The 4th Joshua Camp - reported by The Editorial Team / 第四届的约书亚营 - 编辑队报道

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Bill Johnson says “The doctrine stating signs and wonders are no longer needed because we have the Bible was created by people who hadn’t seen God’s power and needed an explanation to justify their own powerless churches.” All teaching is to lead us to build His Kingdom and empowerment is not without purpose. We are to be trained, equipped, empowered to be co-workers with God for end time harvest.

Malacca is of great importance to the heart of God. The first Christian missionary came to Malacca in 1511. The gospel was brought to Malacca by the Portuguese. In 2003 while Ps Paul was attending one of Wesley Methodist Cell Group meetings, Ps Paul obeyed God and prophesized that the coming revival will spark off in Malacca. Ps Paul shared this prophecy with President of Agape Renewal Center in California, Rev Dr Ernest Chan in 2004 when he was in California. God also prompted upon Dr Chan's heart to set up an Agape Training Centre in Malacca.

Looking back since the 1st Joshua Camp to the present camp we can affirm that the Lord poured down His Holy Spirit without measure (John 3:34). The anointing becomes stronger and stronger and God is leading more and more people to be trained for His advancement of His Kingdom. In this camp, many lives were set free from bondages, many healings took place and great empowerment happened so that those He had chosen would be more effective in serving Him. God poured out His Spirit like the river from the throne room of God as in Ezekiel 47.

We had thirty over photographs that revealed the Glory of God in the form of angelic orbs in this camp. A pastor and his wife came from Singapore to this camp believing God has a plan for them. Putting his pride aside, he and his wife stepped forward to receive the power of God with a surrendered heart. Both of them were greatly blessed by God’s anointing and Ps Paul released the word that his ministry will never be the same again. Another brother who came for the first time to CKRM was also greatly blessed. Under the Prophetic Anointing session, words from the Lord were released to him. The Lord called him to be a pastor and also be a part of this great work that God is going to do in Malacca. Many confirmations were released by the Holy Spirit to this brother. Another highlight was the ordination of Elder Sitoh from Singapore and Bro Chang from Banting as pastors to serve God in a mighty way.

Taking the step of faith to come to Malacca to set up CKRM about 8 months ago, we see the hand of God moving in awesome way which is beyond the comprehension of human logic and reasoning. CKRM has been experiencing the abundant grace and blessings from God. Not only do we witness congregation growing, but CKRM has also made further inroad into Selangor, where a CKRM Banting Church (July 2009) and a CKRM Klang ministry (September 2009) have been set up. With 2010 being the revival eve, CKRM will commence an English Church on Thursday 7th January 2010 (See Announcement Revelation 3:7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, These things says He who is holy, he who is true, “He who has the key of David. He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”.

The camp came to a close by giving Glory to the Holy Spirit for the tremendous out-pouring and with fantastic testimonies from those who came to the Joshua Camp for the first time. It was an awesome, joyous and refreshing time soaking in the glorious presence of the Lord. Many lives were blessed, set free, healed, restored, revived and empowered to become a Spirit filled Christian walking in the Spirit. Roman 8:14 “Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” Two days of camp was certainly a demonstration of the Power of God Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5, “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.”

The best didn’t die with the apostles; the best is yet to come. We need the Power of God to accomplish great things for God. Hopelessness leads to self–centeredness. Self-centeredness leads to powerlessness. And powerlessness Christians do not change the world.

第四届的约书亚营 - 编辑队报道


比尔强生说到∶“因为我们已有圣经而不再需要神迹奇事的教义是那些未曾看见神大能的人,制造出来掩饰他们无能力的教会的说法”。 圣经中所有神迹奇事的教导是为了指引我们建立祂的国度而被神装备并非无目的。我们必须被培训, 装备和领受恩膏来成为神的同工好为末世来收割庄稼。

马六甲在神的心里是极为重要的地点。第一位基督教宣教士在一五一一年来到马六甲。福音是由葡萄牙人带入马六甲的。在二零零三年, 当保罗牧师在参加卫理公会的一个小组聚会时, 他顺服神并且发预言说将要来临的复兴会从马六甲开始点燃。保罗牧师在二零零四年在加州,与爱修园的院长陈仲辉牧师分享这个预言。神也启示陈仲辉牧师在马六甲设立一所爱修园领袖训练学院。

回顾第一届的约书亚营到如今的营会, 我们可以肯定神所赐的圣灵能力是没有限量的 (约翰福音 3:34)。 营会的恩膏是越来越强而神也带领更多的人前来被培训以便扩张祂的国度。在这个营里, 许多生命从捆绑中被释放,许多人得着医治等等。神所拣选的子民也都大大的被恩膏膏抹,好让他们能更有效的服事主。神倾倒祂的圣灵如同以西结书 47章的水从神殿的宝座像河流般涌出。

我们有超过三十张照片出现天使圆球的荣光彰显神的荣耀在这营会中。一名来自新加坡的牧师和他的妻子来到这营会并且相信神有旨意赐给他们。带着降服的心又把尊严撇开一旁, 他们来到神的面前领受能力。他们俩被神的恩膏大大的充满,而保罗牧师也释放话语说他们的事工将和以往不同。另一位第一次前来CKRM的弟兄也被神大大的祝福。在启示恩膏的时段, 主用众人释放了话语了给他。主呼召他成为一名牧师并且成为祂将要在马六甲行大事的一份子。圣灵借着众人释放了许多印证给这位弟兄。另一个焦点是来自新加坡的司徒文朝长老和万津的张启万弟兄被按立成为牧师的庆典。神的灵也大大地充满他们好叫他们更有能力的服事神。

自从八个月前跨出信心的步伐在马六甲设立了CKRM 超自然事工训练学校,我们看见神大能的手如何超越人所能理解的逻辑和理论运行在当中。CKRM一直不断地在经历神许许多多丰盛的恩典和祝福。 不但见证神如何超自然把祂要装备的人带进来,而且人数一直在增长, CKRM也迈进了雪兰莪, 在万津成立了一所教会 (2009 年七月) 和在巴生设立一所CKRM超自然治疗事工 (2009 年九月)。二零一零年是复兴的前夕, CKRM将在二零一零年一月七日(星期四)傍晚七点三十分正式开始CKRM马六甲英语教会 (请看预告。 启示录3:7 “你要写信给非拉铁非教会的使者,说:那圣洁、真实、拿着大卫的钥匙、开了就没有人能关、关了就没有人能开的…”。


浸泡在主荣耀的同在中是个惊叹, 喜乐且又使人从新得力的时刻。许多人被祝福, 从捆绑中得释放,有的被医治, 属灵生命被恢复,复兴,装备成为在灵里运行,圣灵充满的基督徒。罗马书 8:14 “因为凡被神的灵引导的,都是神的儿子。两天的营会的确是神施展大能的明证, 就如使徒保罗在歌林多前书 2:4-5 所说的∶“我说的话、讲的道,不是用智慧委婉的言语,乃是用圣灵和大能的明证,叫你们的信不在乎人的智慧,只在乎神的大能”。

最好的没有随着使徒们的逝世而消声若迹, 最好的还未到来。我们需要神的大能来为神成就大事。没有盼望导致一个人以自我为中心。自我为中心导致人丧失神的能力。丧失神能力的基督徒无法改变世界!