Part 2 - "All Your Work Shall Praise You O Lord" - Testimony from a Church Elder

Dear Ps Paul,

Since Sharmaine shared her testimony, I also want to share mine. The first time I encountered the miraculous power of God was in 1996, when I was 12 years old. It was the time when Rodney Howard-Browne came to Singapore, and we barely knew what Holy Laughter or other manifestations were all about. I remember my church background: if anyone was touched by God, they'd cry. It was always cry cry cry. =P It was that, and speaking in tongues, healings, and deliverances. Foolstop.

I remember 1996 very distinctly because I felt it was one of those rare times when I saw the power of God flow to so many churches all over the place. I met up with so many Christians, in school, other churches etc, and realised they too were enjoying the latest outpouring of the Spirit. For me, I was on fire. That fire which God lighted in my heart since 1996 is something burns strong within me. One desire I strongly had was that God would bring something similar back to town. That's 'cos I've seen so many youth who don't know the power of God and do not know anything of the spiritual gifts beyond speaking in tongues.

I've been praying and praying for so many years...I nearly thought that this was hardly going to come again in my generation. But it's here that I want to thank God for your ministry in CKRM. The day that I first encountered the power of God in your ministry, I realised God had answered my prayer.

Hope you will appreciate something about my background. I'm a full-fledged Pentecostal, very open to the move of the Spirit, but very particular about Scriptural adherence and precedence. And, in all honesty, I had problems with manifestations that involved eagles and lions. My friend Sharmaine asked me and my wife (then girlfriend) to come and visit your ministry in CKRM. I thought, no harm going, even if I need to discern. I know the power of God, so shouldn't be a big problem identifying real from fake. (so thick-skinned right. haha.)

As that day turned out, I was held up with something, so I actually came 1 hour late into the meeting. Needless to say, I was very "paiseh" and so I did my best to be as inconspicuous as possible. I quickly sat on the seat my friends had reserved, try to be as unnoticable as possible, and then I prayed: "O Lord, if it's you, I hope to be blessed today. I know you will not lead me into error." So I watched you preach. Or so I thought, because 2 min after that you laid hands on someone, and that person began roaring in the Spirit.

As you probably already know, I don't like this roaring stuff. But as that brother roared in the Spirit, I felt something move up my spine. It was a very familiar feeling: the electricity through my veins, the sudden alertness, the opening of my spiritual senses. I could feel myself caught up in the wave of the Spirit. I closed my eyes, enjoyed the presence of God, very ministered to, but as that guy kept roaring, something stirred within me and it was bubbling from my belly. At one particular roar, my girlfriend, slapped on the front of her face by the Spirit, gripped my hand tight (knee-jerk reaction)--that was it, I felt it too, I couldn't control it any longer. I began to chuckle. I was quite soft, you know. But don't know why you noticed me. Then you called me to go to the front for prayer. So much for me trying to be the inconspicuous latecomer. Haha.

When you called out "the Fire of God", I was lifted up by the Spirit, slammed on the floor: it felt like as if someone did a wrestling move on me. I felt the power of God go through my bones. I just felt like shouting out. For a long long time, I never felt so free in the presence of God, to shout his praises, to just pray and pray and pray in tongues, to just lift up his holy name, and to keep doing it over and over again. And I can't remember the exact sequence of events from there on. What I do know is that that was the first time I was drunk in the Spirit--I still didn't roar, thank God, he knows my theological suppositions--but what I do know is that I had a tremendous dose of the Spirit's power. I think I was at the altar area for quite long. And when someone else was struck by the Spirit, I knew: 'cos it was as if all of us, connected by the Spirit, could feel when a wave was coming in. Someone would be struck by the Spirit, start laughing or crying or roaring etc, and all of us would feel it. I couldn't help myself--not that I couldn't resist the Spirit, but I had no intention of doing so when I was having such a blessed time with him. So each time the Spirit struck someone, I felt it very strongly, it was as if some electric current struck me. And it struck me with such a great force that I was lifted up from the floor each time, then it would simmer down and I would be left on the floor again.

When I left the meeting that day, I was so refreshed, I said: I'd definitely come back again. if not this week, then next. And I knew that I had to bring some of my friends who had never seen the work of the Spirit before. Some people may criticise that move, but honestly, if all the others see is tongues, the thought that just keeps coming up in their minds is that it's all fake and we're misleading ourselves. They need to experience the manifest presence of God--that's the exact thought that came into my mind--and so I decided the next time I could I would bring them.

I wanna thank you, and the rest of the CKRM people, for paying the price to hold the anointing that God has placed upon your lives. I know you must have paid an enormous price for it. I would pay the price if I could, but it wasn't up to me to choose. I thank God that we can see the genuine power of God taking place. I hope you don't mind when I say that I don't agree theologically with everything, but to be honest, I hunger more for God's presence than partisan differences. What's a bit of difference compared to knowing the real presence of God? I wanna bless your ministry with all my heart. I pray God will protect all of you, to continue to have a pure ministry, blameless before God; I pray the people you disciple will be outstanding men and women of God who will not bring the power of God to shame, but rather have the lives that reflect His character and glory; I bless the people in your ministry that they will never run dry, but will pursue the crown of glory that Christ has for all those who faithfully pour out their lives for him. Above all, I hope you will guide the people you minister to to catch the anointing, to have a life transforming experience, and to move into impacting the world and catching the ways of God.

May God protect you from all discouragement and give you strength for the adversities that you will face. God bless you for paying the price. We've all been blessed because you paid the price.

With my utmost blessings,
Daniel Ng
Presiding Elder
Outreach Church Singapore