Little Joel's Testimony - I prophesied during Joshua Camp / 小Joel 的见证 - 我在约书亚营发预言

Before I went to CKRM, I’m just a normal Christian. I hate to go to church because for me it’s meaningless and there is nothing to look forward to. When I heard about CKRM from my dad, in my heart it’s just another church with nothing special and I didn’t want to go. I said “it’s boring!”so my father got angry and we exchanged words. In the end, my father said that if I didn’t want to go, he would not give me pocket money to school. I went reluctantly. When Ps. Paul & Ps. Esther saw us coming in, they were very friendly.

When ministry started, I saw Ps. Paul using the“Sword Of The Spirit” (Heb 4:12), the “Hammer” (Jeremiah 23:29), the “Whip”(Isaiah 10:26) and other weapons. He usually gave me “Holy Laughter (Psalm 126:2) but I was still not interested in this gift. I would find excuses not to attend CKRM but my father was persistent. So, I went but on that day, Ps. Paul didn’t give me“Holy Laughter”. Instead, he gave me the “Whip”. When he whipped me, I could feel the whip going through my flesh and it hit my spirit man. I could also see the whip and its colour. I felt something different and amazing. Since then, I looked forward to go to CKRM and I felt happy after each visit. In one of the meetings, my spiritual eyes were opened and I could see angels in CKRM. When Ps. Paul talked about a“Wall of Fire” (Zechariah 2:5), I could see the“Wall of Fire”. Since then God had also given me visions. It was an exciting and interesting spiritual walk with the Lord after all these encounters.

When I attended the 2nd Joshua Camp, I felt very different. I had attended a lot of church camps but this was different. I witnessed the awesome Power of God in CKRM which I had never experienced before in my entire Christian life. My spirit man has become very sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

The 3rd Joshua Camp was even better. The people from Singapore were very friendly and I loved to fellowship with them. I witnessed all kinds of manifestations of the Power of God and I was very blessed. I didn’t know why but every time when Ps. Paul or Ps. Esther asked “Yes” or “No” regarding things of God, I will automatically say“Ya,ya,ya”. It’s indeed very funny and I couldn’t control saying it aloud.

Now I am not scared of praying and I even prayed during the camp! I even prophesied during the camp. God has brought me and my sister to Heaven’s gate and I even went inside the gates and met Jesus. He spoke to me and told me that I cannot stay in Heaven yet. I have work to do for Him on earth. Heaven is very very beautiful, filled with gold, diamonds, rubies, crystals etc. The experience was awesome and fantastic!

Now, I look forward to go to CKRM with enthusiasm. I will obey what my God asked me to do and I pray more people will come to CKRM to experience God. God does not look at the outward appearance of a person but He looks at the heart (1 Sam 16:7). I want to thank Ps. Paul and Ps. Esther for this opportunity to write my testimony. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.

Joel Quek (Little Joel )
Pastor’s Footnote:
Little Joel is 14 years old. Many teenagers today are addicted to playing demonized computer game at the game arcade. A man of God wrote, “I believe that if the Churches do not begin to move in greater power than is recorded in Church history, we will lose the current generation who is starved to see the supernatural --- causing millions to flock to movies like Harry Porter and join the demonically influenced streams and cults.”
小Joel  的见证 - 我在约书亚营发预言

在去CKRM之前,我是个普通的基督徒。我讨厌去教会因为对我而言,教会即没意思也没有什么可期待的。当我从父亲那里听到CKRM, 我心里想只是另一个没什么特别的教会,所以我根本不想去。我对父亲说“无聊!”使他非常生气,因此我们发生争辩。最后,我的父亲说如果我不去,他就不给我上学的零用钱。我唯有心不干情不愿的去了。当保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师看见我们进来,他们都非常友善。

当聚会开始时,我看见保罗牧师使用“属灵的宝剑” (希伯来书 4:12), “锤子” (耶利米书 23:29), “鞭子” (以赛亚书 10:26) 和其他的武器。他通常让我经历 “圣灵的喜乐” (诗篇 126:2)。但我对这恩赐并不感兴趣。我会找借口不出席CKRM的聚会。但是我父亲却坚持我得去。所以我去了。但是那天,保罗牧师没有让我经历 “圣灵的喜乐”。他反而让我领受“鞭子”。当他鞭我的时候,我可以感觉到鞭子穿过我的皮肉并且击中我的灵人。我也可以看到鞭子和它的颜色。这使我感觉到不同和惊奇。从此之后,我期待去CKRM并且在每次聚会后都很开心。在其中一个聚会,我的灵眼被打开而我看见CKRM里有天使。当保罗牧师讲到“火墙”时 (撒迦利亚 2:5),我可以看见这“火墙”。从此之后,神也给我看见异象。经历过这些属灵遇际后,与主同行确实刺激又有趣。



现在,我不怕祷告甚至在营会时祷告! 我也在营会时发预言。神带我和妹妹去到天堂的大门而我甚至走进去见主耶稣。祂与我交谈并且告诉我,我还不可以呆在天堂因我在世上还有事要为祂办。天堂非常非常美丽,布满了黄金,钻石,宝石和水晶等等。这经历真是惊叹,太棒了!

现在,我热切期待去CKRM。我会顺从神叫我做的事并且我祷告更多的人来CKRM经历神。神不看外貌;耶和华是看内心 (撒母耳记上 16:7)。我要感谢保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师给我这机会写我的见证。谢谢你们。愿神丰丰足足的祝福你们。


Paul 牧师注:

小Joel 今年十四岁。今日许多青少年都被电子暴力与魔幻游戏吸引而在电动游戏场所流连忘返。有一位神的仆人如此写:“我相信今日的教会若不开始运行在比以往教会历史中更大的能力的话,我们将会失去这些对超自然能力饥渴慕义的年轻一代---促使千万的灵魂涌向‘哈里波特’般的电影和受到邪恶潮流的影响或加入异教团体”等。