Testimony - Prophetic Guidance has blessed us

Hi Ps Esther,

Realised I didn't get a chance to thank you just now for your ministry to me and my wife. =) First of all, we wouldn't be so blessed today if you didn't relay the prophetic message through Sharmaine to tell us to come back as the Lord had something for us. That prompted us to come once our work allowed us a day off. (The fact that the Lord arranged this whole day so suitably is really a huge surprise.) Thanks so much!

There were so many things you said today that also confirmed things that were happening in our lives. You know, when you mentioned about my being in both my Sunday church and my church plant, at first I thought you were going to ask me to focus on my Sunday church (that's the advice that most of the people have been giving anyway in our circles). What impressed me, however, was that you told me the Lord dropped the message in your heart to focus on the church plant instead--you didn't say your opinion, but rather what the Lord asked you to say--and immediately when you said that word I saw a vision of myself, talking to my Sunday church pastor one year ago, and that was the time when I had didn't feel the peace that I would be at my Sunday church for long. It struck me very deeply especially since I told myself I wouldn't act on it unless the Lord confirmed it. And that word of knowledge was during makantime!

Besides that, for my wife, as we were recounting what you were sharing with her, I really can see how it was so accurate and really spoke to her circumstances. The word to leave behind the past and how people have treated her in the past, to not fear the opinion of people, and the verse you gave her--when I heard all these, I really knew it was from the Lord. It really addresses some of the major things that're not so easy in her life. So really thank God for ministering to her.

Both my wife and I realised that God has given you a wonderful prophetic gift and really praise Him for it. May the Lord continue to use you powerfully in His kingdom and may your prophetic flame continue to burn brightly! And may God raise others like you who will bring a timely word of encouragement to God's people!

Agape and with many thanks,

Daniel and Janice
22th November 2008


Victoria Ho said...

Praise the Lord! I will be looking forward to more messages/testimonies from Pastor Esther here. :) :) :)