and CKRM move in the power, miraculous and signs and wonders).

The first part of the dream is likened to the time when I first visited CKRM in the beginning of the year. At that time, I was checking out CKRM (Me asking who the minister was in the dream) and at that time God delivered me from a spirit of heaviness, during "Soak in the presence" 12-1.30pm when I was seeking God individually.

After visiting for another 1 or 2 times, I stopped going (The "break" in the dream). The 2nd reappearance of RHB is likened to the season now that I am back attending CKRM. For the past 2 Saturdays @ CKRM, I have been mightily blessed.

On the first Saturday of my return, I was hit by the power of God and was delivered from evil spirits. Secondly, my body for the first time began to manifest the sign of the eagle (the prophetic anointing). This is a real miracle! Why do I say that? Because during my very first visit to CKRM, when I saw all these manifestations of Lion of Judah, Eagle I was stunned and taken aback and I thought to myself "I can never do that...I am not so drama!..so pai seh!"

I also believe that Saturday was the day my spiritual gift-the prophetic was being stirred up (2 Timothy 1:6). Other than that, of course the I experienced the joy and peace of the Holy Ghost! But God's work in my life did not stop here! 2 days later, on Monday, I went to trumpet praise bookstore and stumbled upon this book "The prophetic Intercessor" by James Goll. Suffice to say, God revealed many things to me through that book, but I shall not elaborate here.

On Thursday evening, I had a dream. In this dream, I was shouting at my mother saying unkind things and I woke up feeling a lot of anger. I know immediately that God is showing me that this is something not pleasing to Him. I was feeling quite discouraged, as I have been to through many many deliverances on a yearly basis and looks like its not going to end!

True enough, on the following Saturday, I was once again delivered with the many other blessings that occurred previous Saturday happening again. On Sunday morning, I again had a dream, this time I was screaming at my father and said some horrible stuff. The context of the dream was like that of what had happened in real life however I never said those horrible stuff in real life.

In fact in the dream I premeditated on what to say (Which in reality was what I thought) but out come out from my mouth was something different and horrible that shocked me! I know God is revealing again something in my heart that displeases him that he wants to take away. (I guess I will be anticipating another round of deliverance this Saturday? haha) Indeed what King David wrote is true. "Behold I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me. Behold you desire truth in the inward parts, In the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom" Ps 51:5-6 (Dream: I was crying and in my heart, I was asking God to forgive me.) Isn't God amazing and great to His people? Praise the Lord! I am looking for more wonderful things to happen!

I hope by my testimony, you will be encouraged in the good work that you are doing. I've been greatly blessed by God through your ministry. Thanks for persevering in the midst of trials and persecution.