The 4th Wave is Coming Soon - From the Editor's Desk / 圣灵第四波即将到来-编辑撰文

Jesus is always the head and Lord of the church. The Holy Spirit is always keen to bring back His glory back to His church if we allow Him to. I believe the Holy Spirit is moving in a new and sovereign way the world has never seen before. Through the years we have seen the church moved in different ways. The church will be represented in a forth model better known as the Forth Wave of the Holy Spirit. The Forth wave of the Holy Spirit will be God’s next move in His church that will continue the spiritual line initiated by the third wave, only that now God will equipped his Church with something new for a higher purpose. The main characteristic of the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will be that the Church will rise up with Authority and Power from High, never seen before, with the following purposes as written by Ritchie Pugliese :

a) To infringe the devil and his demons in the most incredible defeats, that has been holdback for years.

b) Make the devil returned everything that he has stolen for years, centuries.

c) Show to the world, which is the real Church of Jesus Christ.

d) Show to the earthly and spiritual world that the only authority is the Lord Jesus, who is sitting in his throne forever and ever.

e) Show to the world an advance or first fruits of what the Kingdom of God will be here on earth, when the prophetic times have been accomplished.

In order to understand the fourth wave, some background information is necessary; after all, what were the first three waves, and why is there a need for a fourth? The ‘first wave’ refers to the birth of Pentecostalism in the Azusa Street revival of 1906. This wave was, according to Stibbe, defined by an emphasis upon the experience of the Spirit as proven by the use of tongues as evidence of a second empowering blessing subsequent to conversion. This was known as the ‘baptism in the Spirit.. The ‘second wave’ indicates the rise of the Charismatic Renewal in the mainline denominations, and began with Episcopalian minister Dennis Bennett’s acceptance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1960. There was an emphases in the use of gifts such as healing (they focus more on inner healing) acceptance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1960. The ‘third wave’ is a movement within the Protestant Evangelical churches, linked with the signs and wonders of John Wimber.

Expectation of a fourth wave is strengthened by a self-perceived weakness of the three waves; namely, that of the division which exists, it is believed, between those who rely on the Word - the Bible - and those who rely on the Spirit – the ongoing work of the Spirit. In his 1947 prophecy Smith Wigglesworth said that a movement of God was coming in which the Word and the Spirit would be combined resulting in what Stibbe describes as “the greatest movement of God’s Spirit ever witnessed in church history.” The main characteristic of the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit is that it will be a victorious movement of spiritual warfare against evil forces. That is why, the fourth model of the Church will be a warrior army that will battle, invested of purity and holiness, and will conquer all the territory so the kingdom of God will come, until Christ shall return in the clouds to rapture his Church, and here in the earth will begin a sequence of final events in the history of mankind.

The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will give the Church more spiritual authority above all principalities and demonic powers. The Anointing Power added to the Fire of Holiness, will be the foundation of this fourth move of God. The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will transform the Church in a totally Warrior Church. Local churches that will not have this characteristic will be less effective and will not impact the spiritual world. For a long time, the Church has conform with only having members; but in this new time, God will rise up in his Church warriors filled by the Holy Spirit with the fire anointing, soldiers that will not fear anything neither anyone, people that will represent Christ here on earth effectively. CKRM is a church flowing in this type of wave with only the holy fear for God. The Lord wants to equip his Church with such power, but would the members of Church want to be equipped by His Lord? Only you and I have the answer!
(中文翻译由中国Sarah Shan博士完成)

耶稣一直是教会的头和主,圣灵一直都在将祂的荣耀带回到教会中,只要我们允许祂这样做。我相信圣灵将要以世界从未见过崭新至尊的方式运行。多年以来,我们看到教会以不同的模式运行。教会将要呈现出第四种运行模式,也就是所说的圣灵第四波。圣灵第四波是继第三波之后的下一次神在教会的运行。而现在神要给祂的教会新的装备,以达到一个更高的目的。圣灵第四波的主要特征是教会将带着从上而来的权柄和能力空前兴起,如Ritchie Pugliese所写成就如下目的:

a) 以最难以置信的、已经被阻隔了多年的胜利挫败撒旦及其鬼魔。

b) 将多年、甚至几个世纪以来被魔鬼偷窃的产业夺回。

c) 向世界显明什么是耶稣基督的教会。



为理解圣灵第四波,有必要了解一些背景信息。前三波是什么?为何需要第四波?圣灵第一波是指1906年阿苏撒大复兴引发的五旬节运动。Stibbe对这一波的定义是,强调以说方言为经历圣灵的表现做为重生后领受第二次祝福的证据,也就是所说的“圣灵的洗”。第二波是指在一些主流宗派中的灵恩复兴运动,从1960年圣公会牧师 Dennis Bennett接受圣灵的洗开始。第二波强调恩赐的运用,如医治(更注重内在医治)和接受圣灵的洗。第三波是在基督新教福音派教会中的圣灵运动,与John Wimber的神迹奇事相连。

第四波的更大期待有关于前三波中所存在的不足,也就是在依赖“话语”(圣经)者与依赖“圣灵”(圣灵正在做的工)者之间存在着的分分歧。Smith Wigglesworth在1947年预言说,将有一个神的运动到来,这个运动是“话语”与“圣灵”的结合,从而成就如Stibbe所说的“教会历史上从未有过、最伟大的神的圣灵运动”。圣灵第四波最主要的特征是将会兴起对抗邪恶势力的属灵争战胜利运动。这就是为什么教会的第四种模式将以大能军队形象出现,进行争战、追求纯净与圣洁、征服全部领地、使神的国到来,直到基督驾云降临提取祂的教会,地上将开始一系列人类历史上的末后事件。

圣灵第四波会使教会得到更多属灵权柄,胜过所有执政的和掌权的魔鬼势力。圣洁的火加上恩膏能力,将会是神圣灵第四波的基础。圣灵第四波将会使教会转化成为完全的勇士教会。那些不具备此特征的地方教会将削弱,失去灵界影响力。一直以来,教会只追求人数,但在新的时刻,神要兴起祂圣灵充满带着圣火恩膏的教会,兴起不惧怕任何事任何人的战士,兴起在地上能有效代表基督的信徒。CKRM就是按着这一波类型运行、单单敬畏神的教会。主希望用权能装备祂的教会,但教会成员是否愿意被主装备呢? 答案只有你和我知道!