A Sudden Transformation - By Edward Ong

It is so encouraging to see Paul Ang being used in such an effective manner by the Lord. He is indeed a breath of freshness and a thundering spiritual enigma. He has achieved much in the Lord within such a short period of time. Wow, fancy all those years when I put up at his place in Singapore while doing business there. He used to send me on Sundays to Pastor Lawrence Khong's Faith Community Baptist Church and we would catch up later for lunch as he was an unbeliever. I remembered he had a monastery nun as kind of a mentor, but now he is proclaiming the word of the Lord with boldness and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a transformation of enormous proportions—only a tremendous touch of the Lord and his obedience to the Lord explains the possibilities.
Pastor's Footnote: 
A man reaps what he sows. Edward & Johnny were friends from Kuala Lumpur. Being devoted Christians, I sent them to Faith Community Baptist Church on Sunday when they were guests in my house in Singapore. Many years later, it was at FCBC that I received salvation.
Johnny's property management company was the project managers for my high-rise commercial building which I was developing. The sudden conversion and the rapid transformation of my spiritual life were just too hard for any Christian to digest so when Edward finally wrote to me after a long period of silence, not even responding to my several emails sent to him, I believe that he has finally believed that it is truly the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in my life after seeing the fruit.