A Word of Encouragement/一句鼓励的话

At the Monday CKRM 'Coconut Shake' Fellowship (23rd July 2012), Malacca, the presence of the Lord came upon Rev Dr Joyce Tai like the wrapping of a blanket and the prophetic utterance of the Spirit of the Lord said,

"CKRM is a ministry that carries My Name and My Glory and it is a ministry that will fulfil My purposes. Therefore, in My zeal I have defended this ministry and I will continue to defend her and see to it that all My purposes concerning her will be accomplished. Do not be moved or shaken by the offenses created by men for My consuming fire is going to take care of their mocking and belittling tongues. Only continue to humble yourself under My mighty hand and in due time I will exalt you, says the Spirit of the Lord."
Pastor's Footnote:
Rev. Dr. Joyce Tai was called with a tremendous burden and vision for revival even when she was studying in a university overseas. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Monash University, Melbourne, she responded to the call of the Lord and pursued her theological training in China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong. She has also earned a Doctorate degree in Ministry from the Asia Pacific Seminary.

She has been in the full-time ministry since 1986. She served as a pastor in two different denominations in West and East Malaysia before she began to involve in the itinerant ministry together with her husband in 1995. They founded the Fountain of Life Assembly (member of NECF), Nilai which is an apostolic-prophetic base in 1999. She is also the president of Greater Things, a revival ministry to the body of Christ.

She has a vast experience of teaching and preaching in Bible Colleges, Training Centers, retreats, seminars, revival meetings and conferences. She resides in Putra Nilai with her husband Rev. Dr. Joseph Tai and their son, Joe.)

Author of "More, Lord!--A practical guide to understanding and experiencing the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit," the Lord has put a burden and love on her to write a book for me "The Arsenal of Fire - My Spiritual Journey." The book is scheduled to be released by end of 2012.



“主耶和华的灵如此说:“CKRM ”:一个拥戴我的名字和我荣耀的事工,这是一个完全履行我目的的事工,因此,我的热情在捍卫这事工,并将继续为她辩护,而且人要看到,所有关于她的目的都要给成就。不要被任何人为的罪行敌挡的势力动摇或晃动。要知道我的烈火会照顾他们的嘲笑和贬低的舌头。只要不断地谦卑自己在“我的大能的手下,在适当的时候,我要尊崇你.“


李悦怡牧师,就是圣灵彰显的神迹奇事的作者。当她还在海外留学 时,神的呼召就临到她,并把对复兴有一个巨大的负担和远见放在她心中,当她取得学位毕业后(澳洲墨尔本莫纳什大学的电脑科学)她回应主的号召,就到香港中国神学研究院追求她的神学训练,接受神学装备,还获得来自亚洲太平洋学院的博士学位。

1986 开始就全职事奉。曾担任马来西亚西部和东部,两间不同的宗派教会当过牧职直到 1995. 过后与她夫婿一齐为巡迴牧师。她与夫婿戴德辉牧师一起开创了生命泉源教会和展翅事奉学校,这是一个使徒先知性的教会(FOLA是一个NECF的成员)地点在汝来。她也是更大的事复兴事工的创办人,她的服事有神迹奇事,医治,释放和圣灵的恩赐随着。

圣灵彰显的神迹奇事的作者,一本- 实用指南给你理解和经历圣灵的神迹奇事。主把爱和负担放在她身上要她为我写一本书,题为“神火的武库。”这本书预计将于2012年年底出版。