3rd Joshua Camp report (Part 1) – Reported by Ps Mark Tay / 第三届的约书亚营(第一部份) – 郑马可牧师报道

In Jeremiah 1:12, The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” God always stand behind His Word and ensure its fulfillment. If there is no power in the Gospel, there is no good news. Furthermore, miracles, signs and wonders confirm the message and attract the multitude. When we are confronting the devil, we need to exercise the power and authority God has given us. Nowhere do we see a meek Jesus asking the devil politely to leave. Ps Paul empowered many in the morning by writing on their palms (Daniel 5:5). Some were blessed with the anointing to entertain the Lord while others were served the “burning coal” (Isaiah 6:6). This spiritual gift helps believers with hindrances that prevented them from obeying the Lord.

In the afternoon, Ps Paul went on to teach us that we need to move in the power of the king and have the purity of the priest. Jesus said in John 6:63, “….The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” We should not just read the bible but medidate on it. Bro Thomas, Bro Benjamin and Sis Nellie were then called to open the door which Ps Paul has shut by a spoken word. Bro Thomas managed to get to the door but was unable to stay there and had to back off. Bro Benjamin couldn’t even get near the door! While Sis Nellie succeeded in pushing the door open, she fell flat and prostrated at the door. After the demonstration, Ps Paul went on to say that we must die to our “flesh” if we want to walk in the Spirit. The Lord then selected 5 from Banting: Bro Choi & Chia, Bro Thomas Ong, Sis Jane Sue and Georgina to move in signs and wonders. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon them mightily and some of them manifested with weeping and shaking. They will be the 5 pillars of CKRM Banting Advisory Centre.

The Lord empowered Sis Elizabeth with the worship anointing. As she worshipped the Lord, her face was glowing with God’s glory and His presence continued to thicken, causing some to cry out as His glory came on us. Those sitting in front of her such as Bro Joel, Bro Uzziah, and little Joel were all shaking and trembling as the power of God swept through the sanctuary. After being ministered by Ps Paul, Jessica and her brother, little Joel went to heaven in the spirit and the Lord confided in him about CKRM. Sis Docas also reported seeing a place of great brightness while she was on the floor. She could hear the wind blowing and sense God’s awesome power. Bro Richard drank the heavenly wine and fell under the power of God. Sis Serene, who came for her 1st Joshua camp, was also ministered to. She was moved to tears as Ps Esther released the words of the Lord for her. Finally, Ps Paul used the whip (Isaiah 10:26) to empower Sis Doris, little Joel, Bro David and Bro Thomas Chong.

In the night, the Lord confirmed the nicknames of some in Banting. They are “Hurricane” Chia, “Archer” Choi, and “Runner/Chariot”Jane, “The warrior & the scholar Thomas Ong. Bro Choi wasted no time to exercise the new “weapon” he received by shooting arrows at some of us. These spiritual weapons help to get rid of the “rubbish” in us such as pride, disobedience to the Lord, religious mindsets etc.

For the last day of the Joshua Camp, Ps Paul taught that one encounter with God will change our whole lives. A moment of favor from God is worth more than a lifetime of labor on our own. God uses everybody differently and we should be faithful to what God has called us to do. Do not meddle in the affairs of another ministry and touch not God’s anointed (Psalms 105:15). We were reminded once again the importance of “eating” the Word and not just reading the bible. Ps Paul wrote the word “Fire” on three chairs at the altar and asked the Holy Spirit to lead His chosen vessels to their respective seat. The first person was the Archer of Singapore, followed by Lingli. Before the third person was called, the youngest son of Banting Chia came running and took a seat. To our amusement, it was confirmed by Ps Esther that God had indeed chosen him. Lastly Little Joel was called to take the last seat. Altogether 4 chairs were placed in front.

When Ps Paul shared there were many weapons found in the Bible such as “Flying Arrow” (Habakkuk 3:11), immediately the chosen three stood up and demonstrated the action in unison. Likewise for the “Stone of David” (1 Samuel 18:49), “The Lightning of the Flashing Spear” (Habakkuk 3:11), “Writing on the Wall” (Daniel 5:5). When the Words of God was read, all the chosen three would instantly stood up and portrayed the depicted weapons of God. The interesting thing was that even the manner they stood and pulled the strings of the Bow was in perfect harmony. That showed God’s Spirit is uniform in all of us. As they used these weapons on the congregation, the power of God was released through the weapons to empower everybody.

