God blessed me with Spiritual Gifts at CKRM during my two days visit - Testimony from Sarah Tam, Hong Kong

(Translated from Mandarin into English)

Dear Ps. Paul,

Here is my testimony. Thank you so much for all the blessings that I have received from CKRM.

I visited CKRM in Singapore on 8 & 9th November 2008. This is the most joyful Church that I have ever seen. Everybody was just very joyful. I experienced the joy and manifested into uncontrollable laughter, like most in the congregation.

Having attended such awesome kind of meeting, I don’t feel like going back to Hong Kong. I have witnessed the audiences used the gifts of the Spirit to bless others. Although this is the first time at for me at CKRM, God is wonderful as He downloaded me with gifts of the Holy Spirit such as Lion’s Roar anointing, Worship anointing, Warfare and Fire anointing.

The sisters & brothers of the Church are so filled with love and their hearts so willing to bless others with impartation of spiritual gifts. On my 2nd day at CKRM, I continued to soak in His presence and receive more blessing & impartation of spiritual gifts. My desire is to be delivered and set free from bondages. The gift of the ‘Roar’ of the Lion of Judah helps to deliver and clear me from the ‘rubbish’ accumulated over the period. As I roared, I felt lightened.

In the afternoon, a manifestation came upon a sister of how the Lord carried the cross for the final journey to Calvary. My heart was very touched and this was a reminder to me on how the Lord was rejected by the world. I was deeply moved in my spirit. I believe that I would need to spend more time to seek Him with meditation.

In the night, I witnessed how the participants danced under the anointing of the Spirit and how God could use a willing & obedient vessel for His glory. My inner man has been strengthened and I have become more sensitive to the Spirit. I pray that my spiritual life will continue to grow that I could be used by God to bless others.

Sarah Tam,
Hong Kong
15th November 2008

Sarah Tam’s Testimony in Mandarin

我於11月8-9日到CKRM探訪, 這是我見過最喜樂的教會, 每個人都在聖靈裡笑過個不停, 第一天經歷熱身後, 也開始在聖靈裡不停的笑, 心想有這樣的聚會都不想回家了。

這是我看到最多會眾使用聖靈恩賜的教會, 雖然只是參加了一天聚會, 但就被download了不同的東西, 有lion roar, worship anointing, warrior anointing, fire等等, 這也讓我看到教會的弟兄姊妹很願意祝福人, 也很願意將屬神的恩賜分享出去。

第二天我繼續在聚會裡接受膏抹, 繼續接受恩賜的傳遞。感謝主, 在我很最希望接受釋放服事時, 結果通過了lion roar, 把裡面的東西清理出來, 下午有一段時間在靈裡體會耶穌背十字架的情況, 雖然時間不是很長, 但內裡面對主被人棄絕的情況有更深的了解, 聚會後的兩天, 腦海裡仍然浮著耶穌受苦的圖畫, 相信我還要花時間再去親近祂, 默想這件事。當天晚上也看到在聖靈裡載歌載舞, 和人如何順服在聖靈裡的聖靈運作。

自這次的經歷後, 感到靈裡的敏銳性和強壯度都有提升, 我求主讓我學習將所得的恩賜從可以釋放出來, 以致屬靈生命得以成長。

Sarah Tam
Hong Kong