Blessed beyond measure at CKRM Singapore - Sis Jenny Low

Upon invitation from Pastor Paul and Pastor Esther, we drove from Melaka with my husband to attend the Saturday meeting and the Sunday Church service at CKRM Singapore from 23rd to 24th April 2011.

I accepted Jesus as my Saviour through the Catholic Faith in 1985 and was faithful to our Lord by attending regular Church services, partaking in Holy Communion, performing confession and reading scriptures. However, this is the first time I physically feel the awesome encounter with our Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit at CKRM Singapore.

Thank you, Lord for bringing me and my husband to CKRM Singapore. On the 1st day upon entering CKRM premise, I could feel the joy, peace and love being showered upon me.

When Pastor Paul was conducting the sermon, I could already feel the Holy Spirit began to work in me, causing me to tremble (Daniel 10:10) and when Pastor Esther prayed for me, the trembling became more profound and I was slained (fell to the floor under the Power of God). Instantly, all my physical ‘arthritic’ pains in my joints, particularly the knee caps and hip bones, were all gone. Praise God for His healing! I was spiritually and physically healed of the constant pains which were troubling me for the past 10 years.

On 24th April 2011 (Sunday), I was able to walk rapidly without any symptom of pains unlike before. It was such a relief and joy when I entered CKRM Singapore again at 11 am to attend the Sunday service.

When our brothers and sisters at CKRM Singapore prayed for the activation of the Anointing of Roar of the Lion of Judah (Amos 1:2, 3:8, Revelation 10:3) which is a very powerful deliverance weapon, I roared very fiercely for the first time.

When the group was discussing the resumption of CKRM Melaka, the Lord gave me a vision and prompted me to say that CKRM Melaka should be resumed as soon as my husband overcomes some of the major administrative issues pending in Legenda Condo Melaka.

The Lord also activated my speaking in tongues and I also received the Joy of Laughter. The Lord is so gracious to bless me with some many Spiritual gifts within such a short period.

I thank our Lord for the great blessings and I pray that our Lord will continue to bless Pastor Paul and Pastor Esther to lead CKRM to greater heights and towards the fulfilment of His Kingdom.

May our Lord bless everyone at CKRM!
神超越我所求所想的在新加坡CKRM祝福我 – Jenny Low 姐妹的见证
(Translated by Sis Mary Tan)






当弟兄姐妹为我们祷告启动犹大狮子的恩赐(阿摩司书1:2, 3:8;启10:3)时,我感到有一股力量从腹部涌出,我竟始无前列地极其凶猛的吼叫着。犹大狮子吼叫是非常强而有力的医治释放属灵武器。






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