Lingli and little Joel were called out to exercise “the Finger of God”. After little Joel wrote “Fire” on the pulpit, Sis Mary placed her hand on it and subsequently fell under the Power of God. CKRM is an end-time church and end-time ministers will move in signs and wonders. If believers believed what is in the Bible (Faith) and are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, they will see the Glory of God

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第三届的约书亚营(第一部份) – 郑马可牧师报道

在耶利米书1:12,耶和华对我说: "你看得不错;因为我留意保守我的话,使得成就"。神时时站在祂话语的背后确保祂所出的话语都必成就。福音如果不附带能力的话,就不能传出好消息来。更何况,神迹奇事能应征所传的信息和吸引大众的心。当我们对抗魔鬼时, 我们需要运用神赐给我们的能力和权柄。在圣经中,我们找不到任何记载耶稣温顺地请魔鬼离开的纪录。在早上的聚会里,保罗牧师以神的手指头在许多人的掌心写字 (但以理书 5:5) 来装备他们。有些被娱乐主的恩膏充满,另一些却领受神在以赛亚书6:6 “红炭” 的膏抹。这些属灵恩赐能帮助信徒克服拦住他们顺服主的障碍。

在下午, 保罗牧师教导我们必需运行在君王的能力和拥有祭师的纯洁里。耶稣在约翰福音 6:63说, “….我对你们所说的话就是灵,就是生命”。我们不应该只读圣经而是要研读和默想经文。接着Thomas, Benjamin弟兄和Nellie姐妹尝试打开保罗牧师以启示录3:7-8 封锁的大门。Thomas成功的走到门口但是无法逗留而必需后退。Benjamin弟兄连走近门口都不能! 至于Nellie姐妹,她成功的推开门后就被击倒俯伏在地上。圣灵展示了祂的能力之后, 保罗牧师继续教导我们如果要在灵里运行就必需对我们的“肉体” 死去。主接着从万津拣选了五位弟兄姐妹: Choi & Chia弟兄, Thomas Ong弟兄, Jane Sue和Georgina姐妹运行在神迹奇事的服事中。圣灵的大能大大的浇灌在他们的身上。他们会是CKRM万津超自然治疗中心的五根柱子。

主以敬拜赞美的恩膏膏抹Elizabeth姐妹。当她在敬拜主时,她的脸焕发出神的荣光而祂的同在继续不断加增促使一些人在神的荣耀大能中喊叫。一些坐在Elizabeth姐妹前面的人比如Joel弟兄, Uzziah弟兄和小Joel在神的大能扫过整个圣殿时都不停地在颤抖。被保罗牧师服事后, Jessica和哥哥小Joel的灵里都去了天堂。而主向小Joel透露了一些有关CKRM的事物。Docas姐妹分享当她被充满躺卧在地上时看见一个很亮的地方。她可以听见风吹的声音和感觉到神的大能。Richard弟兄喝了属天的酒后被神的能力击倒在地上。第一次出席约书亚营的Serene姐妹也被服事。她被主通过以斯帖牧师释放的话语所感动并且流泪。最后,保罗牧师使用鞭子 (以赛亚书10:26) 装备Doris姐妹,小Joel,David和Thomas Chong弟兄。

当天晚上,主应证了万津教会一些弟兄姐妹的绰号。他们是“飓风Chia”, “躬射手Choi ” , “火战车Jane” 和 “文武学者Thomas Ong”。Choi弟兄迫不急待地使用他领受的新“武器” 向一些人射箭。这些属灵的武器能帮助我们除去生命里面的“垃圾” 比如骄傲,不顺服主,宗教思想等等。

约书亚营的最后一天保罗牧师教导我们,一次与神相遇的经历可以改变我们的一生。神一刻的恩宠胜过我们一生靠自己努力所赚取的。神使用每个人的方式都不一样。所以我们应该忠于神呼召我们去做的事。不要去干涉别人的事工或为难神恩膏的仆人(诗篇 105:15)。我们再次被提醒“吃”神话语的重要性而不要只单单读圣经罢了。保罗牧师在台前的三张椅子上写了“火” 字并且请求圣灵带领祂拣选的器皿各就各位。第一个是新加坡的“躬射手” 接着是Lingli姐妹。在第三个人出来之前, 万津Chia最小的儿子跑过来坐在椅子上。有趣的是,以斯帖牧师应证神确实挑选了他。最后,小Joel被请到最后一个座位上。一共有四张椅子摆在前面。

当保罗牧师分享圣经里有许多武器比如“飞箭”(哈巴谷書3:11), 那被拣选的三人马上同一时间站起来示范射箭的姿态。同样的“大卫的石子”(撒母耳记上 17:50), “有如闪电的枪” (哈巴谷書3:11),“在墙上写字” (但以理书 5:5)。当神的话语被释放时,那被拣选的三人马上站起来同时示范那些武器。有趣的是就连他们的姿态和拉躬线都是一致的。这显明在我们里头神的灵是一致的。当他们使用这些武器在会众身上时,神的能力通过这些武器被释放出来装备大家。

Lingli和小Joel被叫出来操练“神的手指头” 。小Joel在讲台写上“火” 字后, Mary姐妹把手放在那里并且被神的能力充满倒在地上。CKRM是个末日的教会而末日的服事者会运行在神迹奇事中。如果信徒相信圣经所言(信心) 并且敏锐于圣灵的带领,他们就会看见神的荣耀。