God blessed me with many powerful 'Deliverance & Empowerment' weapons at CKRM - Testimony from Thomas Ong, Malaysia/ 神在CKRM赐给我许多大能的“释放与权能”武器——马来西亚Thomas Ong弟兄的见证

Dear Ps Paul Ang,

We were having awesome cell group gathering just now where the presence of God and His fire was so strong like never before in this cell. I released the fire of God during worship and even the first song of worship, many can felt His tangible strong presence.

Many were enjoying in high praise, worship and shout to the Lord, blowing of shofar. The watching of Ps Benny Hinn's Healing Crusade's Dvd has boosts the faith level of the cell member, thus increase the atmosphere of 'Glory'. We prayed for the sick and also for my wife. She coughed & vomited again even after the cell, when there is still an anointing in my living room. We also prayed for a sister who going for surgery on her back this Saturday, may God performs miracle healing for her.

Thanks God for your impartation of the fire and it stirred my heart again and wipe away my spiritual disappointment and water my spiritual dryness since June this year (June was the time of my wife got depression).

No matter how I strongly desire more from the Lord and want to make a trip to CKRM. I still arrange the logistics to come tomorrow night or Saturday morning, if not, I 'must' come on next weekend!

God bless,

Thomas Ong
-- Outpouring of New Wine... fresh anointing.. joy unspeakable.. new oil.. great anointing... abundant living joy in Holy Ghost...cheer up, sons of God..

Note: Thomas came from the Klang Valley, Malaysia with his wife to CKRM on 22nd November 2008. On his return to Malaysia on 23rd Nov, he commented on the blog that:
Thomas Ong said...

I have witnessed 'Chinese Opera Anointing' yesterday and indeed our God is doing new thing! There is no rule/formula for God to evangelize, prophesy, healing the sick and doing miracle. People tried hard to access supernatural realm by trying certain formula.

However, if you can 'tap' in the glory of God and let HIM do whatever He want to do, don't let your mind control you. You will be amazed and began to realise that our God is a creative and humorous God.

Frankly speaking, unless you come to experience yourself in CKRM, otherwise you won't believe it!

November 23, 2008 10:05 PM

Paul Ang said...

Dear Thomas,

This trip must be very tiring for both of you, having to come all the way from Klang Valley to CKRM and returned the next day.There are all kind of languages in the world and the gospel has to be preached to all creations to fulfill the Great Commission commanded by our Lord.

Miracle is to change lives so finally we look at the fruit. If a person is set free from bondage, healed from sickness, spiritual life revived and sensitiveness to His leading enhanced; these are the fruits.

November 24, 2008 8:32 AM

Thomas Ong said...

Not really tiring, but both of us filled with excitement, fire, joy and wine of Holy Ghost! One day in the House of God is better then thousand day...

Thanks God that He has downloaded spiritual weapon for me, eg. fire, blowing and Sword anointing. For the Roar of the Lion of Judah, I just felt embarassed to roar although many has prayed for me at night.

CKRM's members really very friendly and generous to share and bless other with spiritual gifts.

November 24, 2008 3:50 PM


2nd Testimony from Thomas Ong after being at CKRM on 22nd November 2008

Dear Ps Paul Ang,

Thanks for the info. Noted.

The gifts I received was Fire anointing, Sword of the Spirit, 'Holy Blowing' and perhaps 'Thunder Anointing', 'Arrow anointing' & 'Lion of Judah'.

For the arrow anointing, I am not sure. I practice arrow anointing on my wife when she was coughing, but the spirit doesn’t come out. So I 'choose' to take up a bow in my hand, and shooting the 'fire arrow' to the enemy. The enemy was vomited out. Also, I use 'thunder anointing' over my wife. I am not sure whether I got it or not because I mixed all the weapons. (First, I prayed for fire anointing come upon, then thunder anointing, I wielding SWORD of the spirit, she started coughing, then I use arrow to shoot the enemy, she vomiting.

Finally, I blowing to let her filled with the Holy Spirit - Sometimes these all process was mixed together)However, I am very sure I have 'SWORD of the Spirit'. And it is very powerful weapon and whenever I wield the sword, the deliverance takes place easily and faster if compare to just commanding in Jesus name. I prayed for Fire of God in online prophetic chartroom, those people in US felt the heat sensation in 'belly' and tingling at arm.

However, whenever I use the 'SWORD', two persons said they felt heaviness and dizziness in their head, so I told them is spirit of oppression, need to cast out.For the roar of the Lion of Judah, I tried at home and using my own voice, but not like those in CKRM one. Very hard to roar.

Hope will receive worship anointing (dancing type), 'Roar of Lion of Judah' again



Thomas Ong
27th November 2008

神在CKRM赐给我许多大能的“释放与权能”武器——马来西亚Thomas Ong弟兄的见证







Thomas Ong

-- 新酒浇灌... 新鲜恩膏.. 无法言表的喜乐.. 新油.. 极大恩膏... 圣灵中丰盛鲜活的喜乐...欢呼吧, 神的儿子们..


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