Look at the Cross - A Beautiful Testimony in Poem by Sis Nellie Quek / 仰望十架 - Nellie Quek姐妹美丽的诗歌见证

‘Look at the cross’, said the pastor to me 
What cross? thought I, there’s none to see
Strangely though I did obey and see
The imaginary cross straight ahead of me

‘Touch His garment’, the pastor then said to me
How? For His appearance I could not see
The woman with the issue of blood came to mind
How she touched his garment was before my eyes

In obedience and as the woman did, so did I 
Hand, reaching out to the image before me
Fingers barely touching the hem of His garment
When prostrate I fell, before His holy presence

‘What happened?’ was the question posed to me
I don’t know, no explanation came to mind 
Something powerful was at work in me
The aura of His presence I could not deny

‘Come and drink of the wine’
Invited the pastor, cupping his hands
Copying him, my cupped hands then received
And drank of the wine I could not see 

The wine I could neither taste nor see 
But the effects were plain for all to see
Seated was I, cross legged on the floor
Feeling the wine dribbling down my chin

Forearms busy wiping away at the dribbling chin
I felt the wine was dripping all over me
Oh how the congregants roared with laughter
At 56, it must have been quite a sight to behold

Falling prostrate, being drunk in the spirit
Such was my introduction to CKRM
A year has now passed, my lukewarm life is past
I thank the Lord for CKRM Melaka
Where my true journey with God began
Pastor's Footnote: Sis Nellie gathers a vast experience of 35 years in the healthcare industry in both public and private sectors. Even after retirement her expertise is still being sought after as an advisor/lecturer. She has served as the Chief Nursing Officer cum Director in Nursing, Principal & CEO of nursing colleges and was invited to serve Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) as surveyor from the year 2000. MSQH is an accreditation body founded by the Ministry of Health.
仰望十架 - Nellie Quek姐妹美丽的诗歌见证






















( 注:诗歌华语翻译及编辑分别由Mary Tan 姐妹和 Sarah Shan博士完成)
牧者留言: Nellie 姐妹在医疗保健行业的公共和私人部门拥有三十五年的丰富的经验。因着她的专业知识和经验,退休后的她依然经常被邀请成为顾问或讲师。Nellie 姐妹曾是总护士长,护理主任和担任过数间护士学院的院长和主席。自2000年起,她更被邀请成为马来西亚卫生与健康品质协会(MSQH) 的质量调查员。MSQH 是马来西亚国家卫生部成立并鉴定的合格机构。


halelu said...

'Without faith no one can please God." How many could really understand this. To truly experience deity one must throw away all one's dignity.For Jesus said, "unless you have a child-like faith you will not see the Kingdom of God nor enter into it."