Our God is "Outside the Box" - My Testimony by Bro Benjamin Khoo / 我们的神是在“箱子”以外的! – 我的见证 (便亚悯弟兄)

I remember hearing a preacher making a statement that nearly caused the audience to brand him as a heretic. He said, “Our God is wild!” Before the audience began hurling stones at him, he qualified by saying, “…in the sense that He cannot be domesticated as a pet!” Hilarious as it may sound, it is indeed a statement worth pondering as our God is indeed “outside-the-box”.

God has led my family to the supernatural ministry of CKRM Malacca more than four months ago. Despite having experienced God’s presence and power through different ministries in the past, I adopted a very careful attitude during the earlier days’ trips to the Saturday meetings. Many people may have been taken aback by the boisterous physical manifestations and unconventional methods of ministry employed by the pastors. However, by the grace of God and all glory to Him, God has done great things through this supernatural ministry in my life!

CKRM Malacca, being an empowerment ministry, has the mandate to prepare and empower God’s end-time army to fulfill their callings and destinies of God for their generation. Little did I know that empowerment would also mean God clearing up the mess in my life, healing and restoring my life and sharpening my spiritual sensitivity towards God and His voice. Indeed, the Lord has empowered me with the roar of the Lion of Judah and other gifts but I would like to share the fruit of God’s work through CKRM ministry. Amongst the many things that God has done, I would like to testify, giving all glory to Jesus of the following: -

(1) God has set me free from the bondage of habitual sins that I have struggled with for many years. The holy fire of God has broken the yoke of bondage and delivered me completely;
(2) He has healed and delivered me from my inner hurts and rejections which was hindering my walk with Him;
(3) God has led me to forget the past and not to allow the past to become a stumbling block for God to fulfill His destiny in my life. Through different ways, He began to restore to me my spiritual inheritance and other things that the enemy has stolen from my life;
(4) God has sharpened my spiritual sensitivity to His leading and His ways. He has also led me to a deeper level of yielding and surrendering to Him;
(5) Most of all, God has drawn me closer to Himself. He has intensified my inner desire to love Him, worship Him and walk with Him in deeper measures.

Through God’s supernatural ministry at CKRM, He has also taught me to treasure His calling in my life and the basic spiritual principles of obedience, guarding our hearts and mouths and not judging falsely have become powerful truths to live by within His perimeters of protection.

I rejoice and I am very thankful for the many good things He has done in my family and we believe and expect more of Him. There was once in a meeting where my 2-year old daughter drank of the heavenly wine and was healed of a bout of persistent cough. Praise the Lord! God has done many marvelous things that deserve all praise, glory and honour!

CKRM Malacca is indeed a place where the Spirit of God is given the room to move freely and minister to His people and to draw them to God and His love using unconventional “spiritual weapons” that confound the wise. Even though one may not fully understand what is going on initially, when we open our hearts and let God “outside-the-box” of religion and our limited knowledge, we will truly be blessed. In Acts 5:38-39, we read that even a Pharisee named Gamaliel had enough sense regarding God’s ministry, “V.38 And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; V.39 but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God.”
Pastor's Footnote:
Benjamin is an in-house legal counsel from Kuala Lumpur. The Lord led him and his family to CKRM Malacca. Since attending the Saturday meeting for the 1st time few months ago, he has faithfully attended & never missed any Saturday meeting despite the travelling time. He now serves in CKRM in the worship, playing the keyboard.

我们的神是在“箱子”以外的! – 我的见证 (便亚悯弟兄)

我记得曾经听过一位传道人因他所说的一句话,差点使听众把他列为异教徒。他说:“我们的神是狂野的!”在听众还没向他扔石头之前, 他继续解释说, “…意思就是祂不像宠物般被驯养!” 听起来也许滑稽,但这句话是值得反复思考的,因为我们的神确实是在“箱子以外”的。

神在四个多月前带领我的家人来到马六甲CKRM超自然事工。虽然以往, 神通过不同的事工使我经历过祂的同在和大能, 我还是抱着谨慎的态度参加星期六早期的聚会。许多人也许会被喧闹而充满活力的彰显和牧师们非一般事工的服事方式感到震惊。但是,蒙神的恩典,神通过这超自然事工在我生命里做了许多伟大的事! 将所有荣耀都归于祂!

马六甲CKRM既是一个装备信徒的事工,神所赐的宗旨就是预备和装备神末日军队,并成就神在他们这一代的呼召和使命。我当时并不晓得被装备也包挂被神清理我生命中的污秽,医治,复苏我的生命和使我对神和祂的声音更敏锐。的确,主赐我犹大狮子吼叫的恩膏和其他恩赐。但我最想分享的是神通过CKRM事工在我生命里所结出的果实。其中神做的许多事当中,我想为以下做见证, 将所有荣耀归给耶稣:

(1) 神把我从挣扎多年的罪恶和捆绑中释放出来。神的圣火灭尽了罪的枷锁并且完全释放我。
(2) 祂医治和释放阻拦我与祂同行的内在创伤和被弃绝的伤痛。
(3) 神使我忘记过去并且不让我的过去成为神成就祂在我生命中旨意的绊脚石。通过不同的途径, 神恢复我属灵的权柄和其他生命中被敌人偷走的东西。
(4) 神使我属灵的感官对祂的带领和思路更加敏锐。祂也带领我进入更深一层的顺从和降伏于祂。
(5) 最重要的是神使我更亲近祂。祂加增了我内心的渴慕来更深的爱祂,敬拜祂和更深一层的与祂同行。

通过CKRM超自然事工, 神也教导我珍惜祂在我生命里的呼召和基本的属灵原则比如顺服, 警守我们的心与口和不要妄下断语。这都成为活在祂保护区和圈子里强有力的真理。

我庆兴和感恩祂为我家庭所做的许多美事而我们也相信和期待祂更多的作为。我两岁的女儿在一次的聚会喝了属灵酒后, 持续已久的咳嗽得着医治。赞美主! 神做了许多不可思议的事, 祂配得一切赞美, 荣耀和尊荣!

马六甲CKRM确实是个让圣灵自由运行服侍祂子民使他们的心回归神的地方。祂使用使非一般的“属灵武器”使智慧人混惑。虽然起初我们未必能完全明白发生了什么事,但当我们敞开我们的心让神走出我们宗教和有限知识的“箱子”时,我们确实是蒙福的。在徒行传 5:38-39,我们甚至读到一位叫迦玛列的法利赛人如何明理的对待神的事工,“现在,我劝你们不要管这些人,任凭他们罢!他们所谋的、所行的,若是出於人,必要败坏;若是出於神,你们就不能败坏他们,恐怕你们倒是攻击神了。”

Benjamin兄弟是吉隆坡的一名法律顾问。主带领他和他的家人来到马六甲CKRM。自从几个月前,第一次参加星期六的聚会后,尽管路途遥远,至今未曾缺席过。他现在在马六甲CKRM 赞美敬拜团服侍,负责弹钢琴。