Latest Update - Endorsement and Blessing for "The Arsenal of Fire"

                                         Endorsement and Blessing For

God's Arsenal of Fire

I am so excited to hear about this book that you have written. I'm also happy to hear that you responded to the prophetic word and stepped into it. God is so good! I do congratulate you on this wonderful achievement and I pray that God will use this book mightily for His Kingdom.

Patricia King
XP Ministries

The Arsenal of Fire is truly a God-inspired book! Every member of the Body of Christ needs to read and heed the contents of this book because it is only by the fire of the Holy Spirit that the forces of darkness are scattered.

Terry B. King
The Children’s Mite

Paul Ang was full of perseverance and determination in his pursuit of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Arsenal of Fire depicts this unique spiritual experience of his. I believe the readers will enjoy reading something which they have never experienced before in their spiritual life. As you read, remember this saying—“Things of the Spirit are caught and not taught.”

Rev Koo Tiong Ling  高傳隆院长
Jubilee Initiative Malaysia Bhd.

I was greatly impressed by Paul Ang’s unique experience of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit as the refining fire. The fire purifies his life and sets him apart for a special mission. His dedication to his calling and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit has transformed him into a unique instrument for a noble purpose. Having been a pastor for over 30 years, I recognize that pastors at large are indeed gifted differently. Should they receive such a refining fire, they may certainly turn out to be “faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Pet.4:10).  Pastors should read this book with an open mind and see if CKRM could be a blessing to them. 

Rev Dr Francis Ngoi 魏義发博士牧师
Director of Oasis Family Life Enrichment Centre

The Arsenal of Fire has captured an amazing truth and presents it to the reader. Being baptized with the Holy Spirit's fire will bring transformation and supernatural power. As you read this book, you will hear the Father's invitation to seek and receive this gift from heaven. God-given destinies can only be truly accomplished when you experience the miraculous presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. This book leads you into this powerful relationship.

Keith A. Paul
President of Restoration Place Ministries

This book will fully equip, empower and raise up warriors that He has prepared for a time such as this. I am truly touched by Paul’s love and sacrifices for the Lord.

Oliver Tham

Paul Ang has a childlike faith, Christ like obedience, fatherly love, and spiritual authority and power. Genuine conversion has caused him to pursue holiness and God's presence without compromise. He has been refined and molded by testing and trials. God has indeed raised him up to be a weapon in the Arsenal of Fire for the new season. Personally, I have witnessed God's mighty hand upon Paul to bring about speedy and awesome transformation of lives. Reading this book with an open heart will inspire you.

Rev Dr Henry Chieng (詹立言博士牧师)
Senior Pastor'
Open Heaven Tabernacle
611 Bread of Life Church, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

This book is about a man who pursues the revelation of the Word, the power dimension of God and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and how the ever-loving God has answered him by fire and he became a changed man. I encourage readers to open their hearts and minds, and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church. We need the Word and Spirit to operate as one in the last days, and this book allows us a glimpse into the awesome things of God.

Pastor Joel Wong
ACTS – Highway to Holiness
Accepted, Connected, Transformed, Serve”

The Arsenal of Fire depicts Paul Ang’s extraordinary encounter with God, above all, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is a personal experience which has brought about the indisputable transformation of his life and it has been authenticated by his present ministry pursuit and conviction. The book undoubtedly conveys the amazing and astonishing ways by which the Holy Spirit regenerates and empowers a life. It is a manuscript that will enlighten us on what the baptism of fire can accomplish! Read it; understand it; experience it; and declare it.

Rev Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N. 黄锦光牧师
Founding Principal Consultant
Leadership Transformation Academy

This book provides insights into Paul Ang’s ministry and reveals the timeless truth that genuine hunger for the divine and simple humility is the real weapon behind the Arsenal of Fire. It exhorts the Body of Christ to pursue intimacy with God with all of our heart, strength and mind. An added bonus of the book is the spiritual and scriptural context laid for the raw and astounding manifestations that marks Paul’s ministry. I am certain anyone who reads this book will be convicted of the need to fervently desire a deeper experience with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benaiah Naresh, a seasoned prophetic minister to the nations
Benaiah Naresh Word Outreach,

"Praise The Lord for using Paul Ang to inspire the church to be set ablaze by the fire of the Holy Spirit. May this book be a powerful tool for those who are searching for a deeper experience with the Holy Spirit. I pray that God use you and this book to be a blessing to many people."

Rev. ELISE C LIANG  梁瓊月牧師

After encountering the Lord and receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit and Fire, Paul Ang was changed into a new man. He gave up all earthly things to answer the call from heaven. Through his uncompromised obedience in doing God’s will, CKRM was started. This God-given ministry not only ministers the Word but imparts the Holy Spirit and fire with signs and wonders, and miracles following. The Arsenal of Fire will be an inspiring book for all who desire to walk with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Isaac Jang
Senior Pastor
Full Blessing Church of Christ,

Paul Ang's access to the heavenly armoury had benefited many lives as he was willing to let God do beyond his own reasoning and abilities. He had learned through adversities to lay down his life to live in radical discipleship before the Lord Jesus . There is much insight in these pages on the many scriptures he has experienced in working with the Holy Spirit, with yielding his reasoning and belief to what God would say and do.

Rev Dr David Wong Kim, 
Senior Pastor, 
World Harvest Church (Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur).

It is so encouraging to see Paul Ang being used in such an effective manner by the Lord. He is indeed a breath of freshness and a thundering spiritual enigma. He has achieved much in the Lord within such a short period of time. Wow, fancy all those years when I put up at his place in Singapore while doing business there. He used to send me on Sundays to Pastor Lawrence Khong's Faith Community Baptist Church and we would catch up later for lunch as he was an unbeliever. I remembered he had a monastery nun as kind of a mentor, but now he is proclaiming the word of the Lord with boldness and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a transformation of enormous proportions—only a tremendous touch of the Lord and his obedience to the Lord explains the possibilities.
Edward Ong
Auckland, New Zealand
ex: Regional Coordinator of FGA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Foreword by Dr Joseph Tai & The Introduction 1 & 11 through the link below will provide some insights of the book:-