The 5th Joshua Camp Report - Editorial Team / 第五届约书亚营–编辑队报道

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The long awaited 5th Joshua Camp has finally arrived. About 90 people attended this camp with great enthusiasm and expectation. Campers came as far as Indonesia, China, India and Australia. As the car needs petrol to burn and drive the engine, we need the Fire of God to empower us to do the will of God in our lives.

This camp consists of pastors from near and far countries seeking for a greater touch from the Lord. Ps Paul shared that to be an effective disciple of Christ, we need the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and Faith, so that God can work in us and through us. As the Holy Spirit came upon the campers, they began to prophesy and moved in the Spirit. Many pastors too were given word of prophesy to further enhance their ministry.

Ps Seth shared from Ezekiel 47- the River of God. All the campers jumped into this spiritual river and were greatly blessed in the Glory of God. It was an awesome experience soaking in His presence! In this river: healing, empowerment and sanctification took place supernaturally.

Ps Paul shared about the story of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Harland Sanders being old, sold his KFC that he had founded. Many years later he was invited by new owner to be the ambassador of KFC business. In his visit to one of the KFC’s outlet, he was served with a plate of KFC. After eating a portion, he complained that it was not the original recipe which he founded! If apostle Paul were to visit a church today, he would say the same thing too; “This is not my original version of what a church should be.” A church should move in miracles, signs and wonders as in the Book of Acts 4 onwards.

Ps Anna Cheah shared that signs and wonders is a must for a church of Christ. (Mark 16:17 )  “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues.”

Ps Anna laid hand on the campers and the Holy Spirit saturated the place. With great hunger the campers rushed forth to receive from the Lord. Every vessel was filled and many were drunk in the Spirit and His Glory was so thick in the camp.

A middle aged couple came from Petaling Jaya to this camp for the first time and was greatly blessed at this camp. More interestingly, an associate professor from a well known university in China came all the way from China. With a hungry heart and a child liked faith she was blessed with many gifts of the Spirit. God is not a respecter of person. Three sisters from Indonesia were able to swim and drink in the River of God too. Many were blessed including Bro Augustine from Australia who took leave to come for this purpose. A pastor from India had never experienced the move of the Holy Spirit in a mighty fashion opened his heart for prayers and impartation from CKRM ministers. He was glad he came for the camp and it was an eye opener for him.

Bill Johnson says: "Aren’t you weary of talking about a Gospel of power and seeing no demonstration of it?”

Ps Simone shared about holiness. Holiness duplicates the moral wholeness of Godlike character. It means that we come into a place to conform our will to His. Human can never live in absolute holiness, but Jesus died to give us His. The Bible says all of us are priests and as priests we must be holy before God.(Leviticus 19:2) "Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them: 'Be Holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.” We need the seven Spirit of God so that we are able to walk in holiness before our Holy God. (Isaiah 11:2) The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him--the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD” so that we can live a holy life. Ps Sitoh continued and shared about the 4 living creatures as mentioned in the book of Revelation 4:8. As a pastor he believed in bringing the Anointing of God to the market place to set the people free and point them to Jesus.

Bro Thomas shared about ‘The Glory of God and Experiencing the Third Heaven. .He was sharing that as a believers, we are given access into third heaven based on our identity in Christ, seated with Him in the heavenly places and as a Citizen of the Kingdom of God With the grace of God, as the campers stepped out in faith during the activation time, many had vision of Third Heaven with awesome encounters. The description of the encounters especially the door (Rev 4:1) which is the gateway to Heaven were similar from a person to another.

Thomas Ong has passion to move in the GLORY realm of God and to demonstrate the Kingdom of God with miracle, signs and wonders. He loves to pray for crazy and outrageous miracle eg. instant weight loss, supernatural hair grow, renewal of youth, dental miracle, healing, deliverance and other creative miracles. Recently, many testified experience Heavenly Glory and third heaven encounter during his ministering.

Ps Esther shared about the Holy Communion in depths to the congregation. It is so important to understand the significance of the bread and the cup so that we can serve mightily with the DNA of Jesus Christ. The camp came to a close with good co-ordination from all parties and most importantly the presence of the Lord. Faith, hunger and holiness are required so that we can be true disciples of Jesus. We need the Fire of God to purify and purge our sins.

