God healed and set me free from demonic possession at CKRM PJ - Mariam Nathan / 神透过CKRM (八打灵再也)的事工把我从邪灵的捆绑中释放出来并医治我 - Mariam Nathan 姐妹的见证

Last year was a big turning point in my life. I was born and raised as a Catholic. I live in a small town between the border of Johor and Negeri Sembilan. Last year after Easter, I began to fall sick. I lost appetite to eat; I kept vomiting and started to have terrible pain in both of my legs. My legs was swollen and I was experiencing sudden shivering and high fever on and off at certain times of the day and daily. I had been to many clinics and even admitted in the hospital for one week but none of the doctors could find anything wrong with me and they were baffled as I kept losing a lot of blood though there was no internal bleeding. They did all kinds of tests on me from suspicion of dengue, malaria, tuberculosis to internal bleeding but the tests always turned out that nothing was wrong with me.

Then my daughter told one of my brothers about my condition as she suspected that I was not sick but being possessed. When he came and prayed over me. At the hospital, he too saw something was wrong with me. A week later I was discharged but my condition was still the same. My brother came again that week from Singapore to visit me and this time when he prayed over me, I began to manifest like a snake hissing and spoke in different languages.

Then it was confirmed that I was not sick but it was the work of an evil spirit. My brother asked us to contact our priest and at that time our priest was away on studies to another country. We called another priest for help but no one wanted to help. Then through my brother's wife in KL, we managed to get an exorcist to help us. I went there with my husband, daughter and sister along with my brother and his family and the catholic exorcist prayed over me and said that I was charmed.

He cast out the evil spirit and I went back to my hometown. At first I was okay but then I was back to how I was before. I was sick again. Then there was this strange ugly shapeless light that kept appearing at all sides in front of my eyes and at the side of my eyes. I was like a mad woman being tormented by these lights and fear.

Many times we went back to KL to the exorcist and many times he cast out the evil spirits and it left me and then it came back bringing more than one spirit to live inside my body. My condition was worse than before. I was helpless and suicidal thoughts started to emerge from nowhere. I was singing and crying without any reason and was tormented day and night. We also went to see my brother's pastor to help me but he couldn’t do anything to help me.

My daughter and brother were at dead end trying to get someone to help me.

Then one day as my brother was searching in the internet when a word came to him- SWORD OF THE SPIRIT. He didn’t know what that means, so he typed that word in web search and CKRM website appeared. He began to search into the site and found out that this is a warfare church that deals with exactly what I was in need of help. So my brother called one of the members of this church, Brother Chia and made an appointment the following week with them, after describing to Brother Chia about my condition and his reply was "sure bring your sister". So all of us prayed and went to CKRM PJ. When we went there the service just started with praise and worship songs. We received warm welcome from them and what happened next was an eye opening.

CKRM is a place where demonstration of God's power took place. I felt something new. They have people from all walks of life with anointing I have never heard of. They have a member, Brother John Kher blessed with seer anointing who saw a monkey spirit inside of me. Brother Thomas Ong had the anointing of the sword of the spirit, Brother Chia anointed with roaring of the Lion of Judah. Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Esther along with Brother John Kher, Brother Thomas and Brother Chia cast out the monkey spirit that had been tormenting me with the demonstration of power of God in this church. They cast the evil spirit quickly unlike the previous places where I had been through where it took a few hours to cast the spirits out.

In my life as a 55 year old woman I have never experienced this kind of spirit filled church where God's presence is felt strongly and it open my heart and eyes to walk a spiritual journey which I have never experience before. After going there few times I am completely healed and I am healthy and alive because of how God's power moved in this warfare church known as CKRM (CHRIST KINGDOM REIGNS MAJESTICALLY). How true the acronym speaks for itself.

In my life this is one of my most powerful moments I went through. It opened my eyes to spiritual realm I never knew it existed and how God’s power really moved in His people. CKRM is definitely in my heart as I felt God's intense move there. Looking forward to my next visit there with my family and will surely bring my other family members also to experience God in ways Christians must experience on their own as words cannot fully describe what CKRM is all about.

神透过CKRM (八打灵再也)的事工把我从邪灵的捆绑中释放出来并医治我 - Mariam Nathan 姐妹的见证
(Translated to Mandarin by Sis Mary)






有一天,当我的弟弟在网上游览时,忽然得到一句知识的言语:“圣灵的宝剑”。他虽不晓得是什么,还是把这句话输入网站搜索。就这样点击了CKRM的网站。当他阅读了网上的见证和资料后,发现到这是个征战的教会,也是我所需要的。因此他致电这教会的一位谢弟兄预约来临的星期带我到那里。谢弟兄在听完我弟弟描述我的情况后的答复是:“没问题,带你姐姐来!”我们祷告后便在约定的那天前往CKRM (八打灵再也)。我们到达时正是敬拜赞美的时刻,我们受到热烈的欢迎。但接着下来发生的事真是令我们大开眼界。

CKRM是一个示范神大能彰显的地方。我感到很新奇。那里的人身上所带有的恩膏是我未曾听闻的。神赐给John Kher弟兄一对属灵的眼睛,他看到我身上有“猴子的灵”捆绑着我。Thomas Ong 弟兄有圣灵宝剑的恩膏。还有神赐给谢弟兄“犹大狮子吼叫”的恩膏。保罗牧师、以斯帖牧师和他们三位以神的大能武器和恩膏为我赶出了身上那长期折磨我的邪灵。整个释放的过程很短,不像以往,要经过几小时的时间才能赶出那些邪灵。

在我五十五年的人生旅程中,我从未经历和见识过这么一间圣灵充满的教会。在这里能感受到神的同在非常强烈。神也在这里开启我属灵的心眼让我能开始行走在属灵的领域里,这是我从没经历过的。经过数次的拜访后,神以大能透过这征战的教会完全医治了我!我现在是又健康又充满活力。CKRM (基督国度崇高掌权)真是名符其实,神掌权的教会!