My Awesome Supernatural Encounter with God at CKRM PJ – Juliana Moorthy

Hi Brother Thomas, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is my testimony:

My name is Juliana Moorthy. I was born and raised as a Catholic in a small town called Gemas. Last year I went through life changing moments when my mum fell sick and it turned out she was not sick but was charmed and the evil spirit inside of her wanted to fool us by making us thought that my mum was sick. The doctors could not determine my mum’s condition after series of tests. My uncle from Singapore came and prayed over my mum and found it was the work of the evil spirit when my mum manifested like a snake and spoke in different language. Since our priest was away, we asked help from another priest but it was declined.

My uncle’s wife made an appointment with an exorcist in KL. The exorcist cast out a snake spirit from my mum. Later my mum was fine for few days and it relapsed. This time her condition became even worse. She was depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Even her face became like the image of another person. She would be singing church hymns but also contradicting with crying at the same time. Many times we went to KL to meet the exorcist. He cast the spirit but each time the sickness relapsed with greater torments.

We even went to seek help from two different pastors but it was futile. Then one day my uncle was given word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. It was 'SWORD OF THE SPIRIT'. My uncle did not understand so he browsed the internet and CKRM website appeared. He contacted CKRM. After making an appointment we went to CKRM PJ and received warm welcome from its members. They were singing praise and worship songs and I could feel the spirit of God in them. Pastor Paul Ang preached about the demonstration of God's power.

What I experience next was mind blowing. Never in my life have I had experience anything like this before. There was a brother, named John Kher gifted with seer anointing. He saw a monkey spirit inside of my mum's body. Brother John Chia was roaring with the gift of the Lion of Judah. Brother Thomas Ong ministered with the Sword of the Spirit. All these gifts are actually warfare weapons used to fight against the evil spirits. Pastor Paul and Pastor Esther cast out the evil spirit from my mother. Brother John Chia roared like the Lion of Judah while Brother Thomas Ong used the Sword of the Spirit on my mother. What used to be hours of doing deliverance was done within a short time in CKRM.

After my mum was healed, my cousin and I were attacked by the evil spirit. We went to CKRM again and Pastor Paul Ang said that when we received impartation, we would have spiritual attack. During deliverance process my two cousins and I vomited.

After few visits to CKRM, my mother was completely healed. Another fascinating thing that started to happen to all of us after attending CKRM was we started to have supernatural encounters. I started to have glory dust (silver dust) appear on my palms and dress when I worship God. Flashes of lightning appeared inside my office. It was not a cloudy day and there were no windows in my office. At first I didn't know what it was but it happened many times at my house too where a big lightning flashes in my living room. I experience flashes of lights several times a day. Brother Thomas explained to me that it was God's lightning. Then another encounter was when I was walking to work, I saw an unusual beautiful rainbow formed in the clear sky.

On one meeting at CKRM and my cousin, aunty, uncle, my mum and I were given “Heavenly Wine” by Pastor Paul Ang. We could not see the wine but we received it through faith. I actually felt something like wind of current flowing into my mouth. This could not be explained but could be experienced when we believed.

Even now Pastor Paul Ang and Brother Thomas still enquire about my mum’s condition. They are filled with God's love in their hearts. CKRM has truly changed my life. Christ has enthroned Himself totally in my entire being. This whole journey of searching for the living God has finally ended when God led us to a warfare church that operates majestically with awesome demonstration of God's power and it also enables us to have a supernatural encounter with Him... I am a child of the supernatural GOD in whom we can have a supernatural experience in which CKRM is all about. Christ Kingdom will reign majestically in the lives of all those who experienced God like never before because this will enhance you to a different spiritual level- The Supernatural Realm.
Mariam Nathan's (Juliana's mother) testimony is through the link below:-


Paul Ang said...

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5, "My message & my preaching were not with wise & persuasive Words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power."