Beyond Any Doubt - Pastor O.K. Thian, J.P

Today I am standing here and I want to share two things. Firstly, I want to confirm to all of you that this is the right ministry for me since I came to CKRM about two years ago.
At the Gideon Camp hearing Dr Joyce Tai's message, it certainly confirmed that CKRM is the ministry for me. I have been to so many ministries in the past and despite a ministry of miracles, signs and wonders where the facts were presented and supported by the scriptures, I still have my doubt. I thank the Lord that today after listening attentively to Dr Joyce’s message I am very assured that we are growing together with Ps Paul and Ps Esther in this ministry. 

I thank God for what I have heard today, He has confirmed that I am in the right path and the right place.
The second point is about a month ago, there was a prophet from India who came to Kuala Lumpur and he ministered to me. He was asking me “Now that you have retired what do you want to do for the Lord?” I purposely did not want to tell him what I had planned to do for the Lord because since he is a prophet then he should know and tell me instead! I told him I leave everything to the Lord. He told me that was not good enough. The prophet then gave me a word, "You must know what you want to do. While praying for me, he said I am going to build an auditorium and all the people in the world will congregate in Malaysia to celebrate unto the Lord." 
I give glory to the Lord. I also thank Pastor Paul Ang. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!
Pastor's Footnote: Ps O.K. Thian is the Architect for our new Auditorium project in Malacca and also on the Advisory Board of CKRM Leadership Training (SEA) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


~Chris said...

Hi Pastor Paul;

So wonderful to hear your free of medications. I understand what you mean when you say after you retire ... what is next for the Lord. I'm retired and asking that also.
Please let me know how your project progresses. The Lord will bless it for sure.
Please pray for America. Once a beacon of Christ's light, I'm afraid we as a nation are loosing our way.
We have a Manhattan Fish Market in New York, next time I'm in the city, I'll see if I can find it. Here is something I wrote that you may enjoy... Blessings to you are your congregation...
Your brother in Christ... Chris
The Ark of the Covenant

Paul Ang said...

Thank you, Chris.