Bill Johnson shared that “It is unnatural for a Christian to not have an appetite for the impossible.” He further adds that “we too can move from an intellectual faith and tap into an abundance of miracle-working authority, unleashing the power of God’s glory.”

第五届约书亚营 – 编辑队报道



这次的营会吸引了一些近邻和远方的牧师到来寻求神更大的膏抹。保罗牧师在分享中提到,要成为基督大有能力的门徒, 必备条件是拥有神的话语,圣灵和信心。这样,神才能在我们身上动工和使用我们成为祂的管道。当圣灵降在弟兄姐妹身上时,他们开始在灵里运行和发预言。许多牧师也领受神要如何提升他们事工的预言。


保罗牧师在傍晚的聚会中分享有关肯德基家乡鸡的故事。 哈兰•山德士上校因上了年纪便把他所创办的肯德基家乡鸡卖给人。许多年后,他被邀请成为肯德基家乡鸡的商业大使。在一次造访其中一家分行时,在尝了一口鸡肉后,他决定辞去大使的职位,因那已不是他原创的家乡鸡味道。若使徒保罗踏入今日的教会,相信他也会有同感地说:“这并不是我原创教会的实质。”教会因该有如使徒行传第四章以上的行走在神迹,奇事和异能中。

Anna Cheah 牧师说神迹,奇事和异能是当今教会所不能缺少的。(马可福音16:17)“信的人必有神迹随着他们,就是奉我的名赶鬼;说新方言。”当Anna牧师为会众按手时, 圣灵浸透整个圣所。因着大家都带着饥渴慕义的心到台前来领受,所有弟兄姐妹都大大地被圣灵充满。有些还在灵里醉了。神的荣耀厚厚的遮盖整个圣所。

一对第一次从八打灵再也来的中年夫妇蒙受极大的祝福。更有趣的是一位来自中国一间著名大学的副教授,带着渴慕和孩童般的信心领受了许多属灵的恩赐。神是全能的主宰。三位来自印尼的姐妹也能游和饮用于神的生命河里。许多人都被神大大的祝福,尤其是特别申请假期,千里迢迢从澳洲来的Augustine 弟兄也领受了不少属灵武器。一位从未见证圣灵如此大运行的印度牧师说很庆幸能够来到当中领受祷告和属灵恩赐的传递。对他来说简直是大开眼界。


Simone 牧师谈到省的子民务要圣洁。圣洁意表着整体性的道德,品行和观念都像神的性格。就是来到一个完全遵守,顺从祂所有的旨意。人类绝对无法靠自己得着圣洁,但主耶稣为我们成就了这一切。圣经说我们都是祭司,身为祭司来到神面前我们必须是圣洁的。(利 未记19:2)“你晓谕以色列全会众说:你们要圣洁,因为我耶和华 ─ 你们的 神是圣洁的。”我们也需要神的七灵(以赛亚书11:2)“耶和华的灵必住在他身上,就是使他有智慧和聪明的灵,谋略和能力的灵,知识和敬畏耶和华的灵” 才能活出圣洁的生命。司徒文朝牧师接着分享有关启示录4:8中的四活物。身为牧师的他相信我们应该把神的恩膏带到市场去,使被掳的得释放和把他们引到耶稣面前。

Thomas 弟兄分享有关神的荣耀和第三层天的经历。他说作为信徒,因着我们在基督里的身份和与祂一同坐在天上,又是天国的子民,我们是可以拜访第三层天的。靠着神的恩典,当会众在启动的时段凭信心踏出领受,许多在异像中看到天堂的景色和有惊叹的奇遇。他们所形容的天门(启 示 录4:1)都大同小异。

Thomas 弟兄热忠于在神荣耀的领域里运行和示范神国度的神迹,奇事和异能。他喜欢为着一些疯狂和反常理的神迹来祷告,如即时瘦身,超自然生发,恢复青春,牙龈口腔神迹,,医治,释放等等。最近很多见证通过他的服事,他们经历了天堂的荣耀和有第三层天的奇遇。