The Word of God becomes Alive at CKRM - Sis Jen Lim

Dear Ps Paul & Ps Esther,

Thanks for your willingness to co-work with Daddy God to establish His Kingdom at CKRM. I have been sharing with my team how His Scriptures turn reality through the Power & Prophetic ministries at CKRM.

Pastor Joseph Prince (New Creation Church) grounded me in the WORD, and I witness His Word becomes alive at CKRM.

Daddy God also wants me to share His glory revealed in my trials & sufferings, how He uses CKRM to see me through.

For your information, my team is led by Evangelist Samuel, founder of Christianity and Chinese Culture, Worldwide Trumpet.

- Jen Lim -


Paul Ang said...

Dear Sis Jen,

God’s revealed Word, declared through the lips of an anointed teacher, ought to lead to demonstrations of power (John 3:2,1 Corinthians 2:4-5).

Jesus said in John 6:63, "The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.

Thomas Ong said...

Many churches preaching, teaching about the word, word and word. I thanks God for His unchanging word, however, the word without spirit like a plant have too much fertilizer, without the water. It's make someone very dry. we learn too much from the churches about healing covenant. However, we didn't see the preacher demonstrate how to heal the sick, set the captive free. Also because of the churches fail to heal the sick, they are very closed to the new move of the Holy Spirit and any new things from the Lord that against their tradition and they will opposed it or to be super cautious. In this last day, we want to see the word of God accompanying by demonstration of the spirit's power. The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the son of God! The plant will growth strong with the fertilizer, water and in good ground.

Victoria Ho said...

Hi Sis Jen

Pls bring Evangelist Samuel to CKRM for empowerment as well when he comes to Singapore. I know him through one of the retreat in Changi some years back. He has seen my old blog in yahoo on female angel. I know that He has a heart for China and Chinese people. Bring him to CKRM so that he can be empowered to minister more in power for God's Kingdom.