God heals and empowers me at CKRM's 6th Joshua Camp - June Clarine / 神在CKRM第六届约书亚营医治和装备我- June Clarine姐妹

Before I attended the 6th Joshua Camp, I didn’t know about CKRM. None of my friends or my church members knew about it. It is indeed God’s guidance who led me to CKRM.

I remembered in the mid of last year, when one of the pastors from my main church in Subang came to preach at my church, God spoke to me that I could share the Gospel with signs and wonders. Thereafter, I sought God on this area. In September, when I goggled on fasting & power in the internet, I was led to the CKRM website. I saw the 6th Joshua Camp was to be held in Melaka. I was disappointed, knowing that it was not likely for me to travel to Melaka to attend the camp and left my kids with my unbelieving spouse. I prayed and asked God to make it possible for me to attend if it was His will for me to join the camp. In October, God prompted me to check on CKRM website again. This time, I saw that the venue had changed to Petaling Jaya. Praise God! My prayer was answered. I knew that God would do His work in this camp.

However, I was troubled by my irritating headache for over a month before the camp. The headache first appeared in April last year for two weeks and it was gone after prayers. It returned in October and continued till I attended the camp. The headache was on left side of my head. The headache was intense pain for few minutes like something pinched some of my nerves. When it came, it attacked continuously with 1-2 minutes intervals and lasted for few hours. On most days it was there throughout the day. I was greatly disturbed by this.

On the same week before Joshua Camp, I went to one of the leading hospitals for a full medical check-up. I requested to perform a brain MRI. However, my request was denied. I was advised to consult the neurologist first before I was allowed to have a MRI scan. It happened that the neurologist I referred to had a full appointment that day. I was asked to return next Monday for consultation. I used to feel numbness on my left arm, pain on my lower back and left leg. My body was so weak and in an incredible bad shaped. On top of this, my husband and my two kids were down with sickness that week. Many times, there was a voice in me which asked me to just rest and not go for the camp. However, I knew that there would be many hindrances to stop me when I tried to do the will of God. I insisted to go to the camp for at least one day.

After the first session, I almost gave up and did not want to return for the remaining sessions. However, God is faithful. He gave me the message of how Elisha persevered until he got the blessing. I was determined to complete all the remaining sessions. That night, I received the Holy Laughter, the Roar of Lion of Judah and the Evangelistic Anointing.

On second day of the camp, after a deliverance prayer, I experienced a strong Holy Spirit anointing I never experience before. It was like an electric shook. It lasted for a few minutes. I literary heard a ‘zzzzhhhh’ sound. In the first electric shook, I felt that there was a power which rested on my face and there was a circular movement around my mouth, later it moved and lingered on my hands before it rested on my legs. The second and third time, the electric shook experience was a smooth pouring of Holy Spirit from my head to toes. I also received the Confirmation Anointing and Holy Wine on second day. The anointing was so strong that night that my body still shook and moved when I lied on my bed. It continued for hours before I slept.

On the last day of the camp, I danced in the spirit. I was amazed that I could jump and danced for almost two hours. With my body pains that I experienced before, it should not be possible to dance for even a few minutes. I felt somebody had guided my hands and body movements as I did not know how to dance at all. When I looked at how I danced, the dance movements were as if from a skilful dancer. I felt that I was drunk in the Spirit during the morning worship.

One day after Joshua camp, I return to the hospital to get my medical report. The report showed there was a 3.8cm cyst at my right ovary. No wonder I felt pain in my abdomen when I used my right leg to push heavy pail. I didn’t go for the neurologist appointment because I trusted God had healed and delivered me from my headache. After the camp, I did not feel the headache anymore, my pain on my lower back and left leg were all gone. A week after I got another medical report, I did a second ultrasound on my abdomen. The doctor could not locate the cyst on my right ovary and I was amazed that it was gone in barely one week. God had healed me. Glory to the LORD!

My spiritual man is more sensitive and alert now after I attended the camp. And many times, during worship, I would be led by the Holy Spirit to dance in the spirit. Praise God for leading me to CKRM to experience the power of God and received miraculous healing within a short period of time. Praise you Jesus, the Lord, God Almighty!

June Clarine

神在CKRM第六届约书亚营医治和装备我- June Clarine姐妹










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