3rd Joshua Camp report (Part 2) – Reported by Ps Mark Tay / 第三届的约书亚营(第二部份) – 郑马可牧师报道

In the afternoon, Ps Esther taught on the 5-fold ministry and prophecy. Each and every one has a different calling and needs to complement one another. God, not us, decides where we will be positioned in the body of Christ (John 15:16). For those in the 5-fold ministry, God demands more from them. She illustrated the 5-fold ministry by using our 5 fingers. The personalities that usually accompany the various callings were also mentioned. If you are called to be an Apostle, you will have a prominent leadership character. However, a Prophet’s personality is rather unpredictable. The Evangelists is a people-person while a Pastor carries a harmonies character. The Teacher on the other hand, is likely to be a perfectionist who is very orderly and systematic.

After touching on Apostles and Prophets, Ps Esther taught on prophecy, pointing out that it is God’s heartbeat for all to prophecy. Scripture is the highest form of revelation and all modern day’s prophecies are subjected to the authority of God’s Word. She ended her teaching by pointing out the difference between gift of prophecy, the office of prophet and the Spirit of prophecy as well as how one can receive a Word from God. This is followed a practical session whereby everyone got into groups of four to exercise the gift of prophecy. There was reluctance in many of the brothers and sisters as they were afraid of giving inaccurate prophecies. However, when Ps Esther encouraged them to step out in faith, signs and wonders began to happen. All of them were able to prophecy. Initially, Ps Esther interpreted most of the prophecy. Later Ps Esther began to train the interns to interpret the prophecy that were spoken in an unknown tongue. Many were able to do so.

Ps Esther told the Singapore group not to stop here but to continue to exercise the gift of Prophecy because God wants CKRM to be a church known for its strong prophetic gifting. The best was kept to the last. Ps Paul said it was time to entertain the King of Kings. He began to call sis Gloria, Doris, Elder Sitoh, Cynthia, Uzziah, Lingli, Andy, Maureen, Thomas and others to entertain the Lord. It was a fabulous Holy Spirit party, entertaining the King of Kings. Ps Paul said when our King of Kings was happy, His favor would be greatly upon us to “Dance and sing in the Spirit” (Colossians’ 3:16). Archer girl did a wonderful job on the keyboard by ushering in the mighty presence of our Lord. It was a glorious sight, foreshadowing the throne room encounter in Heaven

For the grand finale, Sis Ruth prophecy to all of us while being drunk in the spirit. It was an educating cum humorous session where God even joked with His people. He asked who would like to have gold. Many responded with eagerness by stepping forward. To their dismay, God rebutted them by saying “Why you all wanted gold? In Heaven, the streets are paved with gold.” What we see is finite but what we cannot see is infinite and eternal. God told us to “store our treasures where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (Mathew 6:20). God reminded us to invest in His Kingdom and not hoard up wealth on earth. All Glory to God for such a glorious Joshua Camp!

第三届的约书亚营(第二部份) – 郑马可牧师报道

以斯帖牧师在下午时分教导五重职事和预言。因每个人的呼召都不一样所以我们须要互相配搭。神全权决定我们在耶稣肢体的岗位 (约翰福音 15:16)。至于那些在五重职事里的,神对他们的要求会比较高。她以我们的五根手指头来代表和解释五重职事。以斯帖牧师也逐一的分析五重职事呼召的不同个性。比如有使徒呼召的通常会有显著的领导个性。先知的个性大都难以抓摸。传道人拥有善于跟人打交道的个性,人缘好。而牧师则是与人和睦相处的个性。在另一方面,教师比较有可能是个完美主意者并且非常系统化和有条理。

分享过使徒与先知的区别后,以斯帖牧师教导预言并且指出神的心意是所有的人都能说预言。 圣经经节是启示预言最重要的应征。而今时今日的预言都限制在神话语的权柄下。以斯帖牧师以先知启示的恩赐和先知职份的分别,启示的灵与如何领受从神而来的话语结束了当天的教导。接着是实习时间,所有的人分成四人一组来操练先知启示的恩赐。许多弟兄姐妹因害怕发出的预言不准确而迟疑。但是在以斯帖牧师的鼓励下,当人人踏出信心的一步时神迹奇事便开始发生。大家都能发出预言。有趣的是,弟兄姐妹大都以方言的方式发出预言。较早时是以斯帖牧师翻出大多数的预言,后来她鼓励我们向神求翻预言的恩赐。接着许多弟兄姐妹都能翻出以方言所发出的预言。

以斯帖牧师告诉新加坡的团队不要停在那里而要继续操练先知启示的恩赐。因为神要新加坡CKRM行走在先知启示的恩膏里,以这先知启示的恩赐高举祂的名。好戏在后头,保罗牧师接着说是娱乐万王之王的时候了。他请Gloria, Doris, Sitoh长老, Cynthia, Uzziah, Lingli, Andy, Maureen, Thomas和其他人出来娱乐主。真是好棒的属灵舞会! 罗牧师说当万王之王高兴时,祂的恩宠会大大降在我们身上来 “灵里歌颂跳舞” (歌羅西书 3:16)。躬射手美妙的琴声引领我们进入神的同在。这是个荣耀的景象,似乎进入了天堂宝座前敬拜的先兆。

整个约书亚营可说是高潮迭起。压轴曲是Ruth姐妹在灵里醉时向大家所发的预言。这是个具有教导性又幽默的时段,神甚至与祂的子民开玩笑。当祂问谁要金时,许多人积极回应地走向台前。使他们惊愕的是,神责备他们说 “为何你们要金?天堂街道都是用金铺成的”。我们能看见的是有限的但是那看不见的是无限和永恒的。神告诉我们 “只要积攒财宝在天上;天上没有虫子咬,不能锈坏,也没有贼挖窟窿来偷” (马太福音 6:20)。神提醒我们投资在祂的国度而不要在世上累积财富。为着这辉煌显赫的约书亚营把所有荣耀都归给神!