We have been blessed at the 4th Joshua Camp, Malacca - Alan/Katherine Auyong

Dear Pastor Mark,

How has the 4th Joshua Camp impacted us? For me (Alan), it is a warning sign that I must experience a conversion of heart and to increase my faith in the Lord. Before the Camp, I was full of doubts...In fact when Katherine (my spouse) approached me three times to accompany her to the Camp, I had strong reservations and made all kinds of excuses like not being able to apply for leave. She told me that if my heart desires to go, then I will be able to go. I was relunctant but was convicted to go. I applied for leave and was granted leave. When I was at camp, I saw all the drama and supernatural power of the Holy Spirit but I was not totally convinced the 'supernatural' happenings are real. While watching what was happening, God showed me Habukkuk 3:1. From that moment, I believe GOD is working in our midst and He is Real.

Upon returning to Singapore, I was amazed how the Holy Spirit worked through my wife to enable me to believe that HE is REAL. Then, Pastor Paul confirmed that I would need to go through a period of 'defrosting'. I took it literally at first but on the morning of 1st December, I started praying and felt the lifting of a weight on my head that was afflicting me for some time. I also experienced bright light after an intense period. I know HE has graciously granted me victory and healing. Katherine reminded me to thank the Lord for circumcision of my heart and renewal of my mind by HIS GRACE and MERCY. Just then, I also remembered God had used Katherine to plunge the gift of sword into my heart during the second morning of the Camp. Praise God!


Katherine's testitmony:

About a month back, I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I kept telling the Lord, "I'm so tired. I'm so tired!" That led me to search for healing services online. I searched for a few days but what came out were names of some mega churches but they did not publish news of healing service that Saturday.

That same Saturday morning, I tried going online again and typed in 'Christian Healing Service'. The first name that appeared was 'CKRM Christian Centre'. The name did look a little strange to me but I thought since I was free and they had a healing service, I might as well attend. When I arrived at the door of CKRM., I saw some people worshipping God in a spontaneous manner. I felt very connected to what I saw. I met Pastor Mark and he told me: 'Oh, they're usually out but so happened that this Saturday, they're in!' In my mind, I felt it was not coincidence or chance that brought me to CKRM. I have been to several churches but somehow, I feel CKRM is different in the manner God is being worshipped and glorified. I just felt and knew the strong presence of the HOLY SPIRIT is there.

So what is the impact of 4th Joshua Camp? For me, it is like soaking in His Presence and enjoying every moment of it. I felt refreshed, renewed in spirit and happy that I was able to rejoice in the Lord with all my heart and laughing so gleefully (something I have not been able to experience before the Camp). I truly believe the Lord is strengthening and healing me at the same time as well doing a deeper work in my life.

I want to thank the Lord for making a way for my husband (Alan) to be at the 4th Joshua Camp. For us both, it is a time of forgiveness and reconciliation as well as renewal of ties between us and GOD. I particularly thank GOD for equipping me with His strength and power!